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MartyParty Live at Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary (MIX)

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This live DJ set was recorded by Kill Screen on February 19 2010 at Urban Sanctuary’s Mad Breaks Tea Party Urban Cabaret.

Marty Party + OOah = Pantyraid is playing at Avalon this Friday night 4/30 (tomorrow); info here.

Thank you Kill Screen!

Daedelus, Pantyraid, Two Fresh & Stephan Jacobs @ Avalon April 30

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Daedelus & Pantyraid at Avalon? They are gonna rip the shiny shirts off that place! Continue reading

Marty Party Rules the World

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In case you missed it, Marty Party rules the fucking world.

That’s right; instead of this bullshit economic meltdown and crap-ass earthquake drama, we will take to the seas of blisterfucked bass in ships with sails of synths! Guided by our kind Captain of Crunk we will fly over mountain ranges of beats until we crash into the oblivion of our own minds- and then BEG to do it over and over again.

And I am not alone on this ship, my friends, for although there are many names on many lips that flap about the streets of LA and the online underground, Marty Party is one that I have been hearing a whole hell of a lot lately. This is the good shit, people. Take a big hit, and hold it in.

Marty Party’s remix of “Cricket” on RD’s Cricket EP Remixes (released this week) is my personal favorite in this tight cluster of top-notch tracks. His own productions bring a unique perspective and rich authenticity to the lower end, he is a ball to hear and watch perform alone or as part of Pantyraid with OOah, and for the love of god, his chosen last name is PARTY. Shake on the swagger already; hear the music and feel the loveAnd dance.

Find heaps of good music on Marty Party’s SoundCloud page; right now I am loving his Sufjan Stevens Remix.

Marty Party plays Filthy Apple April 3 in NYC along with Ana Sia– yet one more sign that West Coast Sound is taking this whole motherfucking world OVER.

The Do Lab presents: PANTYRAID @ King King in Hollywood MARCH 4

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Pantyraid‘s album The Sauce was most definitely one of my favorite albums of 2009; comprised of Marty Party and OOah of the Glitch Mob, this ass-slapping musical endeavor is ripe with raw emotion and rolling in the most delicious filth you could ever dream of, or as The Do Lab puts it: CAR FLIPPIN’ KRUNK.

Take it from my homie Doktor Krank, who is holding down the bass scene in Poland with his bare hands:

The shattered, looped and glitched hip hop beats colliding with heavy dubstep bass, riding a slow-mo rollercoaster of beautiful, oneiric melodies reminding me of cinematic score or android dreams. Electronic in form and glitchy in contents, with quite widely expanded instrumentation and great focus on details. Heavy, disturbing and unsettling, yet so fragile. No two songs resemble each other but all of them sum up to the top-notch whole.

Ah shit, son! Read the rest of Doktor Krank’s album review on GlitchFM here.

Opening the event are two locals whose names I always love to see on a flyer, Oscure and Henry Strange. BUY ADVANCE TICKETS to the Hollywood event; I guarantee you that this show will sell out.

Buy The Sauce on iTunes or Amazon here and find two sweet Pantyraid mixes to download on Marine Parade here.

Le Glitch Mob at the El Rey (Review)

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Mmm Neon

Sound boards, stage and chandelier

Marty Party

Marty Party

The Glitch Mob

It was a sold-out show Saturday night under the neon lights of the historic El Rey Theatre and the excitement was running high outside the venue, with everyone running around and screaming as they tend to do before a big show. Despite my best efforts it was around 11PM when I arrived and Marty Party was about to go on stage. The venue is classic, old school style with three giant tiered chandeliers hanging in the center of the main floor and a wide balcony above. The Do Lab had built up a sharp wooden stage, made of warm shards, shaped lie a bowl around the front of the room, clawed up like the paw of a monster.

It is a beautiful, majestic venue, an ideal setting for the filthy music that was to come. Marty Party worked the crowd and I wandered around for a while before settling on my spot down by the stage right speaker. Thankfully the promoters had given an eye towards capacity and cut off the limit before the place was obnoxiously crowded, choosing space to dance over a few more tickets sold. From all the dancing freaks, thank you!

The Glitch Mob played a rousing set, which I thought was much better than the one they played last week at Sea of Dreams; more energetic and slapping, harder and cooler. The crowd was pretty loose and two serious fights broke out right by me in the front of the dance floor around the beginning of the show. The fierce stage construction added a rougher element to the party, with tough angles and piercing spears shooting up and around each other, cradling the performers in a bed of spikes.

The Glitch Mob’s sets seem to be more emotive lately than some of their earlier ones. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a deeper thread of poignancy. Not melancholia, not stoicism…but there is something in their newer tracks that catches my head a bit; moreover it catches my heart. Maybe it’s the feeling of universal soul-ache, or perhaps it’s just the existence of so many musical layers, adding a depth that brings with it profundity. I don’t know. But I like it. And I am totally juiced for the new Glitch Mob album that should be dropping sometime in late Spring; I can’t wait to see what these three guys are going to dish out for us next.

A Midwinter’s Chill: Apparat, Bluetech, Deru, Marty Party, Heyoka & Nanda (REVIEW)

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The Sea of Dreams party ignited my idea to go to San Francisco for the New Year’s Eve weekend, but what sealed the deal was the show put on by an-ten-nae the following night, A Midwinter’s Chill.

I was drawn in by the eclectic lineup packed with heavy talent, a well-designed evening of artists bringing a myriad of styles and genres to the stage. It was set to be the perfect exhale for the wild night before, and when I walked into the venue Friday night I did just that. Although I love the all-out massives, I really love smaller and more intimate festivities where it is easier to talk to people, from the bartender to the DJ to the promoter to new friends in the crowd.

Sliding in around 11PM I missed almost all of Nanda‘s set; judging from the songs on his Myspace page, this was a mistake. Luckily up next was Deru, whose sets seem to get better each time I hear him, always casting out juicy tracks so lush they are almost lurid.

The details of the venue itself faded into the background against a swirl of revelers, heady from holiday celebrations, myself included. A couple of new friends had decided to hit the party with Android Bishop and I after hearing the music I was playing back at the house- I truly believe that the only reason that people don’t listen to the music I do is because they haven’t heard it yet. Running into a few homies from LA as well, I romped around the party with random friends at three stages of music- a swell deal for the $20 door cover.

Outside Dance Floor

The hot and sweaty side room was pulsing with the sounds of Laura and Shawna who had both played Sea of Dreams the night before, and even better was the outside smoking area presided over by a giant bus pumping out slap-happy dubstep. The heat lamps weren’t even needed as the crowd was bumping and hopping. I don’t know who the DJs were and I meant to climb into the bus where people were dancing and find out, but I kept getting pulled back to the main stage.

I enjoyed Bluetech‘s music more than ever before; sometimes his sets can be bit too downtempo for my hyperactive self, but this one seemed to hit exactly the right pace and smooth over any ridges in the night, working the dance floor into a warm lather.

Apparat's Hands

Next up was Apparat, revving the party up a notch with a firey blend of technoish beats that seemed orchestral they were so encompassing and riveting. And riveted I was; it was one of those nights where I hardly even hit the bar or the bathroom, I was bound to the dance floor, my home.

Marty Party was the much-welcomed surprise guest, further upping the ante with trip-smacking tunes and a stage presence that made me smile as much as his beats made me groove. He is fun to watch, especially from the stage which is where I found myself for much of the night, hiding out behind the speakers for the best view in the house.


Bringing down the night was another favorite of mine- Heyoka, whose grinding, chunky tunes seem to twist the bass into new animals that run off across the dance floor, contorting every body they encounter into slobbering spasms. I didn’t get to stay for his whole set as my ride was seriously about to drive off without me- but I walked out into the morning absolutely blissful from two incredible nights of dancing and music. Setting the tone for the days to come, there is no better place to start a new year and a new decade than the dance floor.

Much love and mad props to an-ten-nae; I have enjoyed his music for quite a while but have only recently experienced his prowess as an event producer. Also quite the character, this guy is at the top of my book! I would love to hear a little more of Muti Music‘s crunchy style down in SoCal, and with Mimosa now living in LA it is only a matter of time before it happens.

There is a collision of cataclysmic proportions going on right now between hip hop and electronic music; two continents of style crashing together to create an epic mountain range. Each peak is a different new sound, and we are living smack in the middle of the mountains. Hope you’ve got your climbing gear on.

First the West Coast, and then the world.

And one last time, happy 2010. Let’s do this shit.

The Do LaB presents THE GLITCH MOB, Marty Party & Jupit3r JAN 9

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I love The Do LaB. Why? Because they’re DOING shit. This LA crew puts a whole heap of time and effort and energy and love into creating party experiences that blend getting crazy with a beautiful environment and profound sensory saturation. Their shows drip with heart.

I was recently asked what liked most about my new home of Los Angeles- The weather? The beaches? The nightlife? The people? Without a doubt I answered: “the creative energy,” and I think that The Do LaB exemplifies the spirit burning in this city that draws us to make wonderful things, to produce art, to write and to dance. People don’t come to LA to fart around and float through life. This is a city of doers, of movers and shakers, of music makers.

And in 2010 we are taking no prisoners; the new decade kicks off with a whomp this Saturday January 9 as the Glitch Mob thunders down a blitz of bass on the El Rey Theatre. With a new album coming out this Spring, expect plenty of fresh material from these three. Marty Party delivered a delicious set Friday night in SF that had me embedded on the dance floor, and Jupit3r has been one of my favorites since I’ve moved to LA.

In short, should be a wild night with a nice slapping showcase of West Coast Sound!

Click here for the Facebook event page or here to buy tickets. See you on the dance floor!