NEW GLITCH MOB “Drive It Like You Stole It” Free Download Right Here

I have never driven a stolen vehicle- that I am aware of, anyway. But I do drive my own car like I stole it quite frequently and IF my car stereo worked I would most definitely be swerving around corners and bouncing curbs to this track, knocking over fire hydrants and busting through fences straight-up Vice City style.


Speaking of Vice City, catch the Glitch Mob in Miami at Winter Music Conference this Saturday 3/27 at Ultra Music Festival, where they will play the Biscayne Stage at 6:30-7:15 PM. Read my WMC interview with Boreta here.

This is all in anticipation of the Glitch Mob’s new album Drink the Sea that drops May 25, coinciding with a US tour with two more of my favorite producers, Deru and Free the Robots. Kicking off at Coachella on April 18, the tour will hit 30 cities in six weeks- hope the boys pack their vitamin C and tea tree soap for that shit. Click here for Glitch Mob tour details– although I have a weird feeling that list of dates is missing one.

Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2009; photo by Chinashopmag

3 Responses to “NEW GLITCH MOB “Drive It Like You Stole It” Free Download Right Here”

  1. i also drive my car like i stole it, plus my stereo works so i’m sure you know which massive track i’ve been blaring for the past couple days. 😉

  2. mouch normale

  3. hahahha

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