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Wild Week at Winter Music Conference 2010

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Miami! Miami! Miami! I just spent a wild week at Winter Music Conference 2010, quite possibly the world’s largest gathering ever of electronic music fans, freaks and friends in the flashy city of blingy blue ocean waves, lazy palm trees, slick star-scrapers and an energy level almost as high as the dance floor.

A week-long cavalcade of party after party after rave after boat after beach after pool after rooftop, WMC is most definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that every electronic music lover should experience at least once before you go to meet the great beatmaker in the sky.

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VIDEOS from Ultra Music Festival

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I’m a pretty shitty videographer because I am twitchy as hell to begin with and during a show I find it next to impossible to stop dancing and yelling and speaker-freaking and screaming “FUCK YEAH!”

BUT here are some videos for you anyway to provide a tiny inkling of the ridiculous ravetardedness of ULTRA Music Festival, which at over 100,000 attendees on Saturday was the largest rave ever in the history of the US.

These videos were all taken at the smaller Biscayne Stage, starting off with a bit of “West Coast Rocks” from the Glitch Mob, a song I absolutely love because it is so very dirge-like and emotive; in fact it is probably playing right now at the funeral for the myth that progress will save us all:

Rusko was so excited the Monday night before Ultra about his full-body tiger suit for the rave…what happened?

Is it possible for me to love Bassnectar anymore that I already do?

These guys gave out giant foam laser-hands that said, “Guns don’t kill people, lazers do.”

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Winter Music Conference in Miami 2010

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Are you going to the Winter Music Conference or Ultra Music Festival this March?

Because I AM!

I am also the new Editor-in-Chief of, a website devoted to WMC coverage: listing of all the parties in Miami, artist interviews and spotlights, informative guides on everything from hotels to nightclubs, tips for saving money, getting drunk and avoiding lines. Right now if you Google “Ultra Music Festival Lineup,” Nightlyfe is the first site that pops up- so we are doing something right!

Check out the website and stay tuned for HEAPS more information and exclusive artist interviews. And see you in Miami bitch!