The Jaded Review’s Guide to Hippie Watching in North America

Life here on the Left Coast necessitates an understanding of the hippie culture that prevails in the forests, beaches and deserts, otherwise you might find yourself in the midst of a circle of chanting humans, confused, naked and on drugs.

Created by Phidelity who lives in the West Coast hippie hinterlands of Oregon, The Jaded Review’s Guide to Hippie Watching in North America can help you to spot hippies in the wild and learn to identify the multiple breeds, preferred environments and unusual behavior.

Although hippies are rarely dangerous, their peculiar habits and worldviews can be a shock to those who were not raised on the mantra: “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is……well I don’t really HAVE anything right now but I’ll be sure to hook you up hella when I do.”

The Guide To Hippie Watching in North America Parts I & II will help you answer questions and dilemmas like:

  • What to do when you are hugged by a hippie
  • When encountering a ‘Feather Hat,’ is it better to offer him a compliment on his handmade clothing or sculpted facial hair? Or will attention of any type work?
  • Where to get Brogaine to replace the hair you have ripped out listening to brostep
  • How to spot a Shirtcocker- before you spot a Shirtcocker
  • Why do white people say ‘Jah?’
  • Are tree thuggers dangerous?
  • How to understand hippie time

Following the original version of the handbook and a survival guide for 2012 is a brand-new Guide to Hippie Watching in North America Part II, available now for a mere $5 – which you can surely mooch off someone you know. Or you can order a copy of all three guides for $12 – click here for more information.

2 Responses to “The Jaded Review’s Guide to Hippie Watching in North America”

  1. LOL a hippie watching guide must say never thought of that one. As a hippie I naturally have to get a FREE copy 🙂

  2. Tracy Kramer Says:

    I just ordered a guide, paid with paypal but nowhere did it ask me for my shipping address?

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