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Low End Theory Podcast Available on iTunes

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You guys all know about the Low End Theory podcast, right?

You can subscribe via iTunes or click here to download.

Episode 3 is now available with the Gaslamp Killer and Ras G; Episode 2 features Nobody and Mike Slott, and Episode 1 is SamIYam and the man Daddy Kev himself.


Sweet back alley view of the Airliner by TinCanOrange

You All Know About the Memekast, Right?

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Audio mind control for the people! There are about 40 podcasts available now, all mostly glitched out bass slut music from the gods. It is my favorite podcast in the entire universe.

Fresh up is a “dubbed out crunkstep” mix from Sexytime (Sleepyhead and Mimosa).

Enhance your reality here.