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MISK: Saturation (Free Album Download)

Posted in Album News & Reviews, LISTEN TO THIS with tags , , on July 11, 2010 by worldromper

So have you figured it out yet? Misk has.

With dreamy, slung-out beats, Saturation trips fluidly towards the apocalypse, collecting sounds under ocean piers, behind locked doors and in neon daydreams for a sonic time capsule of the end of days that is unfortunately destined to eaten by the earth’s wonk-loving zombie overlords for breakfast the morning of their arrival.

Interesting and emotive, Misk’s music wakes up your heart and your head; the intricate texture and ponderous design of the album never get in the way of the tactile sensations it produces. Download the entire album for free here or ante up a few dollars to support this promising producer from San Diego who is helping de-bro the city’s reputation one beat at a time.

NiT GriT in LA (YES!) w/Misk & Sugarpill @ BWOMP Return of the BASS May 21

Posted in Events with tags , , , on April 21, 2010 by worldromper

BWOMP aka Bass With Out Musical Preference aka my superhomies like to throw down proper and I am happy to see this fatty lineup: Nit Grit from San Jose, Misk from SD and Sugarpill from GlitchFM.

Rounding it out of course is the BWOMP crew, some of the biggest bass freaks I know and that I can always count on for a riotous time, so get ready! Venue is TBA but stay tuned here or on the Facebook event page for more information and all the updates.

NiT GriT “Synthetic Heaven”