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New Dubstep Weekly: HEAVY Launches Thursday, June 23 @ Echoplex

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It’s hard to believe that with the undeniable upsurge in popularity that dubstep has experience in the past few years that there is no weekly dubstep night in Los Angeles.

That’s all about to change with the launch of HEAVY, an all-dubstep night on the east side at the Echoplex which will take place every Thursday. This new event is 18+, the cover is $10 and with the big capacity of the Echoplex, should be a rightful banger.

Resident DJs will be local legend 6Blocc, as well as Daddy Kev and DJ Nobody of Low End Theory fame. Special guests will perform every week, and word on the street is that some pretty big names are lined up to play the first several weeks of events.

Find more information on the HEAVY Facebook event page, and follow HEAVY on Twitter for all the late-breaking updates about this new weekly event.

Secondhand Sureshots Screening & Release Party Tonight @ Downtown Independent

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Going on tonight at the Downtown Independent is the release party and screening of Sureshots Secondhand by Dublab featuring Ras G, Daedelus, Nobody & J-Rocc: Continue reading

JIMMY THE LOCK: Nocando’s Record Release Party @ Low End Theory (Review)

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Gaslamp Killer holds it down upstairs

Busdriver & Nocando

Daddy Kev lays it on us

This chick got on stage and went crazy, it was awesome!

Nobody likes to get down!

Looking back on the crowd and balcony sorry for the flash dude


I knew last Wednesday night was going to be special; well MORE special than usual at Low End Theory with all the excitement in the air and the big stage open. It was the release party for Jimmy the Lock, the new album by resident host and LA rap sensation Nocando.

Haven’t heard it? Get on the fucking train. The album is being hailed as “one of the best and most forward-thinking L.A. hip-hop records in years” (LA Weekly), “a delight” (URB Magazine), “brilliantly unpredictable” (Boomkat), and features beats from Nosaj Thing, Nobody, Daedelus, Free the Robots and Thavius Beck amongst others. Click here to listen and buy Jimmy the Lock.

I stood in the line outside over and over while waiting for my friend, clowning around next to Free the Robots and Randy who carried a blue crate of records as ammunition for his set later that night. The line was jumping and we were amped!

Inside of course: I am immediately at home. The night was young and so were we, fresh out in the space with room to dance! The party got started upstairs with Dntel and Gaslamp twitching about and then we all moved outside to bask in the sweet LA night.

It felt so good. Nobody backed up Nocando for most of his set, playing his own beats for “Hurry Up and Wait” (click here to download it for free) and “21.”

Nocando lovingly dedicated his track “Skankophilia” to the ladies in the crowd who cheered while those of us who knew the name of the song laughed our asses off. The people behind me were singing along to tracks that had been out two weeks; pretty much the whole crowd yelled along on cue: “SWAGNOSTIC!!

Busdriver jumped up to rap with Nocando for the duet “Two Track Mind” and it was sometime around this time that the front of the dance floor erupted a hottie who jumped up and went nuts getting freaky on stage for a bit. There seems to always be at least one person going batshit crazy on the dance floor at Low End Theory. Sometimes it’s a guy in a headband and tube socks spinning and lunging, other times it’s a teenage girl with a hipster haircut jerk-dancing in the middle of the floor to Nobody’s set until she wears herself out. Sometimes it’s the pop-and-lockers or the breakers. Sometimes it’s me.

Gaslamp Killer loves to jump on the mic and scream random shit. With Nocando the star of the show, he gladly lept up with his freak self and kept the crowd entertained as MC, ghosting around on the side of the stage in a white hoodie while Daddy Kev slapped down the bass in the giant room:

“Low End Theory…Theory…Theory…

“Daddy Kev…Kev…Kev…


“Do you wanna hear some more dope shit?!?” (APPLAUSE)

“Is LA in the HOUSE?!?” (MORE APPLAUSE!)


Now- that is something, because the people of LA love the dope shit, and they REALLY love their city. But the cry for Low End Theory was the most inspired and held in the air the longest, like the heavy smoke of peach blunts.

Boom! It was over. Gaslamp directed us back upstairs for MURDER BASS where Ninja Tune’s King Cannibal went on to bring the house down and then drive over the wreckage. Here is gets a little crowded on the dance floor and in my brain, but once again we walked away from a simple night together in an scratchy club with a monstrous sound system and the earth had shifted a little off its course again.

You’re a Jerk

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So the people are jerk dancing in LA these days. They have been for a while, actually, but recently I’ve been seeing it just about everywhere: in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, at the dance floor of Low End Theory to Nobody‘s set (what what!), in the newspapers…I realize that my LA readers may yawn and say, “old news,” but those of you outside SoCal and the West Coast might not. You might be wondering what the hell jerkin’ is.

Jerking goes best with big bouncy booty bass, round hollow drums, hoppy top notes and geeked-out lyrics. There are a zillion videos on YouTube, and every single one has a comment that says: “You cute but you can’t jerk.” LOL.

Here are some to give you an idea:

THE BIG Jerk video, New Boyz “You’re a Jerk;” 400,000 ringtones were downloaded from iTunes. RINGTONES!

And this guy wants to jerk in every country in the world, so far kicking and wriggling in Japan, South Korea and Nicaragua:

These teens at Huntington Beach want to teach YOU how to jerk:


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DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, Wild Animals, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week.

  1. Bassnectar
  2. Opiuo
  3. Pretty Lights
  4. Glitch Mob
  5. Eprom
  6. Pantyraid
  8. 12th Planet
  9. Jakes
  10. Nobody

NOBODY ALWAYS ROCKSAnother sweet photo by BNUT

Alpha Pup Records: Sounds Like the Future

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I want you guys all to know about Alpha Pup Records, one of the most avant-garde, creative and future-oriented record labels in the world, and my very favorite.

ALPHA PUPAlpha Pup Records & Digital Distribution is a boutique digital music distributor located in downtown Los Angeles that represents over 40 of the world’s top independent labels. Bold and forward-thinking, Alpha Pup is an outlet for daring and experimental sounds from some of the world’s most creative musical minds, spanning all popular genres. From the classic funk and soul catalog of Westbound Records (Funkadelic, Ohio Players, P-Funk All Stars) to the screaming punk rock of Gold Standard Laboratories (The Mars Volta, !!!, The Locust) as well as the Alpha Pup label artist roster (Glitch Mob, Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, Free The Robots, DJ Nobody, Carlos Niño, Nocando, AWOL One & Daddy Kev) and Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus, SAMIYAM, Ras G), the Alpha Pup catalog includes some of the most vital and important albums in independent music history.

Recently released on Alpha Pup is the debut album for Gaslamp Killer called My Troubled Mind, and up next are albums by the Glitch Mob, Free the Robots, Daedelus and Nocando. Wow.

Alpha Pup is also behind the world-renowned club night Low End Theory in LA which also issues a monthly podcast; this month’s version is from Mary Anne Hobbs and Gaslamp Killer and you can find it here. With many big-name artists active in the West Coast community and around the world, expect to see talent from the Alpha Pup roster in sweaty clubs, massive shows, and outdoor art festivals all season long.

Stay up to date with Alpha Pup events and new releases on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, the Alpha Pup website, and of course, right here on DF5K.

Going Down This Week Los Angeles

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Monday: Droog, NOT freeeeeee! Flying Lotus at the Standard, and the motherfucking GasLamp Killer  somewhere else in Hollywood.

Tuesday: Nobody, free show for real!

Wednesday: LOW END THEORY of course! Are you in LA? FUCKING GO. This week is Customer Service, Boogie Blind, Lorn and Flynn Adam AND the residents are SO fucking dope that you may just want to move in and live there with them, right on the dance floor: Daddy Kev, Nobody, THE MOTHERFUCKING GASLAMP KILLER, D-Styles and MC Nocando who I love. I am there!

Friday: Gaslamp Killer and Nosaj Thing are playing at The Crosby. My friend Dave says I can get a free drink if I say his name at the bar. Straight!



Saturday, Valentine’s Day: Lucent L’Amour promises madness taking over the streets of downtown Los Angeles with art and music performances including Z TRIP , Adam Freeland and tons of live visual arts of all sorts including killer shit from Andrew Jones. Last year Andrew threw an art party in Seattle at the top of the Space Needle with the Glitch Mob, a party that since has attained a near-mythical status and is now practically unmentionable in that city. There are people who don’t believe it ever really happened and others who will bitchslap you if you even mention it in conversation. It was FUCKING LEGEND!

So come to the sweet street festival, check out Android’s dope art, get your face painted, eat a giant head of cotton candy, fall in love at first sight, or ditch that epic loser you’re with and find somebody new.

Art show & happy hour at 7PM, expect to rage it until 4AM. See you on the dance floor.