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We Made Love at Lucent L’amour

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“I’ve never been to anything like this before in my life!!!”

That was just one of the many positive exclamations I heard from partygoers who were blown away by The Do Lab‘s signature event, the art and music festival and celebration of love known as Lucent L’amour.

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Lucent L’amour Valentine Music & Art Festival

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Going down Saturday, February 13 is the Valentine-themed music and art festival known as Lucent L’amour, a mad frenzy of creative expression, theatrical performances and of course, that rich and chewy bass music that we love so well.

Here is the quick rundown:

  • 100+ artists, musicians, performers and art installations
  • Two stages of music and dancing with live and electronic acts
  • Live mural and digital painting, art gallery and silent auction
  • Romantic, colorful and whimsical décor all throughout venue
  • Aerialists, acrobats, burlesque dancers and other live performers
  • Unique arts and crafts vendors, full bars & delicious food
  • Downtown LA location in historic Shrine Auditorium, plenty of parking
  • 7PM-4AM, 18+ event, VIP passes available presale

MUSIC: The festival is presented by The Do LaB, one of the premier Burner tribes in Los Angeles, known for throwing fat parties with eclectic lineups and colossal bass. This year’s Lucent L’amour festival has two stages and a keen selection of beautiful beats on the lineup. Both big names and critically acclaimed artists will provide a rousing night of fresh beats for the crowd: Bassnectar, N.A.S.A, Stanton Warriors, Yard Dogs Road Show, Lucent Dossier Experience, Beats Antique, Lazer Sword, Lynx & Janover and Patricio.

ART: Visual arts go hand in hand with music at Lucent L’amour, and you will find a stimulating feast for your eyes all throughout the festival. In addition to a huge art gallery curated by Mike Russek and Deborah Vogt featuring the work of dozens and dozens of artists, we will have a live mural painting by The Mac and Retna as well as a silent art auction, with proceeds going towards the purchase of music and art supplies for under-funded schools. Capping it off is the avant-garde electroart of Andrew Jones, whose inspired creations resonate with the West Coast electronic music community like beats rolling out of a bass bin.

SELF-EXPRESSION: Lucent L’amour promises to create a collision of music, art and creative self-expression. The festival is not a series of performances or a show, but rather an interactive art event where everyone becomes part of the experience, immersed together in one fantastic night of revelry. Come as you are, or deck yourself out in colorful and romantic attire: petticoats, corsets, zoot suits, ruffled parasols, purple polka dot knickers, feathered top hats, green corduroys, striped stockings, and sequined boots- or all of the above.

ROMANCE & MORE: In addition to the music and visual art offerings, Lucent L’amour will dish out a sexy serving of playful décor from the fun to the freaky, captivating theatrical performances, unusual craft vendors, hot munchies and full bar service for those 21+ (event is 18+). VIP passes and tickets are available here, and check the Lucent L’amour website for more videos, photos, music from our featured artists and weekly ticket giveaways.

Click here to read my review of last year’s Lucent L’amour.

Lucent L’amour Valentine Street Festival

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p21400251Armed with only a long white PVC pipe and some red lipstick I headed downtown to the Lucent L’Amour party last night, put on by The Do LaB which is the same crew who throws the Lightning in a Bottle festival outside of Santa Barbara, of which I have heard more than once is “better than Burning Man.”

Why the PVC pipe? Ah yes, I was p21500851only asked this a zillion times last night. For twirling, of course, DUH. I was afraid my actual fire staff might not pass security and did not want to have to abandon it, so I brought my trusty practice pipe. I shouldn’t have worried- I walked right in with an open beverage and no one batted an eye.

p21500921A fat big section of downtown LA was blocked off and decked out in all manner of rich and frivolous eye-candy, spinning colors and twirling lights- and THEN there was the decor. Revelers wore decadent attire of all sorts from red velvet heart patches to feathered fuschia top hats, white tutus on the ladies and purple corduroy vests for the men. The festival had an old school, almost Victorian feel, which pared nicely with the clean and shiny electronic beats they were spitting out on three stages.

p21400421Right past the entrance was the Boom Wow stage whose DJ booth was a giant brown onion dome, surrounded and topped by glowing orange teardrops whose slow strobes gave the impression of fire. Snarled pieces of rope and twisted vines of leaves dripped off the decks and the whole effect was strangely cosy and welcoming. I SO wanted to go in the back door of the DJ booth and chill out inside or maybe even live in my new onion home.

Out on the rough street-and-curb dance floor I felt like I had been bizarrely belittled- literally. We were all tiny people from outer space, dancing in our petticoats, shiny zoot suits, striped stockings, ruffly umbrellas, sequined pink boots, and polka-dot knickers. I love festivals of any sort because the freaks always come out, and it is so inspiring to see what humans will do and who they will be when the rules fall off. I will tell you who they will be: happy, smiling, dancing people who are in love with the world and each other, and it is a beautiful thing.

p2140047I ran into a friend from Seattle, reminding me although I may roll solo-style, I am never alone, for I am a member of the international electronic music community. Our home is the dance floor and I will always meet my friends right down front no matter where in the world I am.

A DJ by the name of Imagika held down the Boom Wow stage for several hours; I am always on the lookout for talented and unique females on the decks and I found one last night. Imagika’s track selection bent towards the earthy and exotic and was very powerfully feminine, like her set was laid out by an ancient near-Eastern goddess with bedroom eyes and slamming bass. Very dance floor friendly, lots of fun, and some of the best music of the night.

p21500821Down the street from the Speaker Garden stage was just that- a stage blooming with speakers of every shape and size, some straight from the 70’s and others from the back of your car. What a dope idea! This cool stage drew me as the beats spilled through the crowd, and I danced in the warm glow that is tech house.

Right across from this was the main L’Amour stage which was made out of pallets that looked like they had been stapled to the sky, the stage, and everywhere in between. When I arrived Helios Jive was doing their thing, which involved quite a number of instruments from a ukelele to a saxophone to a hand-held keyboard guitar-thing which I’m sure has a better name than hand-held keyboard guitar-thing.

My first impression was that of a theatrical performance, as this troupe on stage was big, quite p21400231expressive, and included hammed-up dancers who would prance around and play out come-hither story lines across their palleted world. The pageantry went very well with the music, jumpy and hot with a slap of Big Band- perfect on the cool Los Angeles evening.

The visual art on display at Lucent L’amour was absolutely unbelieveable, and what had to be some of the city’s finest artists were out painting and creating soul-soaked pieces for all to enjoy. Maybe I am just used to Seattle where it seems that many of the music and art combo shows just p21400531book whatever friend they have whom also paints; with these artists often the only thing shorter than their talents are their skirts. Not so in LA- these artists were simply spectacular and I was greatly inspired and awed by their works.

About a dozen artists were painting live, with their finished pieces going to a silent auction there in the streets. I did wish they had some sort of artist guide so I could remember who did what and where, instead of it being a big mish-mash of color and drips and shadow and texture in my mind. Although that’s a pretty picture too.

p21400562Mixed in with the revelry was the whipped-cream topping of love and good feelings; the free esprit de corps was one of One Love, full of smiling faces and friends. At the Hug Deli you could get a big bear hug for the price of two compliments, and there was a foot washing station where a lovely boy would wash your tootsies in warm soapy water. All down the streets were flamboyant decorations which just barely held in the swirling partygoers and their happy, loving energy.

What a great night! Jammed full of jams and aesthetic inspiration from the music to the decor to the people themselves. Play is SO important in this world, and it looks like the Do Lab is doing it right. I can’t wait for Lightning in a Bottle!


Los Angeles Music Festivals

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Check out Jamie Kelly’s List on Metrowise right here.

It is called “the complete guide” so you know it is missing a few shows, but apparently festival seasons starts this very weekend with the Valentine’s Day street party Lucent L’Amour, featuring Z Trip, Adam Freeland, Lucent Dossier, the art of Andrew Jones and more! 

My top pick? Lightning In A Bottle in Santa Barbara. No lineup yet, but just wait- should be super fatty. 


Gotta love festie season!

Going Down This Week Los Angeles

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Monday: Droog, NOT freeeeeee! Flying Lotus at the Standard, and the motherfucking GasLamp Killer  somewhere else in Hollywood.

Tuesday: Nobody, free show for real!

Wednesday: LOW END THEORY of course! Are you in LA? FUCKING GO. This week is Customer Service, Boogie Blind, Lorn and Flynn Adam AND the residents are SO fucking dope that you may just want to move in and live there with them, right on the dance floor: Daddy Kev, Nobody, THE MOTHERFUCKING GASLAMP KILLER, D-Styles and MC Nocando who I love. I am there!

Friday: Gaslamp Killer and Nosaj Thing are playing at The Crosby. My friend Dave says I can get a free drink if I say his name at the bar. Straight!



Saturday, Valentine’s Day: Lucent L’Amour promises madness taking over the streets of downtown Los Angeles with art and music performances including Z TRIP , Adam Freeland and tons of live visual arts of all sorts including killer shit from Andrew Jones. Last year Andrew threw an art party in Seattle at the top of the Space Needle with the Glitch Mob, a party that since has attained a near-mythical status and is now practically unmentionable in that city. There are people who don’t believe it ever really happened and others who will bitchslap you if you even mention it in conversation. It was FUCKING LEGEND!

So come to the sweet street festival, check out Android’s dope art, get your face painted, eat a giant head of cotton candy, fall in love at first sight, or ditch that epic loser you’re with and find somebody new.

Art show & happy hour at 7PM, expect to rage it until 4AM. See you on the dance floor.