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Off The Books (and On The Roof): Mount Kimbie, Shlohmo, Strangeloop, Low Limit & more @ Downtown Independent 9/26

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PREPARE YOURSELVES for a mind-twisting night of psychedelic visuals, bass-cranking beats and illicit bookmaking, courtesy of Friends of Friends and Passion of the Weiss.

If you haven’t been to the Downtown Independent, it’s a big movie theater (you can buy popcorn and beer and everything) where you sit in the plush seats in front of the screen and let the waves of sound and visual stimulation wash over you like the dirtiest bath you’ve ever taken.

When the experience becomes a tad bit too titillating, you head up to the roof of the venue for some fresh air and a smoke and join everyone else who is saying, “HOLY SHIT THIS NIGHT IS BLOWING MY FUCKING MIND!!!!” …and that is pretty much exactly what goes down.

Events like this at the Downtown Independent do tend to sell out, so buy presale tickets to ensure entry to this massive audio visual showcase, which takes place Sunday September 26 in LA.

Passion of the Weiss Presents: The Knux, Nocando, Shadowboxers & The Holloys 4/9

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Passion of the Weiss is one of my favorite LA music blogs and is taking over Spaceland in Silver Lake this Friday night to showcase several fat local talents of different- way different- genres, hoping to reflect more truly the music lover’s palate. No one eats 100% sweet rap or salty IDM or deliciously sour rock and roll; people like many types of music, and Passion of the Weiss presents wants to give you a plate overflowing with a balanced diet of beats. Continue reading