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From the Front Lines: Low End Theory (11/11)

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Another crackin’ week in the center of the universe! The electronic arts scene here in Los Angeles is thriving; any given night you can throw a rock (or a flaming trash can) and hit a party with beats going off like wild animals. And I’m not talking about the plethora of horrific meet-market clubs packed to the gills with people who don’t give a flying shit about the music, dancing to 1998’s greatest house hits and trying not to spill an $11 vodka tonic on their shiny shirts.

I am talking about forward-moving music that engages your brain as well as your body. I am talking about the good shit. Puff puff give:

Low End Theory this week was a bit of an anomaly as all the residents were in route to Japan, but that didn’t stop the Low End community from doing it up proper and partying like it was Wednesday night or something. I arrived after 11PM half expecting a half-full room, but the upstairs dance floor was bouncy with head-nodders all the way back to Sharky’s bar.

While the absence of Daddy Kev, Nocando, Nobody, D-Styles and Gaslamp Killer was definitely noticeable, the people don’t come to Low End for the faces, but for the beats. And we got them. Devonwho was twisting minds with Tully of My Hollow Drum taking up as MC, and the MHD crew was rotating in and out of the DJ slot, keeping the energy lit. The crowd at Low End is always pretty young, and I love it. Seeing all those minors with X’s on their hands who are there for the music is so inspiring; it makes me wonder what beats are brewing in their heads tonight that I will dance to tomorrow.

I was thinking wow, this is a great night and I should write it up, and then who walks up to the stage but Flying Lotus. I should have recognized his laptop from the Obama sticker. A slap of excitement hit the crowd as we knew we were in for a real treat. As always FlyLo played some shit you have never heard before and that you can’t imagine existing until it does, right there in your ears and undeniable. We heard new beats from his new album no doubt, as well as a track that he and Thom Yorke had just made in NYC. I was swimming in the beat love, we all were, and Wednesday night confirmed for me that indeed Low End Theory is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It is a community but even more than that, it is an energy, a mental place of feral creativity where the normal rules of music and nightlife do not apply- because we are making new ones.

See you next week.

Dear readers: sorry for the astounding lack of photos on my recent posts. My camera has bit the shit.

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