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WIN TICKETS to see Solvent, Michna & Kether @ The Do Lab on Thursday!

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The Do Lab rolls back into Hollywood and takes it over again this Thursday night at the King King with Solvent, Michna & local freaks Kether.

It should be an interesting mix of music for the night; Solvent and Michna both hail from Ghostly International but with very different sounds and styles. Solvent is “at the forefront of electro-pop’s return to form” and his quirky tracks are sincere without being simple, displaying none of the clash and more of a melodic feel, sweeping across the front of the brain like a cool washcloth.

Michna‘s flavor is groovy and more bass-centered with an old-school slap coming in right when you need it, music with a hip-hop backbone that served him well on his last world tour to seven continents.

And from Muti Music, Space Island and Venice Beach comes Kether, one of my LA favorites that I am always excited to see on a lineup. Spanning several genres from IDM to breaks to dubstep and glitch, this duo delivers clean, organic sets of live electronics. Their sound is wrapped in the colorful strands of a crazy dream, woven through with melody arrangements written in specific notes to stimulate certain energy chakras in the body.

I am pretty sure there are no chakras in the feet, but expect yours to be stimulated, motivated and activated this Thursday night. The Do Lab’s events have sold out in the past, so buy your tickets here in advance, and for the Facebook event page with bios and more information, please click here.

OR try and WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS by posting your answer to this question in the comment section below. The winner will be notified on Wednesday:

Which artist are you most excited to hear at The Do Lab show on Thursday night, and why?

The Do Lab presents: Bluetech, Mimosa & Electric Dandelion @ King King

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You probably have noticed that The Do Lab has been taking over King King in Hollywood about once a month these days, spreading the Burner vibe along with freaky art and fatty beats, and for that, LA is grateful. November’s show features fan fav Bluetech, Space Island’s Electric Dandelion, and MY favorite and recent transplant to La La Land (and we welcome you with open arms): MIMOSA.

Click here to read my review of Mimosa‘s latest album Flux for Life on Glitch.FM.

Click here for the Facebook event page and click here for tickets- buy them early because the last Do Lab show sold out and people were crying at the door. Or something like that.


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Hello fair readers!

Hot July = Hot Parties. Hope your sum-sum-summaTIME is going well!

As usual, I will update this post frequently as the month goes along, and you can always find my current list of events on the left-hand side of my blog’s home page under the links for “FIND LA EVENTS“.


  • 1: Low End Theory w/Exile, Mono/Poly & Egadz; Hell and the Lake of Fire Release Party #1 for Gaslamp Killer’s Mix CD
  • 2: Hell and the Lake of Fire Release Party #2 for Gaslamp Killer’s Mix CD with SamIYam @ TBA in Venice
  • 3: Planetary Series: Red Planet w/Octave One, Robert Hood, Developer and Robtronik @ TBA (and until 7AM, baby!)
  • 7: Arena Bass w/Smog feat. Evol, Pablo Hassan, Unit, Steady & Kemst @ The Arena
  • 8: Scion House Party w/Kode 9, Spaceape, Martyn & 12th Planet @ Roxy
  • 8: Low End Theory: Blank Blue Combine EP Release w/Andy Votel & Massa
  • 9: Free the Robots, KnifeDreams, Austin Speed & Tealong @ The Crosby
  • 10: Space Island @ the Echoplex w/ VIBESQUAD, Knowa Knowone & Henry Strange
  • 14: The Do LaB presents: Bonobo @ King King w/Of Porcelain and R/D
  • 15: Nosaj Thing Revisited @ Low End Theory
  • 16: MIDDLEGROUND by Space Island w/HEYOKA, Ruff Hauser, Stephan Jacobs & Heavenly Father @ TBA
  • 17: BASSFACE w/DZ, Kozee, Sam Supa, Ras G, SamiYam @ TBA
  • 18-19: Wildlife presents: Magical Sunshine Festival w/David Starfire, Pawn, Emu, Skandar, Osal8, Austin Speed, Philly B, lots more
  • 22: Daedelus and Free the Robots @ Low End Theory
  • 23: SMOG @ Respect w/Katz, DLX, Evol, Dustmite & Kemst
  • 24: More Voltage Tour: GLITCH MOB w/Nosaj Thing & Daddy Kev @ Roxy
  • 24: Cut Chemist @ The Getty: FREE!
  • 25: Master P on Atari Tour w/Mochipet, [a]pendics.shuffle, Boom Bip, Sodapop, Oro11 & New Berlin @ The Silver Echo Gallery
  • 28: DUBTROIT w/Sukh Knight
  • 28: BassScience @ Zanzibar in Santa Monica

I am thinking that July should look something like this:


Tipper, RD & Jupit3r @ Echoplex

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I know I talk a lot of superlatives but overall, Saturday night at the Echoplex was the best night of music in total that I have experienced my four months in LA. Space Island brought it and straight hippied up that dirty low club and the dance floor was packed as hell all night long until they flipped the lights up near 2AM and we all crawled home.

The Echoplex is right down the street from my place; I arrived early enough and Jupit3r was up and already taking no prisoners. Shilo has a new favorite. The crowd was super sonic; I want to harness the energy of these people and create a separate solar system. Oh wait- I guess that would be Space Island. 

For those of you not in sunny and shaky LA (today’s earthquake shut down Disneyland), the Echoplex is the bottom level of the Echo, a nicer, more well-lit theateresque venue. I like the Echoplex much better and you probably would too. Dark, a little dingy, but $5 drinks and plenty of room for moving.

The sound in the Echoplex is good and Friday night it was even better; Space Island totally decked out the venue with purple netting over the outdoor smoke-anything section and the compact stage filled with growing orange and yellow worm-like twists of stuff reaching up to the rafters from the stage. Mmm-hmm.

Jupit3r and RD were both on point; in fact the music all night was top notch from start to finish. Tipper played tons of old stuff that we love and heaps of new stuff that we do now and gave a very high energy performance. The dance floor was going off. It was epic, and I wish you could have been there.

No photos for this shit review, sorry guys. If I see some online I will post a link!