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[Video] Bassnectar Live at Red Rocks

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Festival king Bassnectar has a new album dropping next week August 2 called Divergent Spectrum, a balls-out, banger-filled album heat, frenzy and the big live energy that the artist is known for.

DJs all over the country count on Bassnectar’s heady, frothy, bass-fueled tracks to sling fire like sonic rain down upon their dance floors, and party people/beat freaks flock to his live shows in search of the sublime transcendence that the dance floor provides.

Capturing the wild-eyed vibe of a Bassnectar live show in one of the most beautiful venues on earth, this video from Red Rocks just may convince you to take another look and another listen of the #2 selling electronic artist today.

Divergent Spectrum is out August 2 on Amorphous Music.


Video: THOR vs KRADDY – INTO THE LABYRINTH [Official Re-Edit]

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Paramount and Marvel have signed off on this re-edit of the movie THOR using the track “Into the Labyrinth” by Kraddy, from his latest release Labyrinth on Alpha Pup Records.

The video is edited by: Marc Carlini and THOR is out today!

Kraddy plays with Mochipet on Friday May 27 at The Cataylst in Santa Cruz, and on Sunday May 29 at Lightning in a Bottle Festival at Oak Canyon Ranch!

Coachella 2010 Panoramic Video

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VIDEO: Low End Theory at Eagle Rock Music Festival

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11:11 Artist Spotlight: TAKE

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The electronic music world has lifted an interested eyebrow towards the West Coast’s burgeoning beat scene, and Take aka Sweatson Klank has risen to the top as one of the new generation’s finest producers. In a musical landscape that is quickly becoming overcrowded, Take fuses his own brand of future-flung electronics with elements of avant-garde jazz, subharmonic melodies and a mean hip hop bounce. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Eskmo – Cloudlight

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BIG BAG BIG BOOM: New wall-painted animation by BLU

Posted in Videos with tags on July 5, 2010 by worldromper

Do you know Blu?

Well, no one does, but you absolutely must watch this video. It was just posted in the last day and may be the best yet: