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West Coast Future Sound Movement: Brave New World

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Find the whole article in Covers Magazine here.


Pouring out of speakers right now from San Diego to Vancouver and beyond, West Coast Sound is united by a fearless risk-taking in musical experimentation, the forward-thinking embrace of the future (is now) and of the dazzling array of available technology, and most of all: massive waves of ridiculous, rib-shaking bass. From glitch hop to dubstep to minimal techno to the Lotusian hip hop/IDM mongrel, the sounds seeping out of the edge of the world reverberate in the low end, exciting its followers on a cellular level. Nights of future sound are erupting in clubs up and down the West Coast, all connected by the bass and by the brash, back-talking ethos that says, “Hell yes, we’re pressing buttons- and just look what it does to the dance floor.

West Coast = Best Coast

BWOMP presents FILL IN THE BASS w/An-ten-nae, Odeed vs. Oscure, Eva & more

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In LA you’ve got huge dubstep crews, gangs of house heads, whole posses of techno freaks and armies of drum and bass fanatics. But I was surprised when I moved here to find out there is no real community around the type of music that I love the most, which can best be described as bass music.

what is that crunching sound?That is about to change, thanks to the creation of BWOMP: Bass WithOut Musical Preference.

At BWOMP parties you will hear a lot of glitch hop and dubstep, as well as breaks, drum and bass, hip hop, 2-step, midtempo, IDM, skweee, UK funky, sklitch core step, death metal step funk, muffin step, crunk flip, chewysteaze, ho hop, drum and face, fuckstep, slicktempo, as well as emerging bass-centric genres yet to be named. ESPECIALLY those yet to be named.

And yeah I just made a bunch of those genres up; to make it a bit easier on yourself, just call it: crunkedouthyphyfunkadelicpsybrokenwhomphopmusicforbasssluts.

Our first monthly called Fill in the Bass is 18+ and takes place Friday August 21 in a TBA downtown LA venue with sweet graffiti art all over the walls. The alcohol will be cheap, the art will be live, and cover is $10 before 11PM and $15 after.

Check this lineup:

  • An-ten-nae
  • Oscure vs. Odeed (Live on 4 Decks!)
  • Kid Logic
  • JViz
  • Eva vs. DJ 007
  • EV-1 vs. Frenetic
  • Sati
  • Headsett

For directions on the night of the event, check back here or on BwompBeats the night of the event; you can also call 310-933-1451 and the Facebook listing is here. I hope to see you all there on the dance floor!

Nosaj Thing: “DRIFT” Record Drops in the Silver

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How do you know you’re at a good party?

  1. It’s free and there’s an open bar (thought that was the stuff of urban legends).
  2. Someone taps you on the shoulder in the crowd and says “What’s up Shilo?” and you turn around and it’s edIT.
  3. It’s a listening party for one of the most forward-thinking and heart-stoppingly beautiful albums you have ever heard.

This was just the case last night at Undefeated, which has to be one of the coolest kicks stores in LA and is just down the street from my place in Silverlake, the best neighborhood EVER despite being hipster HQ de la monde.

Low End Theory was super mad fucking crazy this week and I wanted another listen to the album Drift, which has actually been available digitally for a couple of weeks but was just released Old School-style worldwide this past Tuesday.

Opening for Nosaj Thing were the fat fresh sounds of Free the Robots and the Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer (HELL and the lake of fire are waiting for YOU!), and two little kids with big afros and bigger ball caps were jump-dancing on the big seating cushion in the middle of the store, starting the party off right.

Free the Robots

Free the Robots

Capacity came quickly and soon they were turning people away other than the crackheads of Sunset Blvd (“My name is Robert, why don’t people believe me? Can I have two cigarettes?”). The crowd was excited and jabbering, some people were dancing (me) and the sound was surprisingly good for a shoe store.

On to the music:

I didn’t buy a copy of Nosaj Thing’s debut album Drift last night because I was outta cash, so I woke up this morning and downloaded the tunes and have been absolutely held captive by the epic beauty of this album ever since.

I can’t tell you what kind of music this is, but I can tell you that it brought tears to my eyes and rendered me motionless, squeezing my heart and drawing from it new realms of emotion. Drift is the sound of laying naked on satin sheets; it is the music that was playing at the dawn of human existence, and Nosaj Thing has only now exhumed it from the collective consciousness of life on Earth. 

Each emotive track exhales a very unique tone, but the whole album is united by an impossible beauty and rich, textured depth. Drift suspends you in a dream world, where you wait with bated breath, motionless, almost willing forth the next wave of beats with a profound desire you did not know you possessed.

In other words, two thumbs up. Did someone say West Coast Future Sound Movement?

Drift is out now on Daddy Kev‘s Alpha Pup label; buy it at your local record store or download it on iTunes (or Addictech or Boomkat or Bleep, you guys know the drill by now right?), and then join me in the sphere of dreams and forgotten sighs. I’ll be waiting by the waterfall.


Ana Sia w/Danny Corn as 3WS in Seattle @ Analog Feb 27th

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Ana Sia’s dynamic delivery of brain-fazing beats has earned this Princess Slay-ah a pioneering place in the West Coast future sound movement. Her love of the low end combined with an intense understanding of the importance of dance to the human soul fuse together to create unforgettable sets of experience, whether she is slamming spots in her home of San Francisco or taking her turn in forests and at festivals around the country.

Let this artist bring you on an eclectic musical expedition into the deepest reaches of your own brain, delighting the rumble-lover in your soul as your thankful body tries to keep up. Ana Sia masterfully mixes a wide spectrum of rhythms with a beautiful fluidity and a delicate sensibility, giving the dance floor a delightfully wonky ride that ends at the corner of bliss and oblivion. Uniting the best elements of dirty dubstep, grimy glitch, and her personalized blend of “global slut psy-hop,” Ana Sia’s sets confirm crunk status of all who dare enter into the seamless sound-world of this woman of whomp.

Prepare to be annihilated as Ana Sia performs alongside Danny Corn as 3WS; the two are connected by the love of a bass-drenched world and will no doubt be having as much fun as the dance floor onto which they drop reverberating rhythms from the sky.

3WS plays Analog XIX put on by Produkt at Rebar on February 27th with support from local bass sluts PrEssHa and Noisemaker in what promises to the dopest Seatown show of the month.

Shilo is jealous.


Ghislain Poirier to play Broken Disco in Seattle April 17

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Sounds like this spring is Berlin-mania for the cats of Broken Disco who have returned from an extended “fishing trip” (yeah some kind of trip) to blast back down in Seattle with some of the TIGHTEST lineups in the city- or quite possibly, THE tightest.

Drawing from four of Seattle’s most active music collectives (Decibel, Fourthcity, Sensory Effect and Shameless) and with lineups of eclectic artists from around the world espousing many electronic music genres, often at the same time, Broken Disco aims to assert Seattle’s place in the West Coast Future Sound Movement by throwing filthy fucking dance parties on a regular basis. Props!

February 20: Jona, Nutown Project, Jacob London, Broken Disconauts, Aurora Diving Club, Skyler, Dr. Mr. M, Eddie, and Mateo

March 14: D.I.M., Jerry Abstract, Anglo Satellite, PrEssHa, Recess, Levi Clark and Menami

April 17: Ghislain Poirier, Thomas Fehlmann, plus more TBA!

AND if you haven’t been to Chop Suey lately, you need to check it out again. They have added hella soundproofing so that condo-owning asshole who moved to Cap Hill and then complained about the noise can’t call the cops anymore, and the sound is better than ever! The second room remains as sweaty as hell, as it shall always be. All is right with the world; carry on.