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MEMENTO: Boat Cruise in Memory of Tyler Douglas Brown aka Tyler B Yall

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Tyler Brown brought so much laughter into the world; he was one of those unique individuals whose goofy antics, fearless quirks and smiling face always made me smile, whether I was hanging out with him on dust-covered blankets at outdoor parties, chillin’ at the Produkt Dance Studio as the day dripped by, or ripping up the dance floors of Pioneer Square together. Even from LA, his hilariously weird Myspace status updates brought plenty of giggles to my life, as I could picture his face as he talked about glass toast and Typhoid Mary’s razor.

My friend’s status is now final. Rest in peace, Tyler B. A boat cruise will soon be sailing to raise money for his family, a small comfort but a benefit nonetheless. MEMENTO is brought to you by Produkt, Kryptonight and Rockit Science and sets sail June 14th and features the beats of Wheelz, Myk, Soundwave, Jisaan, Andrew Luck, Sonny Chiba, Von Dewey, and Nick MC.

Proceeds from the $10 cover will go entirely to the family; bar is cash only and the Islander boat can be found at 1611 Fairview Avenue in Seattle. Boarding is at 1PM; the boat departs at 3PM sharp and will return at 7PM.

Bring your respects, your friends, and your smile- because no one loved a party like Tyler, and this is one boat not to miss.

I am getting really fucking sick of writing up blog posts about benefit events for the families of my dead friends. This sucks.

iloveyoutylerbrownrestinpeacemyfriendTyler leads the party parade at Build Up for Operation Apex; following behind him are dozens of people carrying speakers and other gear to set up for the outdoor, one of the best parties of the year.

R.I.P. Tyler Brown, and watch out for the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people-eater.

Howl at the Moon @ the Day Out of Time Festival

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ilovemyseattletribesoverymuchCould the Day Out Of Time Festival, happening July 24-26 in southern Washington, possibly have more of my friends on the lineup?

Wow. Five stages of glitch, drum and bass, dubstep, breaks, house, techno, downtempo, live reggae, and more, all brought to you by the awesome Emerald City Events, Midnight Sons, Buddhaful, LiveNLove, Booty Resin, Covert Ops, and Atmospheric InfernOasis. AKA my people.

Check it:

Aaron Simpson
Geno Cochino
Sonny Chiba
Richie Spoonz
Randall Glen
Mickey Procon
Dig Dug
Bryan J. Furious
Let’s Go Outside
Von Dewey
Ben Shelton
Kadeejah Streets
Jeromy Nail
Lloyd Tatum
Dev J
Creepy Tom
Skoi Sirius

PLUS hella hella hella other DJs that I do not personally know. Perhaps a trip to Seatown in late July is in my future? I could stick around for the Glitch Mob, Daddy Kev and Nosaj Thing show on the 28th…hmm…

If you are in Seattle, do not miss this festival. Tickets are $60 before July 1st, $75 after. Holy Day Out of Time.

Photo by Arkku.

Going Down This Week (Nov 17-23)

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Your weekly rundown of Shilo-approved electronic music events this week. 


  • VITAL Wednesdays at Contour: Recess, Sonny Chiba, and PrEssHa


  • Hauschka, Tom Brosseau, and The Site Below ambient show at the Triple Door
  • CHROME TOAST: OTT, Phidelity and Skoi Sirius at Nectar Lounge (whomp whomp whomp)
  • KiloWatts and Vibesquad in Bellingham

(I am torn between staying in town for the bomb shows here or heading up to Bellingham and am still undecided!)

  • Shadow Dancer of Boys Noize at Chop Suey. Bangin’ hard techno.
  • Shift Dubstep at Contour with D’Code from the UK


  • Buddhaful Groove Drive with MC Souleye, Vibesquad, Kitty D, Noisemaker, Northstar, Marmalade and more. Last year this party ROCKED. It is a food drive so bring food. I will be here.
  • Uninfected Techno with Adam X and Bryan Zentz (I LOVE TECHNO!)
  • Funk D’Void at SeeSound Lounge. Weird venue but silly awesome music
  • Afterhours at the Clubhouse with Funk D’Void, Dave Pezzner, and Carlos Mendoza of Lawnchair Generals- $5. I will be here too no doubt.