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Ten Artists Not to Miss at Lightning in a Bottle 2011

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(Click the image)

Photo by Aaron Gautschi

The Do Lab Stage Lineup at Coachella 2011

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Set Times:


11:45am GoldRush
1:45pm Michele Bass
2:55pm RLS
4:10pm SaQi
5:25pm Govinda
6:40pm LaReda
7:55pm Lucent Dossier Experience
8:35pm Jupit3r
9:50pm KRADDY
11:05pm Freq Nasty
12:20am Lucent Dossier Experience


11:30am The Ianator
12:45pm Sammy Bliss
2:00pm Jesse Wright & Lee Burridge
4:05pm Patricio
5:50pm Ana Sia
7:40pm Lucent Dossier Experience
8:20pm Emancipator
10:15pm NitGrit
11:15pm Lucent Dossier Experience
11:55pm An-ten-nae


12:00pm Karim So
1:35pm Timonkey
2:50pm Gladkill
4:05pm Siren
5:20pm Sugarpill
6:35pm Stephan Jacobs
7:50pm Lucent Dossier Experience
8:30pm R/D
9:45pm Paper Diamond
10:55pm Lucent Dossier Experience

+Live painting all weekend long!

REVIEW: The Do Lab presents Marty Party & Heyoka @ King King

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Photo of MartyParty by Crash Photo.

For more pics check out The Do Lab’s Facebook profile here.

The Do Lab’s shows at King King are becoming my monthly trek to Hollywood. Oh I find myself in Hollyweird far more often than that, the neighborhood being somewhat of a necessary evil when you live in Los Angeles. However I try to avoid shows in Hollyhood as much as possible. In general the drinks are expensive, the people are stupid, the sidewalk smells like urine and the parking situation is almost as bad as “The Situation.”

But for The Do Lab, I will endure, because I know the music is going to be good. I know the crowd will be smiling and I know the whole club will be dancing from start to finish. I love this. Usually at clubs in LA or anywhere there is a much higher percentage of looky-loo’s than dancers, which lends itself to a creepy, voyeuristic feel. But The Do Lab’ shows are not about standing and watching. They are about crowd participation, and damn that crowd got down on Thursday night! I was impressed. Continue reading

REVIEW: The Do Lab presents Eskmo, Siren & Sugarpill @ King King

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***all photos by the amazing photographer and all-around nice guy Aaron Bennett***

Hollyweird was wildly alive on the warm summer night and screaming about it, as usual. Blessed by the gods of street parking, I bounced around the corner towards King King down Hollywood Boulevard, on a star-lined sidewalk as slippery and tilted as the revelers who traverse it. Continue reading

Mark Your Calendars! MARTYPARTY, Heyoka & Pumpkin @ King King August 12

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The Do Lab presents ESKMO, Siren & Sugarpill July 1 in LA

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Hot off Lightning in a Bottle and this past week’s Glitch Mob/Free the Robots/Deru show, The Do Lab has just announced another top-notch music event and Hollywood takeover at King King on Thursday July 1 that will feature three of my favorites: Eskmo, Siren & Los Angeles’ own Sugarpill. Continue reading

Lightning in a Bottle 2010 Final Lineup

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Whoa….this is just ridiculous:

Please don’t be like my friends that didn’t go to Symbiosis and are now forever forlorn over missing such a profound event and practically cry any time that weekend is brought up. People are coming from Seattle and Miami and probably even farther for Lightning in a Bottle; buy your presales and join us on the earthen dance floor Memorial Day weekend.

Behind the Scenes with Lucent Dossier: Coachella 2010 Photo Gallery

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I spent much of Coachella camping, hanging out, dancing, eating and playing at The Do Lab stage & misting oasis with the beautiful cast of characters from Lucent Dossier, a theatrical performance troupe unique in this universe- and probably another few dimensions as well.

What impressed me the most was how very, very hard this group works day and night to bring elements of play into your life and to give you a taste of the absurd. It may look like all fun and games, and much of it is, but these ladies and gentlemen work their behinds off to create what was for many the highlight of Coachella 2010. Continue reading

The Do Lab Stage Lineup & Set Times @ Coachella

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Did someone say “Misting Oasis?” If you are looking for me at Coachella this weekend, find me near The Do Lab stage anytime Lucent Dossier is performing. Continue reading

Lucent Dossier Experience Brings the Sacred Playground to Coachella

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When you were young and yearning for adventure, did you ever dream of running off and joining the circus? Continue reading

HEY DJs & Producers: Want to Play Lightning in a Bottle? (BOOKING CONTEST)

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Find Krystee’s winning mix here.

Lightning in a Bottle is an incredible art & music festival taking place May 28-31 in SoCal celebrating the creative community and showcasing fresh combinations of humanity and technology. The thick lineup of dope ass talent can be found right here, and lately heaps of people have been hitting me up about how to join the lineup and play at LIB.

Well, here’s your chance, artists! And all you have to do is what you do best: make music! Continue reading

Lightning in a Bottle Lineup Announced!

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Continue reading

The Do Lab presents: PANTYRAID @ King King in Hollywood MARCH 4

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Pantyraid‘s album The Sauce was most definitely one of my favorite albums of 2009; comprised of Marty Party and OOah of the Glitch Mob, this ass-slapping musical endeavor is ripe with raw emotion and rolling in the most delicious filth you could ever dream of, or as The Do Lab puts it: CAR FLIPPIN’ KRUNK.

Take it from my homie Doktor Krank, who is holding down the bass scene in Poland with his bare hands:

The shattered, looped and glitched hip hop beats colliding with heavy dubstep bass, riding a slow-mo rollercoaster of beautiful, oneiric melodies reminding me of cinematic score or android dreams. Electronic in form and glitchy in contents, with quite widely expanded instrumentation and great focus on details. Heavy, disturbing and unsettling, yet so fragile. No two songs resemble each other but all of them sum up to the top-notch whole.

Ah shit, son! Read the rest of Doktor Krank’s album review on GlitchFM here.

Opening the event are two locals whose names I always love to see on a flyer, Oscure and Henry Strange. BUY ADVANCE TICKETS to the Hollywood event; I guarantee you that this show will sell out.

Buy The Sauce on iTunes or Amazon here and find two sweet Pantyraid mixes to download on Marine Parade here.

We Made Love at Lucent L’amour

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“I’ve never been to anything like this before in my life!!!”

That was just one of the many positive exclamations I heard from partygoers who were blown away by The Do Lab‘s signature event, the art and music festival and celebration of love known as Lucent L’amour.

Continue reading

Le Glitch Mob at the El Rey (Review)

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Mmm Neon

Sound boards, stage and chandelier

Marty Party

Marty Party

The Glitch Mob

It was a sold-out show Saturday night under the neon lights of the historic El Rey Theatre and the excitement was running high outside the venue, with everyone running around and screaming as they tend to do before a big show. Despite my best efforts it was around 11PM when I arrived and Marty Party was about to go on stage. The venue is classic, old school style with three giant tiered chandeliers hanging in the center of the main floor and a wide balcony above. The Do Lab had built up a sharp wooden stage, made of warm shards, shaped lie a bowl around the front of the room, clawed up like the paw of a monster.

It is a beautiful, majestic venue, an ideal setting for the filthy music that was to come. Marty Party worked the crowd and I wandered around for a while before settling on my spot down by the stage right speaker. Thankfully the promoters had given an eye towards capacity and cut off the limit before the place was obnoxiously crowded, choosing space to dance over a few more tickets sold. From all the dancing freaks, thank you!

The Glitch Mob played a rousing set, which I thought was much better than the one they played last week at Sea of Dreams; more energetic and slapping, harder and cooler. The crowd was pretty loose and two serious fights broke out right by me in the front of the dance floor around the beginning of the show. The fierce stage construction added a rougher element to the party, with tough angles and piercing spears shooting up and around each other, cradling the performers in a bed of spikes.

The Glitch Mob’s sets seem to be more emotive lately than some of their earlier ones. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a deeper thread of poignancy. Not melancholia, not stoicism…but there is something in their newer tracks that catches my head a bit; moreover it catches my heart. Maybe it’s the feeling of universal soul-ache, or perhaps it’s just the existence of so many musical layers, adding a depth that brings with it profundity. I don’t know. But I like it. And I am totally juiced for the new Glitch Mob album that should be dropping sometime in late Spring; I can’t wait to see what these three guys are going to dish out for us next.