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FRIDAY IS TECHNO: Chris Liebing @ King King

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Your mouth says techno but your eyes say tech-yes.

Friday night we dance to techno as Droid Behavior, Harmonic Productions and Traktor Scratch Pro presents Chris Liebing, Audio Injection vs. Drumcell and Delinquent Frequency at King King July 9th.

Droid Behavior has a sweet new website – check it out here.

DROID Behavior: Interface 30 (Review)

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Speedy J & Scott Pagano



Let there be techno

Winter in Los Angeles AKA please pass the sunblock

Interface 30 presented by Droid Behavior was to take place at undisclosed warehouse location #388 last Saturday night, however by the time I got to the map point around 4AM, the party had already been moved to the second location of the evening, thanks to another sweet stopover by the LAPD. Cops are such awesome guests at parties. Mad party points to Droid for moving the show as well as to that crazy techno crowd that doesn’t give a DAMN and will thrash until the sun comes up, every time.

I recognized the second location and was STOKED because it is one of my favorite venues in Los Angeles. I was the last to arrive at the map point before they left for the night and soon arrived to a party that had been throbbing for a while, with none of the straight-sober jitters evident in the crowd like exists when you walk into a show at 10PM to an empty dance floor ringed with shufflers and full beers. People were dancing and screaming, as they should be at 4AM on Saturday night in the entertainment capital of the world. I dove into the dance floor.

Speedy J was up and shoving it out with Scott Pagano next to him on the visuals. I really liked this setup and would like to see it more: DJ and VJ side by side. This venue is a fatty late-night spot because of all the weird and cushy seats, couches and wrestling pads around the main room that you can lounge in when your jello legs need a break. A mix of steam and smoke billows out the open windows all night long, finally calming in the morning when most of the dance floor wanders off and the rainbow colors of the LA sunrise filter in.

Drumcell played after Speedy J; always a pleasure, and he was celebrating the date of his manufacture AKA his birthday. Beautiful techno. I don’t know what time it when was I climbed on the roof and I don’t know what time it was when I left.

I love Droid parties because they are unapologetically techno. If you like techno, you will love Droid parties. Don’t like techno? A Droid party might just convince you otherwise. Two things are certain: 10) Droid is LA techno and 2) you can find me next to the speaker.

Droid Behavior presents the Wham Bam Thank You NAMM Afterparty this Friday at the Downtown Independent.

From the Front Lines: Anthony Collins and Sammy Dee

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Read my review of the recent Culprit & Hear party with Anthony Collins and Sammy Dee in Resident Advisor right here.

Thanks to Chris Soltis for the photo!

Compression 4-Year Anniversary: Claude VonStroke & SF Dirtybird Crew this Friday

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AH shit!

Friday night at Cinespace Robtronik presents the 4-Year Anniversary of Compression, featuring Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird crew from San Francisco etc. including Christian Martin, Justin Martin, Voodeux (AKA KiloWatts & Tanner Ross) and Monty Luke. Also on hand are Compression deejays Andre Ezer and Matt Xavier, and expect a big crowd as this is VonStroke’s LA Album Release Party for his second album, Bird Brain, and a stop on his world tour as well.

Dirtybird is pretty much a synonym for BANGIN‘ and I am really excited to hear Claude VonStroke again; at Symbiosis this TITAN of West Coast Sound was shaking the trees from their roots to their leaves and every single face on his dance floor had a stupid, beat-eating smile plastered across it. He works the dance floor like a tool, bending and working it like Superman with a bar of metal, expelling shrieks and screams and hands in the air. Oh I am excited! His Myspace profile lists ghettotech in addition to house and techno and dear GOD, let’s hope he dips into the dirty for a least a couple of tracks. Also posted are influences: YOUR MOM and sounds like: CHICKEN.

All the elements are coming together for this one, including Funktion One sound, two rooms, 21+, 9:30-4AM, and you can RSVP for reduced entry right here.

DROID Behavior: LA Techno Interview w/MediaContender

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Check out  this sweet interview on MediaContender with Vidal Vargas of Droid Behavior and Drew Best of Smog, one of LA’s big dubstep crews.

Droid Interface 28 goes down tonight at my favorite LA venue, TBA, with Tim Xavier (Live PA), Luis Flores (Live PA), Drumcell vs. Audio Injection and more.

And DEAR GOD do yourself a favor and download the music at the bottom of the write up. I don’t care where you are, what you are doing, or what kind of music you think you like. DO IT.



Ctrl_Alt_Dlt: Seattle Techno *NEW MIX*

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I LOVE techno, just so you know. I use the word ‘love’ loosely and for many things like blimps, porch swings and melted cheese but with techno, it is more like an addiction. A delicious, seductive addiction from which I have no desire to unchain myself from. Ever.

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is my favorite techno DJ in Seattle and plays the smoothest minimal techno sets ever, animals with glowing eyes that creep up behind you in the night and bite your sweaty neck- and you LOVE it.

Chris handed me this mix, which was simply labeled “Seattle Techno” at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It quickly became the soundtrack of my weekend, providing bumping accompaniment in the rental car as I bounced from party to club to bar to hotel room in the realm of the afterhour. 

Download Seattle Techno here.


1. You Got My – [a]pendics shuffle
2. Fir – Jeff Samuel
3. Usui – So Inagawa
4. Ticket – Channel X
5. Mullet is in Da House – Luci
6. Die a Little – Mikael Stavostrand
7. Sweep the Leg – Tony Rohr
8. Sometimes – Ulysse
9. Inside Ways feat. Dop – Varoslav
10. The Wasps From Tunisia and The Silver Piggy – Mark August
11. Mas Lines feat. Lisa Fabian – [a]pendics shuffle
12. On and On – Monoroom Remix – Chelonis R. Jones, El Carlitto
13. What You Want – Barem Remix – Miskate
14. Minimum 23 – Josh Wink
15. Fox in a Box Original Mix 2008 Re-Edit – UND

Howl at the Moon @ the Day Out of Time Festival

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ilovemyseattletribesoverymuchCould the Day Out Of Time Festival, happening July 24-26 in southern Washington, possibly have more of my friends on the lineup?

Wow. Five stages of glitch, drum and bass, dubstep, breaks, house, techno, downtempo, live reggae, and more, all brought to you by the awesome Emerald City Events, Midnight Sons, Buddhaful, LiveNLove, Booty Resin, Covert Ops, and Atmospheric InfernOasis. AKA my people.

Check it:

Aaron Simpson
Geno Cochino
Sonny Chiba
Richie Spoonz
Randall Glen
Mickey Procon
Dig Dug
Bryan J. Furious
Let’s Go Outside
Von Dewey
Ben Shelton
Kadeejah Streets
Jeromy Nail
Lloyd Tatum
Dev J
Creepy Tom
Skoi Sirius

PLUS hella hella hella other DJs that I do not personally know. Perhaps a trip to Seatown in late July is in my future? I could stick around for the Glitch Mob, Daddy Kev and Nosaj Thing show on the 28th…hmm…

If you are in Seattle, do not miss this festival. Tickets are $60 before July 1st, $75 after. Holy Day Out of Time.

Photo by Arkku.