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Top 25 Bad DJ Names

Posted in Lists with tags , on October 13, 2009 by worldromper

Bad DJ names have a purpose: they stick in your head. However I would rather my music and performances be memorable rather than the fact that I am named ‘DJ Mucus.’ Still, silly names draw attention and press (like this blog post) and the line between funny and stupid is a thin one, so please feel free to add your comments below!

These names are all real (I checked):

  1. DJ PJ the DJ
  2. DJ Candy Kid
  3. DJ Pussyfoot
  4. DJ Dave Trance
  5. DJ Fake
  6. DJ Osteoporosis
  7. DJ Teletubbies
  8. DJ Self-Administered Beatdown
  9. DJ Small Cock
  10. DJ Mom Jeans
  11. DJ Scratchatory Rape
  12. DJ Anal Erection
  13. DJ Blue Spectral Monkey
  14. DJ Britney Spears
  15. DJ Catfood
  16. DJ Preach
  17. DJ Train Wreck
  18. DJ Pubes
  19. DJ Glowstix Warrior
  20. DJ Retard Vomit
  21. DJ Spee DJ
  22. DJ Gross
  23. DJ Promo
  24. DJ 2 Many DJs
  25. DJ Booth

If you are just getting into DJing and need a name, here are some tips:

  • Use your own name. Don’t put DJ before it.
  • If your name is fairly common and unmemorable, you might want to think of a new name, something unique and clever. No one will remember “DJ Mark” and when they search for you online, they will find 800 people with the name “DJ Mark.”
  • GOOGLE your proposed new DJ name to make sure it is not the same as a Chinese douche company, a sewage plant in Oklahoma, or the word for “turd face” in Indonesian.
  • If you go with a funny name, make sure it is weird-funny and not stupid-funny. Realize that a lot of people may never get the joke.
  • If you are an MC and choose to go with the label ‘DJ’ as a tribute to the reggae ways of old, prepare to explain again and again and again that you do not DJ.
  • Don’t refer to drugs in your name. It doesn’t make you cool, it makes you stupid.
  • Make sure people can pronounce your new name. There seems to be an artsy-fartsy trend to have unpronounceable DJ names, however if no one knows how to say your name, no one is going to be talking about you. People don’t want to sound like idiots mispronouncing names, and will therefore just choose to talk about someone else.
  • Don’t abuse punctuation and capitalization; this one comes from a writer. A made-up example: T-oMMy Turn.Table$$$ is a horrible DJ name. You are going to have it constantly misspelled, and you want your name spelled right all the time for the best web publicity.
  • Don’t make your name too long or it won’t fit well on flyers. Plus, it looks a little ego-y.
  • If you name yourself something like “DJ Darth Vader,” prepare to be forced (waka waka) to change your name and start from scratch when you get big. You may even get sued. Just ask DJ Luke Skywalker.

Hey, at least his eyebrows have mixing skills.

Thanks Rakhan for the video!