You’re a Jerk

So the people are jerk dancing in LA these days. They have been for a while, actually, but recently I’ve been seeing it just about everywhere: in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, at the dance floor of Low End Theory to Nobody‘s set (what what!), in the newspapers…I realize that my LA readers may yawn and say, “old news,” but those of you outside SoCal and the West Coast might not. You might be wondering what the hell jerkin’ is.

Jerking goes best with big bouncy booty bass, round hollow drums, hoppy top notes and geeked-out lyrics. There are a zillion videos on YouTube, and every single one has a comment that says: “You cute but you can’t jerk.” LOL.

Here are some to give you an idea:

THE BIG Jerk video, New Boyz “You’re a Jerk;” 400,000 ringtones were downloaded from iTunes. RINGTONES!

And this guy wants to jerk in every country in the world, so far kicking and wriggling in Japan, South Korea and Nicaragua:

These teens at Huntington Beach want to teach YOU how to jerk:


2 Responses to “You’re a Jerk”

  1. idk jerking seems in footwork to be some basic step variation on “rave dancing” (melbourne shuffling/et al…) with some gliding with like lots of “club” hand motions.

  2. thanks for sharing. I guess we’re a little sheltered here in Oregon? Mainstream fads are so entertaining.

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