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An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

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The Caretaker – brainchild (in every sense of the word) of electronic musician James Leyland Kirby and is one of the most innovative and exciting electronic sounds of recent years. His music not only encompasses the most cutting edge of technology but in his recent album “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World” he’s managed to meld the 21st century with the beautiful crackle of the beginning of the last century too. Continue reading

Licking Crystals with Mr. Rogers

Posted in Album News & Reviews, Artists with tags , , on January 10, 2011 by worldromper

The primal sounds and playful style of Mr. Rogers have long captivated the West Coast underground arts community, but now the secret is out and this pioneering producer is poised to conquer the far reaches of the dance floor with his twisted, psychedelic take on bass-heavy midtempo and glitch-ridden breaks. Continue reading

Young Montana’s New Album

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Photo by Adele Reed

Young Montana‘s new album, due for release next year on Alpha Pup Records, is astoundingly good and impossibly difficult to describe.  Continue reading

Venice Beach According to KRADDY

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Get the ins on the sweetest spots to dine, drink, smoke and roll in Venice Beach from Kraddy, a local electronic music producer, skateboarder and surfer with ‘West Coast” tattooed on his soul.

Kraddy Q & A: Minotaurs, Heroes and Hashbrowns

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Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Kraddy has a new EP called Labyrinth coming out November 9 on Alpha Pup Records; if this new endeavor sounds intentionally hard, heavier and aggressive, that’s because it is. Describing his sound as “Zeppelin 3000,” Kraddy unites the hard edge of rock with the infinite possibilities of electronic music, and the result is an album that gives it. And God knows the people want it. Continue reading

11:11 Artist Spotlight: TAKE

Posted in Artists, Videos with tags , , , on September 19, 2010 by worldromper

The electronic music world has lifted an interested eyebrow towards the West Coast’s burgeoning beat scene, and Take aka Sweatson Klank has risen to the top as one of the new generation’s finest producers. In a musical landscape that is quickly becoming overcrowded, Take fuses his own brand of future-flung electronics with elements of avant-garde jazz, subharmonic melodies and a mean hip hop bounce. Continue reading


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Photo by Amy Whitehouse