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Shilo’s Sock Rocks the Glitch Mob Show in Seattle

Posted in Note to Readers with tags , , , , , , , on July 30, 2009 by worldromper

Oh how I love my crazy ass friends in the 206!

Up in Seattle they would always make fun of me for wearing bright green, orange or pink socks, sometimes at the same time. I lose so much shit that I have made mismatching my style and could often be found at afterhour parties shoeless and twirling swords in my neon socks.

Somehow one of these bright green socks was still in Seattle- found no doubt at the Produkt Loft- and wound up onstage at the recent Glitch Mob show at Neumos:

Glitch Mob at Neumos Shilo's sock

Afterwards the sock was signed by Boreta, edIT and OOah and is now residing by Buddha at the same Produkt Loft, which as many of you know is one of the epicenters of electronic music culture in Seattle (not to mention site of THE BEST parties around), and a place I dream of often:

ooah loves socks

boreta and edit love socks too


For even more fun watch this.

Special thanks to Laser Jeff, Dylan, Tommy & The Intoxicologist for taking photos and partying with my sock, and the Glitch Mob for signing it!