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Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: dB in duB Part 2: DUBSTEP MASSIVE

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Are you ready for the biggest dubstep show the Pacific Northwest has ever seen?

Happy Decibel!With a climate of overcast skies and damp, chilly nights quite similar to that of dubstep’s birthplace of the UK, the Pacific Northwest is a natural fit for the dark, dank genre. Like the rest of the West Coast, dubstep has monsooned this evergreen land with an ocean of wobbly bass. Here and around the world, leagues of dubsteppers are forming and uniting with producers and DJs to celebrate a growing passion for the bassline-driven rhythms and violent whomp of the fresh new sound.

Monkeytek and Dubtek represent Portland and Seattle, respectively, delivering a double dose of dubstep with a distinct regional flavor alongside the lyrical stylings of DJ Collage. From the UK Boxcutter brings a bag of tricks to lay over the dubstep structure, inventively and intelligently using a broad palette of inspiration from acid techno to jazz and pushing the genre forward over the edge of experimental electronica. Award-winning DJ, producer and radio host N-Type brings his weight to the massive; this club legend champions the latest dubplates on his RinseFM show, sending the message of clean beats and pure filth all over the world. Wiping up the rest of the brains dripping out of your ears is Caspa, who takes no prisoners. This London dubstep king’s label Dub Police is dominating the genre. Caspa’s crispy sound is a wild and dirty-fun party that pops out of the top of your head and at the same time caresses that dark streak down your back like an illicit lover. His music doesn’t step, it stomps.

Adding to the frothy mix are two of the world’s finest MCs, Rod Azlan and Juakali, who bomb-drop their rhymes like agents of peace, spreading positive vibes with each utterance. Three of the UK’s biggest names in dubstep backed up by local Green Coast talent guarantees dB in duB Part 2: Dubstep Massive to slap you in the face with impossible bass, move your body in ways you have never seen, and grind your soul down deep into the dance floor. In the very best way possible.

dB in duB Part 2: DUBSTEP MASSIVE takes place Friday, September 25 at Motor. Click here for ticket sales and more information.