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SHIFT Dubstep Droppin’ Seattle Selections Like RAINBOMBS

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Dubstep fits well in the city of Seattle; the overcast and often dreary climate is the perfect partner for this bass-heavy genre and the grime of Seattle gives its dubstep a dirty edge that can’t wipe away even if you wanted it to.

Shift Recordings drops Seattle Selections today; this compilation album features many of the Pacific Northwest’s rising stars and fresh voices in electronic music including KJ Sawka, Lukki, Dubtek, Sublo, Kid Simple and much more.

Check the Dubstep Forum thread here and buy the album June 9th on Beatport, Digital Tunes, Juno UK or Addictech. And then get down.

Dirty Filthy Whompcast: LUKKI

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When it comes to Seattle dubstep, Lukki is the man. Founder of Shift Recordings and cofounder of Dub Alliance Records as well as the forum, he is an integral weapon in the futurement of dubstep on the West Coast.

And way more than that, I hear nothing but mad respect coming from Seattle DJs about Lukki, how he encourages them personally and selflessly supports the Seattle dubstep, grime, and bass community- now that’s my kind of man.

Listen to and download Lukki’s whompcast here.

Thanks to Rockit Science for the whompcast and Ryan Hodgkinson for the sweet gif!

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I received a text a couple days ago saying, “Dubstep has taken over Seattle,” probably due to the fact that dubstep was dropping in the main room of Trinity nightclub which is pretty unheard of in the house that house and breaks built. 

Well guess what? Wobbly bass is invading the WORLD and if you want to stay connected to the events, new mixes, and idle chatter, check out

Lukki of Shift fame in Seattle has started back up the dubstep forum for all you West Coast dubstep freaks out there; all I can say is that dubstep gets stuck in my head like NOTHING on earth and I whistle it all the time. I’m thinking about going pro and being the West Coast’s first whistling dubstep DJ.