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Audiotistic Review in Resident Advisor

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(Please click the image to go to my review of Audiotistic in Resident Advisor)

OMG: Rusko News & Tour Dates

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Or should I say O.M.G.! Just gonna post this press release, make of it what you will from out there in a world where Lil’ John is working with Miley Cyrus. Continue reading

VIDEOS from Ultra Music Festival

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I’m a pretty shitty videographer because I am twitchy as hell to begin with and during a show I find it next to impossible to stop dancing and yelling and speaker-freaking and screaming “FUCK YEAH!”

BUT here are some videos for you anyway to provide a tiny inkling of the ridiculous ravetardedness of ULTRA Music Festival, which at over 100,000 attendees on Saturday was the largest rave ever in the history of the US.

These videos were all taken at the smaller Biscayne Stage, starting off with a bit of “West Coast Rocks” from the Glitch Mob, a song I absolutely love because it is so very dirge-like and emotive; in fact it is probably playing right now at the funeral for the myth that progress will save us all:

Rusko was so excited the Monday night before Ultra about his full-body tiger suit for the rave…what happened?

Is it possible for me to love Bassnectar anymore that I already do?

These guys gave out giant foam laser-hands that said, “Guns don’t kill people, lazers do.”

Click here for pics of ULTRA Music Festival

Click here for my WMC 2010 Review

Random Photo #28

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On a rooftop by a beach, La La Land 2010


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DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, Renegades, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week-ish:

  1. OOah
  2. Puppy Kicker
  3. Daddy Kev
  4. 12th Planet
  5. Mary Anne Hobbs
  6. Anthony Collins
  7. Eprom
  8. Yona
  9. Boreta

Photo of Rusko @ Avalon by Whoop This!


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I feel it is my duty to document the utter insanity that went down last night in Hollywood, so help me dubstep.

Holy fucking Croydon.

Last night I went to Avalon for the first time, a gigantic club with legendary status and legions of loyal followers. My broke ass prefers smaller, dirtier, weirder places but a sweet new friend had hooked up the guest list action last minute and I was stoked. I paid a psychotic amount for parking and threw myself to the mayhem, aka the line.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful young people (and some ugly ones) were crushed against the side of the building either direction, a seething mass of humanity with an energy level that could have powered all the neon on the Sunset Strip. When presented with a ridiculous queue like this, there are two choices: go to the end and wait with everyone else, or say fuck that and worm your way to the front. As I was on the guestlist there was no way in hell I was waiting, but even just getting to the list entrance was an insane, hour-long endeavor. Pretty girls were trying to push their way to the front and getting elbows to the boobies by the crowd who was not having it. The bouncer kept screaming at people to step back, dumb guys were trying to pick fights, and it was crotch to butt the whole way. No one was moving.

The computers were down at the side entrance and they were only letting in people with $20 hard cash, even though the cover was not supposed to increase in price until 11PM. At that point, what are you going to do? Turn around and go home? Needless to say those who had bought will-call tickets prior to the show and were now being turned away were slightly miffed. Finally I get to the front and tell them I am supposed to get walked in by So-And-So, because I am VIP and special and all that shit. Apparently I said the right name.

You better not be FUCKIN’ with me, little girl…” the bouncer says, giving me the stink eye.

“No!” I insisted, with a laugh. I do not make it a habit to fuck with people twice my height and three times my size.

So I get walked in by a new friend and make my way through the crush of people in the smoking area and into the bar and second stage area. House music. I press on into the main room.

Holy shit! WHAT a venue! Is this the most amazing club I have ever been to? Quite possibly. The Avalon building has as much soul and character as the crowd did not. Stunning architectural beauty, a temple to the party gods, the home of a billion screams of delight, a palace dedicated to wild nights. I would love to rent this place out with a couple hundred of my closest friends and party until noon.

But last night it was more like 2500 of my closest friends. As I arrived 12th Planet was up on the balcony slamming beats out of his fingers onto the dance floor, oh wait sorry I meant THE MOSH PIT. The bottom floor of Avalon was taken over by a swirling human tornado of sweaty boys, 10% dancing, 60% pushing and 30% venting sexual frustration (The reason you’re not getting laid? YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE. Just a guess).

12th Planet drops “Explicit” by Emalkay and I think oh shit: motherfuckas about to get BEAT! The blood is going to bounce! But shortly thereafter he stops the tunes and takes the mic, telling the near-riot on the floor to chill the fuck out and that hey, maybe the ladies want to dance too. A female-pitched scream fills the venue because yes, we do want to dance and no, we do not want to get punched in the face while we do. The dance floor then fills with people who HAVE gotten laid in the last year and the melee is taken down a notch.

Props to 12th Planet. As the music continues on, you can tell there are still some guys who want to mosh, who are pushing other boys and trying to start fights. But in the middle of these idiot brutes are other men, using their eye contact and energy to calm the aggression on the dance floor instead of incite it. One tall boy with palms down is making wide sweeps where moshing starts to erupt, while another guy makes a slit-throat gesture to his friend who is trying to start shit with strangers. To them, and to all you boys in the world who make an effort to calm the hot-headed, pushing, shit-talking boys who never matured mentally past the age of sixteen: thank you. I really hope you got laid last night.

Rusko comes on to the main stage with a shock, wearing green glowstick glasses and causing the entire energy of the Avalon to capsize towards his side of the room. People are leaping off platforms, running, screaming, pushing. LA is now Rusko’s hometown and this dubstep rock star obviously adores his status as a new local king. A dynamic performer with massive tracks to back it up, Rusko created a state of pure fucking pandemonium in that venue for his entire set. Someone was waving around a sign that says “RUSKO IS DUBSTEP,” a phrase which will not doubt elicit a few choice thoughts out of the self-appointed genre police out there.

I die hearing new tracks out of producers like Rusko; I want them, I want them, I want them! I have to have them! I wish my super-dubstep-freak friends up and down the West Coast could have been there last night to experience this next wave of hype-bass party music. Rusko played all the favorites as well, bangers that meshed perfectly with the bedlam on the dance floor, picking people up and throwing them down. Crunchy, twisted bass like the brainwaves of a mental patient descends on a thousand heads, and a thousand bodies jump up while two thousand hands spank the air like the ass of a naughty school girl. It is mayhem plus bedlam times infinity. Pure pandemonium.

I am standing by a ledge and when Rusko comes on we all jump up on it and dance in the spare space for about ten minutes before security pulls us down. A jaw-dropping blond wearing no underwear (indeed we all saw China) beside me is flinging her hair to the sky and screaming: “Roo-sko! Roo-sko! I love you Roo-sko!!!!”

“It’s RU-sko,” her consort says into her ear.

“Oh. Ru-sko!!! Ru-sko!!! I love you Ru-sko!!!!”

Ah, Hollywood. Wow so this is what A LOT of people do on a typical Friday night out: wait in line for hours to spend a day’s worth of earnings for parking and tickets and alcohol. There were a lot of assholes in the crowd (weird, in Hollywood? Assholes? No…); I can’t remember the last time I had been shoved so much. Not bumped in normal crowd movement, but shoved, on purpose, out of aggression with a dirty look dripping off the pusher’s face like a leaky diaper. My MO is always to smile, which disarms the pusher who is used to (and wanting) a fuck-you gaze right back. My ninja weapon is kindness, and I will slice off your face with it.

I will say: the show was absolutely worth it AND the beers were cheap: $5. It was awesome running into a few friends who like me had crawled out of the underground, all with holy-shit-can-you-believe-this-crowd looks on their faces. Dubstep has come a long way, baby and the next time Rusko plays in LA it just might be in a stadium. People were salivating with bubbles at the sides of their mouths, writhing in ecstasy and probably on ecstasy, throwing clothes into the air, jumping off booths, leaping onto stage, and it was beautiful. Many in the Avalon were just out for a Friday night and had never heard dubstep or Rusko before; indeed I talked to several people pressed against me in line who were there for Timo Maas and didn’t even know who the other DJs on the lineup were. I bet they got their heads blown off last night- I know I did.

And for anyone out there STILL whining about dubstep being boring or too slow, all I can say is open your fucking ears and get out to a show like this; it was definitely one of the wildest crowds I have ever been in, lit on fire by a sound whose power is absolutely undeniable.

WOW has dubstep mutated and grown, like a nuclear child created on a passion-filled evening lit not by candle but the glow of the apocalypse. Where this wild-eyed creature will roam next is anybody’s guess, but one thing is certain: like all the crazy freaks in this world, it has a home in LA.


Check out on Whoopthis’ photos on Flickr here for an idea of last night’s mayhem. This is the crowd during 12th Planet’s set:

Whoopthis’s Photos on Flicker

Sweet video of Rusko’s version of California Love, etc. by Glenjamn2

Read my review of Rusko at the Roxy in February 2009 here.

Read my review of Rusko at Lot 613 in April 2009 here.

SO SCREW IT: I’m (Dub)stepping Out

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Yes that is the title given to my piece on UK dubstep for the “British Sessions Part I” issue of Covers Magazine. I am not 100% happy with the edits made (a lot of coke in the Thames WTF?), but it is meant to be an intro piece for people who have never heard of dubstep before.

Read it here.

Shilo’s November Events

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Samhain, November 1, always indicates new cycles and fresh beginnings in my life, and this year seems to be no different. Here’s to autumn in LA!

As always, I keep this post updated and added to throughout the month and you can find it by looking in the right-hand column on my main page under “Shilo’s Event Calendar.”

  • 3: Wisp, Naha, Schlage & more @ Technique @ Zanzibar
  • 3: Jogger, Daedelus, Buraka Som Sistema, Jokers of the Scene & more @ Cinespace in Hollyweird. Free vodka 10-11PM.
  • 4: Low End Theory Special Ableton Event w/Thavius Beck, Sweatson Klank, MatthewDavid
  • 6: Kraddy
  • 7: Other People’s Money w/Vibesquad, Datsik, Subvert, Excision, Propa Tingz & more @ Nucleus Events Center
  • 8: Brainfeeder Sessions @ Downtown Independent w/Daedelus, Jogger, Gaslamp Killer, Dr. Strangeloop, Jeremy Ellis, Teebs & Kutmah
  • 10: Random Rab, Imagika & Electric Dandelion @ Zanzibar
  • 11: Low End Theory: My Hollow Drum, Kutmah, Devonwho
  • 11: Deru, Blockhead, AmpLive & Yppah @ The Echo
  • 12: The Do Lab presents Bluetech, Mimosa & Electric Dandelion @ King King
  • 12: I AM A LASER with Take, R/D, LC & Souleye at Club Nokia upstairs
  • 13: Compression w/Robtronik, Drumcell, Vic Carillo @ King King
  • 14: BWOMP presents: Attack of the BASS w/Anitserum, Puppykicker, Ev-1, J-Viz & more @ TBA
  • 18: Low End Theory w/Ghislain Poirier, Rob Luis & Lanu
  • 18: Scion House Party w/Plastician, Mary Anne Hobbs, SCUBA & 12th Planet, FREE w/RSVP
  • 20: Culprit & Hear w/Anthony Collins, Sammy Dee, Droog, Deliquent Frequency @ new venue TS 2
  • 20: Fat Freddy’s Drop @ The Roxy
  • 20: RUSKO, 12th Planet, Mr. White @ Avalon
  • 21: WE THE PEOPLE w/Bad Religion, Glitch Mob, Flobots, LA Riots, Jogger & much more @ Los Angeles Center Studios, downtown
  • 24: Dubtroit w/Pawn, Druley, Rudelgin & more
  • 25: Low End Theory: Daedelus special extended set
  • 25: House of Dub @ House of Blues w/DLX, Pawn, Steady, Kelly Dean, Evol, Pablo Hassan & more
  • 26: HAPPY THANKSGIVING = drinky drinky!
  • 27: Compression 4-Year Anniversary w/Claude Von Stroke & SF Dirtybird Crew
  • 28: Dysfunctional Family w/[a]pendics shuffle, Death by Acid, Alex Villalobos & more @ TBA
  • 28: Pure Filth presents BASSFACE with: JOKER & NOSAJ THING, The Professionals, Novocaine9, Heru!, Kemst, Nomad @ Lot 613


Photo by Tap Tap Productions.

20 Questions with ill-esha

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ill-eshaill-esha from Vancouver, BC is one of my favorite producers, DJs and vocalists out there. Her recent whompcast blew the hinges off my mind, pissed off my neighbors and made a motherlover out of me; I have been handing out burned CDs of her mix like rocks to fiending crackheads.

ill-esha performs tomorrow night (Thursday, July 16) at Thirdsdaze in Seattle at THE REBAR. Get out for some ridiculous new music and hear what the future holds. I am jealous! Also on the lineup are locals Zacharia, Aksion and Kat1lyst, who will be bringing their unique brands of bass music to the rain-slicked streets of the Emerald City.

Check out my email interview below with ill-esha who is holding down the far Pacific Northwest with mountains of bass and a forest of talent:

1. What actions can we as members of the EDM community take to encourage more female creators in the electronic arts?

I don’t think that lacking females in music production is a product of lack of community support; in fact I believe the latter is only a symptom of the greater global stereotype of females in general. We are still taught to be submissive, pretty, placating… and it translates into a fear of taking on anything that would be competitive to a man, or anything that’s “too hard” or “too technical”. That being said, I think there should be more workshops put on by females – for both males and females – giving people friendly intros to all that “technical” stuff. Without making it a girls-only club, the message subtly gets across that capable people exist in both genders and hopefully inspires something. I love doing workshops with youth and have made appearances at high schools and community centres to show people how much fun it is to geek out.

2. What is West Coast sound?

West Coast sound is hype and chill at the same time. I think glitch hop is a direct product of this… really crunk synths and basslines with half-time tempos. We love to surf and snowboard, but we also love to party!

3. What can save drum and bass? Do you think this genre even needs, or wants, to be saved? Who are the innovators right now in DnB?

Drum and bass has shut itself down because people hoard their dubs, and labels hoard their releases. The music that’s coming out for the average citizen to buy was often made several years ago. There is some great stuff being made now that is either too risky for the labels to sign or simply won’t come out for another few years; bah!! People that still get me going are B-Complex from Slovakia (an incredible musical prodigy), Dan Marshall from Wales (teenage talent!), as well as UK producers Alix Perez and Sabre. I’m also liking the drumfunky, more minimal stuff from North Americans like Sinistarr and Mutt.

4. What can stop dubstep? It seems to be taking over the West Coast. Any thoughts on this?

Dubstep can and already is going the same way as drum n bass. Innovative ideas being eclipsed by overcompressed wanky bass slams and headbanging programming. Hey, I love the bangers as much as anybody, but when that’s all there is it gets tiring and monotonous. I enjoy a Rusko tune, but not five in a row. Vancouver has some great dubstep parties right now, but I do hope that more experimental producers like Eskmo start to take over the limelight from the more commercial stuff. There’s also that really boring stuff my friends and I call “dubstand” which is sleepy and repetitive – no thanks!

5. What do you want to tell girls out there who want to learn to make electronic music or DJ? Who are your favorite female producers and DJs?

Girls, quit worrying about being girls. And be prepared to give up your social life if you want to be a producer. 🙂 But it’s not as hard as you think, computers are less scary than ever with easy to learn programs like Ableton. Favourite females? Well, Reid Speed and Empress have proved for many years that they are fierce forces to reckon with behind the decks, and both have continued to evolve in their sound and production. Mieka du Franx is spirited, soulful and successfully runs her own record label.

6. How can girls learn to have the confidence they need to create and perform the electronic arts?

I guess it can be hard when society tells you that it’s a boys’ game to do these things. But screw it. Honestly, I originally came from a point of pretty low self-confidence and at some point you have to toss that aside and go, “Whatever, I’m making music now, no time for this garbage.” Oh, and stop reading beauty magazines. Even just to kill time in the airport. That stuff brainwashes you.

7. What is the bass music scene like up in Vancouver? How is it unique, and what is it contributing to the West Coast Future Sound Movement?

It’s crazzzy!!! I am in love with it!! Glitchy + Scratchy have almost singlehandedly built a loyal, energetic young scene that is absolutely thriving on glitch hop, dubstep, aquacrunk, skweee and whatever else we can throw them. There is a great lack of pretension – we have costume themed parties and nearly everyone not only dresses up but goes totally overboard. Also, our beautiful setting is very conducive to great outdoor festivals. There’s a lot of extremely talented young producers about to break out here, like Jay Wikid… lots of tunes to add to the movement. And we made Glitch Hop Forum, which has proved to be the greatest resource yet for this style of music to connect talent all over the world.

8. You are playing Seattle tomorrow- do you see more collaboration in the future for the two flagship cities of the Pacific Northwest?

I certainly hope so. It’s not easy to jet back and forth in these times but I think there’s great energy that should be linked up.

9. You are one of the founders of Why did you start it, and where do you see it going?

Well, there just wasn’t anything like that on the internet. Really the site was the brainchild of Dewey dB and The Mongoose of Glitchy + Scratchy. Once we all realized it didn’t exist, Dewey decided to create it – he’s been responsible for a lot of other great music sites like, and – and it’s been growing ever since. I think it’s going to be the biggest resource the scene has, and at least as big as sites like have become.

10. Who in the Vancouver bass music scene should we know about and listen to?

Jay Wikid, Glitchy + Scratchy, and Dewey dB are my favourite local producers for sure. The Lighta! crew is churning out some dubstep bangers as well.

11. What artists inspire you most? What music are you loving right now? Who are you listening to the most?

Vibesquad can really do no wrong in my opinion. Eskmo makes the best dubstep I’ve ever heard. Also a lot of the Australian cats are great, like Spoonbill and Opiuo – they’ve really got some great things going on. Antiserum is a great friend and inspiration.. we’ve got some stuff on the go. I’m listening to a lot of glitch hop, since it’s so new.

12. Shambhala? Going and/or playing there?

I’m supposed to be playing on a smaller unofficial stage.. but it’s not official. 🙂

13. Your mixes are full of fresh, eclectic tracks. Where do you find them? (Ha ha ha and you can just tell me personally if you want 😉

Most of them are made by me or my friends. I am proud to be connected to so much talent.

14. What music did you grow up or come of age listening to?

Really lame folk music till I was old enough to buy my own. I entered high school the year Kurt Cobain killed himself, so there was a lot of grunge, punk and industrial. Then I switched to a high school downtown and got flyered on the street one day and went out of curiosity – rave on!

15. How would you describe your sound?

Musical bass? Harmonic dissonance? I guess my trademark is having really lush, symphonic or vocal elements over top of juicy fat bass and hard beats.

16. How do you think the weather of Vancouver affects the music produced there?

Well, we have fabulous summers and rainy blah winters. I’d say the only way it really affects things is I get a lot more done in the winter and say goodbye to the studio for the beach in the summer.

17. Any plans to come to LA?

I’d love to – book me! 🙂

18. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Eskmo or Vibesquad for sure. Then I could steal all their production tricks…muahhahahah

19. What equipment/software do you use?

I’m a die hard Cubase user, but until I have enough saved up for version 5 I’ve been using Logic 8 because it goes with my Mac. Can’t stand the audio editing though so I always have to rewire Ableton to it. I have a lot of nice microphones and an Avalon tube preamp for recording, and plenty of fun plugins. Alchemy is my favourite synth at the moment.

20. What is next for you? Any exciting news or big future plans?

I’m trying to plan an Australian tour and another one of Europe. We’re also about to launch a new record label featuring all this great Vancouver talent so stay tuned!

Thank you ill-esha! Those of you in Seattle make sure to hit Rebar tomorrow night for Thirdsdaze and catch this woman in action.

12th Planet, Lukki & PrEssHa @ SHIFT Friday May 15 in Seattle

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LA’s 12th Planet invades Seatown this Friday night at Shift Dubstep Sessions at Contour; that place is gonna be PACKED to the freaking gills.

I have heard 12th Planet several times since I have been down here in LA and he has never failed to deliver. My favorite set was at the Rusko live show when 12th Planet came on right after Rusko and continued the epic audience massacre like nothin’.

Openers for the night are Seattle dubstep legend Lukki and my good friend and Future DJ Extraordinaire PrEssHa.

Do not sleep on this Shift! And remember, if you walk around inside of Contour barefoot and drunk while smoking cigarettes, they WILL kick your ass out. 


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DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, British Pop Singers, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week. 

  1. Susan Boyle
  2. Mala
  3. PrEssHa
  4. Ale Fillman
  5. Mochipet
  6. Boreta
  7. 12th Planet
  8. Eskmo
  9. Rusko
  10. LAZER SWORD (at Low End Theory THIS WEEK April 22!)

Rusko Drowns LA in Ocean of Bass

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All photos by Staticka, who rocks.

You guys are getting another Rusko review. Another dubstep review. From another ridiculous night of bass music on your West Coast.

This morning I feel like I was struck by lightening. I feel like the cells of my body have been injected with electricity and are all dancing inside of me with their arms in the air screaming “yeah!” My heart was still racing last night when I arrived home, over an hour after I had walked off the dance floor. I was 100% straight-edge sober. But I was high as fuck. up to the ticket table outside of Lot 613 in downtown LA last night, people were already yelling, “What did you say?!?” from thirty feet outside the venue’s closed doors, the booming waves of bass flowing out into the night like a typhoon. Just while I was waiting to go in, no less than ten people came out to get the free earplugs (mad props to the promoters on that one). I knew it was going to be a good night.

Like always, I headed right down front. The sound from the Funktion One sound system was REDONKULOUS. Destructo was up having a hell of a time throwing beats, just lovin’ it, as was the following DJ Skeet Skeet, mixing up everything from Deadmau5 to a chick version of One (The Loneliest Number). The dance floor was heaving like a minor drinking Everclear. have a few words of advice for my fellow dancers at the front of the floor: Ladies, you don’t have try and be sexy when you dance. Dancing IS sexy. Humping the stage and giving a Tootsie Pop a blowjob while you slither around puts you in the giant group of LA club kids who are trying too hard. In the words of a master: “Do or do not; there is no try.”

And guys guess what? I may be a tiny little blond thing, but do NOT try and push me out of the way on the dance floor. I am a mountain. A bouncing, twisting, dancing mountain. I earn my place at the front of the room on a nightly basis and no jerkface standstill is going to elbow me behind him. I create and keep my dancing space and I do it with a smile.’s a quick tip for everybody: don’t set your FUCK-ing drinks on the shaking table where all of Rusko’s equipment is set up; his laptop, his keyboard, and his boxes full of knobs. Are you fucking stupid? Go suck off a Blow Pop, please. At the back of the room.

Thankfully they had some security up front; I was actually a bit worried at first about the proximity of Rusko’s setup to the dozens of drunk, air-spanking hands, but a suited bouncer was sent to stand and protect. I wedged in between him and a giant speaker, two unmovable blocks which gave me a sweet little space to dance in for the night. Skeet Skeet is playing I see Rusko start moving his way through the crowd to get down front. People are elbowing him, pushing. They don’t recognize their headliner. I do; he’s a fairly tall guy and besides that he was rockin’ a multicolored fluorescent jacket and a red plaid cap on top of his proto-mullet. He made it to the front and hopped on stage.

Madness. The density at the front of the dance floor doubled almost immediately. My small space got even smaller. My knees are bruised and bloody this morning from repeatedly hitting them on the edge of the stage which fell right at knee-level for me. I had another new experience last night, and my third dance-related injury of the week: I was dancing so hard that I bashed my head into the speaker. For real. There is only one thing you can do after that happens: laugh at your dumbass self and keep dancing.

Rusko performed live. Live in a tee shirt that said, “Yes I Am and No, You Can’t.” When I saw him at the Roxy he was on crippled equipment and he STILL killed. But this show, with the sound and the MC and the bass guitar was no comparison. And besides, dubstep just sounds better in a warehousey venue in gritty downtown LA than at a cha cha club in Hollywood. It tastes better.

Rusko would jump on the bass guitar off and on to further bassify his music because there obviously wasn’t enough. At one point of his set he just turned down the bass as low as it would go, testing the speakers’ limits and drenching us all in the sweet sound of the low end. I love to hear producers playing out their own tracks; Rusko played new stuff, he mixed old stuff, he tweaked every track I love and he sweated his face off. For the first bit of his set, the massive bass vibrations kept bumping off his system, his laptop. Dancers in the crowd offered up their discarded clothing, of which there was plenty, to cushion the equipment. Problem solved.

During these seconds and throughout the whole night, the very talented MC Rod Azlan kept things going with a melodic style, rapping with almost an island-lilt. So many MCs are a bit too machine-gun monotone for me; Rod Azlan was a breath of fresh air.

About a hundred people were taking photos and filming, occasionally turning the lights up to get a better shot; I am sure I am in some of them looking like I just stepped out of a shower. The sweat was dripping off my earrings and my necklace and pouring into my eyes, and by the end of the set I could hardly see. I could hardly breathe.

Just like at the Roxy, Rusko finished off with a little drum and bass insanity- or so we thought. “ONE MORE!” everyone chanted and finally the tall, afroed guy beside me got his wish: he had made a pen and notebook paper sign that said “I AM A COCKNEY THUG” and had been holding it up all night long. He gave it to Rusko as a parting gift, after we had all choked on our own fucked-up ribs. favorite track last night was “Sound Guy is My Target,” which Rusko teased us with early on and then gave full blast closer to the end. Good GOD that track murders. I just got it this week and have been listening to it fanatically; though I really love it at the end of Rusko’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, where it slams down near the end and may be the best climax I have heard on any mix EVER.

Rusko finished to wild crowd chaos and impromptu huggery at the front of the dance floor; time to chill, right? NO. 12th Planet took the stage and proceed to freaking KILL. I went to get a bottle of water which I downed immediately, hit the bathroom in the very back of the venue where the bass was rattling the mirrors on the wall like a nine point earthquake, then emerged to hear a fatty mix of “Rock the Bells” (MORE LOW JINGLE BELLS IN THE DUBSTEP PLEASE) and “Explicit” by Emalkay: you know, “I beat motha-fuckas! I beat motha-fuckas!” SO good. the night continued on, and we danced even more, and we swam with delight in an ocean of bass. The water is fantastic, and I am never getting out.

Click here to see all the photos of Rusko Live! shot by Staticka.

Thanks, Staticka!

Where’s Waldo? Can you find DF5K six times?


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DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, Prophets, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week. 

  1. Random Rab
  2. Philly B
  3. PrEssHa
  4. Teebs
  5. Daddy Kev
  6. Ana Sia
  7. Mimosa
  8. Marty Party
  9. 12th Planet
  10. Rusko

My Favorite Mix of the Month: S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

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In case you didn’t notice, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. out of the Denver bass-slut side of things left a link to a fatty Beatport mix in a comment here on my blog a couple of days ago; I actually picked it up off a Myspace bulletin last week and have had it in high rotation ever since. 

His mix is fucking DOPE and my new favorite of the month- and I listen to a ridiculous amount of new music. S.P.E.C.T.R.E. gives us a seamless and inspiring blend of genres, impossible to label even for someone like me who makes up words like she makes banana pancakes (frequently and with elation).

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. throws us everything from a killer version of “Day N Night” to the Notorious B.I.G. to Janis Fucking Joplin and I have been rocking it all week long. The mix is dubsteppy but hits hard (dubstep with balls), delivers a satisfying dose of hip hop, a motivating injection of rock, and I absolutely LOVE the drum and bassy printer machine freak-out (or should I say ‘jam,’ hehe): TRY UNPLUGGING IT, AND PLUGGING IT IN AGAIN. Oh yeah, baby. Do it.

But don’t take blondie’s word for it, listen for yourself here. And have a fantastic weekend!

l_f8ece1ef1fc0caa5aabd28d46ca1479fPhoto by Shoebox

Seattle! How was the Rusko show?

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I really want to know!

Please leave your comment below.

MUCH LOVE for the 206!


You can read my review of the Rusko show at the Roxy in LA last month here.