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Decibel Festival 2009: Shilo’s Showcase Suggestions

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Due to popular demand I am writing up my showcase suggestions for the 2009 Decibel Festival which begins TOMORROW!

I have been pimping for this festival for a while; I believe strongly in the smart curation of the party. These lineups are not just thrown together, but rather placed with precision into intelligent mixes of eclectic talent. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I write for Decibel, and am honored to be a part of Seattle’s EDM festival.

I have bolded my top pick for each day, and added links in orange to the showcase descriptions that I wrote up.

Happy Decibel everybody!


FRIDAY 9/25:

  • dB DJ Lounge w/Produkt DJs (Goner, PrEssHa, Andrew Luck)
  • dB in duB Part 2: Dubstep Massive (Caspa, N-Type, Juakali, Boxcutter, much more)
  • Dirty Dancing International (Noah Pred, Rob Hood, Alex Under, The Wighnomy Brothers)
  • dB in duB Afterhours: Dub Mutants (DJ G, Pinch, Moldy, KJ Sawka, Dopelabs)
  • Innerflight Red Eye Afterhours (novaTRON, Nerd Revolt, Phil Western)


  • Future Funk H20 – Boat Party (Pezzner, J-Sun, Packy, Ramiro, Jeromy Nail)
  • Bass Lovers Unite (Mala, Mary Anne Hobbs, Megasoid, Nosaj Thing, Daedelus)
  • Disko Cassé (Hookerz N Blow, CLP, Truckasaurus, Brodinski, Recess, MC Anton Bomb)
  • dB Afterhours: The Deep End Part 2 (Voodeux, Move D, Martyn)
  • Starborne Dirty Velvet Afterhours (Nalepa, Mimosa, Mike Slott, 3WS, Eprom, Skoi Sirius, Take, Kotchy)


Shilo Loves Decibel Festival!

Shilo Loves Decibel Festival!

Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: dB in duB Afterhours- DUB MUTANTS

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As the dub sound spread from Jamaica to the UK and on to the rest of the planet, the genre twisted and mutated into a loose and often dysfunctional family of subgenres, from dubstep to drum and bass to experimental IDM. In fact, all electronic music owes a loud shout-out to dub, from its focus on the bass to vocal sampling to the idea of stripping extraneous elements down to the minimal. Dub lives on in a thousand miscreant children, all of whom will continue to evolve, mutate, and produce offspring that will perhaps become genres in their own right.



At dB in duB Afterhours: duB Mutants we celebrate the family of freaks that has grown up influenced by the heady sounds of daddy dub. Straight outta Bristol comes Pinch, a passionate pioneer and influential tastemaker for the dubstep sound in the UK. He is known for fusing the genre’s heavy basslines with techy and melodic subtleties, as well as with reggae, dancehall and world music- this producer knows no bounds. DJ G landed on RinseFM with his first-ever 12” dubstep release, and his devotion



to the deeper, more soulful side of the genre is winning him widespread acclaim all over the world. Rolling in next from the frontline of dubstep is Moldy, the “Original Fungalist.” This mover and shaker is one of the most prominent US producers in the genre; his club nights, radio station and choice releases are making a massive impact on electronic arts culture, particularly on the

KJ Sawka

KJ Sawka

East Coast. Adding to the lineup is local Seattle favorite KJ Sawka, whose live drum and bass performances on acoustic drums set to electronic triggers make dance floors doubt their eyes, and move their feet.

Next door the lounge will be indulging the weird side of the dub family, with artists whose far-out approach to music makes them avant-garde oddballs in a family of freaks. ndCv experiments on sound, manipulating noises in the most nontraditional way and bumping them back disguised



and distorted. Evolving in front of you next is Obelus, who forms a link between traditional live performances and electronica to create musical conversations as laptop meets improv. Electrosect runs in with wild eyes from the left field; this enthusiastic promoter and unmatched supporter of the Seattle community uses his keen intuition to guide listeners into the deeper and more abstract realms of electronic music. Finally the family meets at the sonic intersection of dubby midtempo and hip hop textures with Snap’Krakl’Pop, three brothers whose found sounds and interesting approach to musical divergence just might be the next offspring of the dub revolution.

Like any family, the dub clan is full of freaks, ready to try out this world for themselves and to fly their flags high.  Go to dB in duB Afterhours to dance, to groove and to chill, but most of all- do it for the children. The mutant children.

dB in duB Afterhours takes place Friday, September 25 at Little Red Studio. Click here to buy tickets and for more information about the 2009 Decibel Festival.

Shilo’s September Events

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As always, I keep this post updated throughout the month and you can find it by looking in the right-hand column on my main page under “Shilo’s Event Calendar.”

With Burning Man, Symbiosis Gathering and Decibel Festival, it is going to be one hell of a September!

  • 1-7 Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV! SEE YOU ON THE PLAYA!
  • 2: Low End Theory w/Peanut Butter Wolf (video set)
  • 6: Brainfeeder Sessions @ Downtown Independent w/Dorian Concept & Strangeloop
  • 5: Pure Filth presents BASSFACE w/Benny Page
  • 9: Low End Theory w/Hudson Mohawke, Dorian Concept, Mamiko Motto, Cinnaman & residents
  • 10: Friends of Friends Party @ The Echo w/LAZER SWORD, Ghosts on Tape, Rainbow Arabia & Hecuba
  • 11: Compression @ King King
  • 12: DESTROY LA w/Flying Lotus, Daedelus & Gaslamp Killer @ Henry Fonda Theatre
  • 15: Emu & Geno Cochino @ Zanzibar
  • 16: Low End Theory w/SamIYam, Take, Sacred, Lefto & more
  • 16: Scion House Party @ the Roxy w/N-Type, Pinch, Gaslamp Killer & 12th Planet
  • 17-21: Symbiosis Gathering, Camp Mather
  • 18: Pure Filth presents BASSFACE w/MALA, The Professionals, more
  • 19: CASPA, Matty G, Rod Azlan & more @ Smog
  • 23: Low End Theory w/Mary Anne Hobbs
  • 25: HieroGlitch w/Ill Gates, Audiovoid & more
  • 26: ABSURD in LA
  • 26: Break Open LA w/Teebs, Matthew David, Strangeloop, Kutmah, Remo & more @ Junction Block
  • 24-27: Decibel Festival in Seattle
  • 29: Breaking Atoms w/Take & Free the Robots
  • 29: Pure Filth @ the Airliner w/Special Guests from the UK
  • 30: Low End Theory w/Tokimonsta, Devonwho, residents & more TBA