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Congrats DJ Flave: How I Found the Flavor

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DJ Flave won the second round of the Northwest DJ DNB Battle this past Tuesday night at the Baltic Room; I am a bit late on this post but I just wanted to share with you guys how I met the epic Seattle DJ who is Flave:

It was a Wednesday night in Pioneer Square, cold and a bit rainy no doubt. This was back in the day when I danced to house music at Community (now Pulse) at Trinity every single Wednesday with Jason Curtis and company. My friend Si and I decided to walk over to Club Heavens and check out the new night which had just started.

Heavens was empty (ha) except for the tatty bartender, Bob, DJ Flave, and two kids on the dance floor who had obviously come with the DJ. The room was almost empty- but Flave was playing like he had a crowd of ten thousand. Throwing down, hyped up, loving it and taking no prisoners.

Si busted out his drum and the four of us dancing freaks got down to Flave’s beats like it was the rave of the century or something, which is just how he was spinning. Most DJs in this situation would be checking their text messages, running out for a smoke break or getting drunk. Not Flave- he straight delivered beats to the tiny gang of dancers on his floor like there was no tomorrow and it was dance or die.

And then he pulled out a motherfucking saxophone.

Those of you who know Flave (aka all of Seattle) can attest to this man’s epic skills. He plays many genres and many instruments. He scratches with his foot. And on a rainy Wednesday last year, he threw down for a dance floor of four harder than many DJs ever do and won a blond girl’s heart for life. Mad props to Flave!

And good luck at the NW DNB Finals, held June 3 at Crush in Portland where the battle will be Seattle vs. Portland; with Flave on the side of the 206, Portland better bring something epic, like a mountain.


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I received a text a couple days ago saying, “Dubstep has taken over Seattle,” probably due to the fact that dubstep was dropping in the main room of Trinity nightclub which is pretty unheard of in the house that house and breaks built. 

Well guess what? Wobbly bass is invading the WORLD and if you want to stay connected to the events, new mixes, and idle chatter, check out

Lukki of Shift fame in Seattle has started back up the dubstep forum for all you West Coast dubstep freaks out there; all I can say is that dubstep gets stuck in my head like NOTHING on earth and I whistle it all the time. I’m thinking about going pro and being the West Coast’s first whistling dubstep DJ.


RUSKO @ The Roxy in Los Angeles February 18!

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Rusko will be playing The Roxy next Wednesday at the Scion House Party along with Congorock, AC Slater, and 12th Planet. DAMN STRAIGHT.

OH, and it’s free, as long as you RSVP here.

I love me some filthy fucking dubstep, and I love my Scion XB, aka THE STASH BOX:

Camp Don't Be Jealous Rocks the Stash Box

Camp Don't Be Jealous Rocks the Stash Box

And this just in:

Rusko will be playing Seattle too on March 18th, looks like the Shift crew is bringing him to Trinity to rock the hell out of the main room. Click here for info.

From the Front Lines: Thursday Night

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‘From the Front Lines’ is where I will recap what went down and what went downtown on the streets of Seattle. Last night things were bangin’ and I had a good night- but not too crazy, we have a BIG weekend ahead!

First of all, the rumor floating around last night that KiloWatts will be playing with Bassnectar in Bellingham on Sunday night is WRONG, as Jamie confirmed for me this morning. However he will be in Bellingham on Thursday the 20th with Vibesquad, which will be a giant show and now brings up the dilemma: do I drive to Bellingham on Thursday or stay in town to see my friend Rafael at the Triple Door followed up by the OTT/Phidelity show at Nectar? Decisions, decisions.

Plus there is the option of driving to Bellingham on Sunday to see Bassnectar again. It’s not that far.

So last night my first stop (after Dante’s, what???) was the Crimson C where Hendrik was playing psy-something and a few peeps were really rocking it on the dance floor. I am not the hugest psy-whatever fan but I really was enjoying the music and had a fun dancing to the faster beats. 

Down the road Trinity was going OFF- could have been the $1 shots and no cover they had going on. The drum and bass in the blue room wasn’t doing a whole lot for me but Kreeper was going freaking nuts in the Main Room; I love that guy- he has a great time playing, he has great energy and it just spills out all over the dance floor. And the ladies agree- Trinity was FULL of hot chicks busting it and I got to hang out and dance with my chicas, which is always fun. Girls seem to have more fun than boys, right? Maybe those are just my friends.

Back at Crimson C Aaron Hoyle was playing some weird bassy tracks, kind of freakish and odd which is just how I like things. Around 1AM Noisemaker jumped back on and we all (like all 5 of us) got down proper. He played the new Bassnectar EP with the super-weird Beats Antique Roustabout song; evil carnival music for the bearded lady and three-necked man and shit. I can’t remember which track he was mixing in with it but it was super fucking sweet. Bassnectar on Saturday is going to be so insane. I am so excited. You MUST go to the show. 

I shut down the dance floor at Crimson then popped over to Contour for the one year anniversary of Booty Call where Mamma Zona, Lovevirus and others were STILL celebrating Awggie’s birthday. Naha was spinning mad hard-core, break-core, I-don’t-know-what core beats and we were getting down for a while. I kept trying to leave and then getting sucked back onto the dance floor because the music was so good! This happens A LOT to me. I ran into some fun and unexpected friends which always makes the night more interesting!

OKAY so tonight- BALLS OUT at Rebar! Get out those red, white, and blues! I am so excited for this weekend, and my very good friend and fellow dancing freak Tricia will be in the house (literally) to party with us; she has been in Cali for a while and I am so stoked to see her tonight!

AND YOU! See you on the dance floor,


Going Down This Week

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Your weekly rundown of Shilo-approved electronic music events.


  • Mike Check, Travis Baron and Naha play some techno and hardcore at Contour. Free.
  • DnB at the Baltic- cover is a whole $3 so my broke ass is skipping it.


  • Deep Wednesdays at Vito’s, house music. Free.
  • Pulse at Trinity, house music. Free.


  • PsyNight with Hendrik and Aaron H. at Crimson C. Free.
  • Pressha & Mike Check (and others) at free.BASS at Trinity. Free.
  • Booty Call One Year Anniversary at Contour & Awggie’s Bday, with Naha, Awggie, Pop Top & more. Free.


  • Balls Out for America! Polish Yer Balls! Featuring the Shameless gang and those Innerflight freaks. Recess, Menami, Kadeejah “I like to party in the car” Streets, J-Sun, Levi Clark, Manos, Night Train, and the love of my life MC Anton Bomb. Big dance party at Rebar, free apple pie, and only $5 if you are wearing red, white, and blue.
  • Botsessionz at Heavens in Pioneer Square with Sir Kutz, Aaron Simpson, Rob Noble, Sean Majors, Mike Check, Pressha, Aksion, and Jobot. Bass, breaks, and drum&bass, looks like. $7 before 11 or $10 after. Free if you are with Shilo.
  • Mad Friday night afterparties no doubt.


  • BASSNECTAR!!! I know it is a lame cliche but DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. People were dancing in the streets last time. It was epic.
  • Afterparty info to be posted later