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ALBUM REVIEW: “Nothing Else” LORN (Brainfeeder) on Glitch.FM

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(Click the image to go to my review of Nothing Else by LORN on Glitch.FM)

(Click HERE to find out where you can buy the album)

LORN: Exclusive New Mix & Interview on Dubspot Radio

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Some music sinks hooks deep into my brain and pulls new ideas out, inspiring me to create art of my own, to write, to pace my living room, to stay up late reading The Myth of Sisyphus. The best music or any kind of art changes the way you see the world; voilà ceci de Lorn, who recently released one of my favorite albums of the year on Brainfeeder, Nothing Else.

The half-hour mix ends with the unreleased 13th track of the album “Until There Is No End,” followed by a short interview with the Milwaukee-based artist that gear nerds will love but everyone can appreciate. Check the Dubspot Radio post for another mix by host Matt Shadetek of Dutty Artz.

Need more Lorn? Like four remixes of Biggie Smalls and Mobb Deep? Click here.

LORN “Nothing Else” Out Today on Brainfeeder

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Shrouded in shadows and heaving mystery just like his music, “the Brainfeeder’s family creepy cousinLorn has just released his debut album Nothing Else on Flying Lotus’ highly regarded imprint. A lot of music lately sounds like it was made for robots; but Nothing Else was made for monsters….YOUR monsters, of course.

Heavy-moving and full, this album will rumble the nebulous side of your soul, providing a safe place to let loose your madness. However calling Lorn’s sound “dark” is taking the easy way out; Nothing Else is far more complex than the battle between good and evil. The story pulls away from the recesses of the mind towards the end, like the monsters found God, God was dead and everyone just breathed a big sigh of relief. Continue reading