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Desert Freedom, Global Music & Dance: 13th Annual Spring Joshua Tree Music Festival

Posted in Note to Readers on February 10, 2015 by worldromper
Image by Sean Naugle (and Geneva)

Image by Sean Naugle (and Geneva)

Merging its funky desert style with an internationally acclaimed lineup of musical artists, this three-day (and four-night) family-friendly festival is truly a global music experience. The festival melds the overwhelming spirit of desert freedom with powerful music from around the world to create a lighthearted oasis for music lovers. Magically magnificent art installations, a robust Kidsville schedule, the heavily shaded Music Bowl, a full spectrum of yoga classes from sunrise to sunset, 27 different music playshops and didgeridoo classes, late night Astronomy theatre, and a World Market further inspire, intrigue and invite festival goers. Discover your new favorite band and dozens of new friends in the shadows of the otherworldly Joshua Tree National Park.

The spring line-up features the world’s funkiest diplomat, the Polish Ambassador, Australia’s urban roots powerhouse Blue King Brown, revolutionary rockers the Last Internationale, the deep pocket dirty funk live-tronica of the Floozies, electro-samba pioneers Bossacucanova (Brazil), bio-dynamic trance dancers Airtist (Austria), the electrified African grooves of Driscoll & Kouyate, full throttle rock and roll by Black Pistol Fire (Canada), the soul power supreme of Con Brio, and the Latino global bass party that is Subsuelo. Experience the music of 33 artists representing over 15 countries, with just one band live at a time so you don’t miss a beat. An eclectic lineup, artfully sequenced throughout the weekend for maximum impact.

For the full line-up and festival info, log onto:



The Joshua Tree Music Festivals (there are two each year, with the 10th Annual Fall JTMF happening October 8-11) are intimate, community-centric, artistically infused and highly participatory affairs. They capture the DIY funkiness of the high desert, turning rusted junk into striking art, old trailers into stages, and a shaded stretch of campground on the outskirts of the infamous national park into a family friendly global music experience. Focusing on up-and-coming artists, the festival has a penchant for picking about-to-break names, from Deer Tick to Trombone Shorty, Edward Sharpe to Brett Dennen, the Avett Brothers to Toubab Krewe, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Chicano Batman, Trampled by Turtles, Greensky Bluegrass, Valerie June and more.

JTMF is produced by a family of friends and funsters convinced that music is the soul of life, and that art enriches and saves lives. The festival is constructed around one Music Bowl, with two alternating stages. “It’s the combination of the magical setting, the music and the people that leads to epiphanic moments. We’ve created a space that enables folks to spend more time together with the ability to not miss any of the music.” Those ‘shared experiences’ are where you find the magic. Kidsville is action packed, and people rate JTMF as one of the few festivals that truly caters to the entire family. There is no ‘nosebleed’ section, white tents, long lines or yellow-jacketed security details. Instead find instant community with nonstop interaction, as folks gather under the billowing shade cloth (over 30,000 square feet of shade flying over the stages and audience), while soaking up the sonic celebrations of the inspired artists. This intimate affair is splashed with ‘conversation stopping’ golden sunsets and star-filled desert night skies.

The desert is freedom, music is power, and community is crucial.


Tap into this magical trifecta and get your JTMF tickets now!


Full festival line up, schedule, and more information at the following sites:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Graphics | Hi Res Images

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Posted in Note to Readers on September 30, 2012 by worldromper

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Posted in Note to Readers on September 30, 2012 by worldromper
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Posted in Note to Readers on September 30, 2012 by worldromper
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How to Survive a Crowd Crush

Posted in Note to Readers with tags on December 13, 2010 by worldromper

Note the disorganization of the Love Parade crowd – everyone is trying to go a different direction.

Crowd crushes have claimed the lives of hundreds of festivalgoers this year, and no doubt the tragedies at Berlin’s Love Parade and the Cambodian Water Festival have touched your heart. While much of the blame lies with poor planning on the part of the organizers, I want you to know what to do if you ever find yourself in the scary situation of a crowd crush.

Standard crush survival rules state that if you are being touched on all four sides, you are in a very dangerous situation and must leave immediately. This describes almost every show I’ve ever been to. How about some survival tips for the real world? Continue reading

What the Fuck is Brostep?

Posted in Note to Readers with tags on October 6, 2010 by worldromper

What the fuck is brostep?

Is brostep a fucking joke?

The term “brostep” was coined by Kozee, who indeed said that “it was a joke.”

However fratty the name may sound, there is a distinct type of electronic music emerging that can be collectively identified as brostep. Most music fans, even those entrenched in the world of EDM, don’t really even know what brostep is. After hearing the name, many people assume it’s a joke and the music must be crap- however these same people can then be found on Rusko’s or Datsik’s dance floor going absolutely nuts. Continue reading

How To Be A Shitty Plus One

Posted in Note to Readers with tags on August 21, 2010 by worldromper

I am a very lucky girl. I am almost always (okay…always) on the list. However I work for it; I will sometimes take four hours to write a review so I can get into a $10 show for free.

I often have a +1 next to my name, which I love to give to my friends so I can share with them the music, dance floor and live community experience that means so much to me. I also promote heaps of parties and am often hit up for guest list action, sometimes even to shows I have nothing to do with! By and large, almost everyone is gracious, kind and we have a wonderful night; friends always make the evening better.

However…I am sometimes surprised and amused how people ‘thank’ their host for getting them onto the guest list and into a show for free. If you want to make sure that someone never guest lists or “plus ones” you again, follow these ten simple rules: Continue reading


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