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Infected Mushroom Video: Smashing the Opponent

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Featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn, Oakenfold, DJ Von Douche and me.

Ah just kidding, maybe half my face is on the screen for a split second- I doubt my mom could even pick me out. BUT it is a decent video. Read my account of the video shoot at the Roxy here; and read my interview with Infected Mushroom here.Vodpod videos no longer available.

Interview with Infected Mushroom

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Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Infected Mushroom at the video shoot at the Roxy for their new video, “Smashing the Opponent” featuring the vocals of Jonathan Davis of Korn. All five guys were in the room but Duvdev (Amit Duvudevani) did almost all of the talking; they were all really nice and amiable and were doing one interview after another with nary a hint of exhaustion.

Infected Mushroom’s new album, Legend of the Black Shawarma, drops September 9 on Oakenfold’s label Perfecto, and the boys will be at the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend along with me and 100,000 other dancing freaks.

Here you go:

DF5K: You guys are LA-based, and there are a thousand locations in this city- why film your video at the Roxy?

IM: Well first of all, all the videos of Infected Mushroom (which is one, by the way) were shot in Canada, we never shot a video in the United States. We live in LA, the Roxy’s pretty close to our house, a landmark, and many people have been here, many bands have played, and it is just a cool place to shoot a video.

DF5K: A lot of people are talking about the West Coast and specifically LA as the new epicenter of electronic music in the United States, that things are shifting from the East Coast to the West. Do you guys think this is true and if so, where do you see your band in the West Coast Future Sound Movement?

IM: I think that Infected Mushroom is kind of a different breed in the electronic music, we have so much emphasis on heavy metal and rock, so we are not considered any more so electronic. But we are an electronic band, we mix trance with heavy metal. I don’t know how we fit in the East Coast/West Coast thing. We like LA, we live over here, we like the weather. Fuck the East Coast and uh, fuck Baltimore by the way, and especially fuck Baltimore, and yeah- we kind of like it over here.

DF5K: Me too, me too! So the new album coming out, Legend of the Black Shawarma: how is it different? How is it fresh? What is new for you guys?

IM: First of all, you know the guests on the album, Jonathan Davis of course the lead singer of Korn is in the video clip we are shooting today; Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction, Paul Oakenfold working with us on the album. Me and Erez we took a bit different approach on this album, bringing people that are not familiar with our kind of style; actually they were but nevermind. So you know they come from different genres and we put them on the album. We wanted to do it actually with Vicious Delicious two years ago and didn’t have the chance; now we have the time, they have the time and we are happy that it came out.

DF5K: How is it working with Paul Oakenfold, the greatest legend ever and shit?

IM: It is really great, you know Paul helped us a lot in many directions even in electronic music we didn’t know. Me and Erez have been doing this for so many years but Paul took it to a much higher level, especially here in the States. He met us with so many people and so many things, and so it actually, it was great.

DF5K: You guys are in the middle of a tour. Where do you go next?

IM: We’re doing Russia, Moscow this weekend then we are coming back again to the United States doing Salt Lake City and EDC here in LA downtown, a great party and yeah actually July, a little bit of the States and then going to Europe again.

DF5K: How do you see the crowds and community, how is it different in Europe as opposed to here?

IM: I think that the rave scene here now in the States got a new fresh crowd, a different crowd than used to be before. In Europe, they’ve been seeing raves for twenty years, you know. For me and Erez, we feel much more excited playing here in the U.S. because the crowds are much more into it. 

“Especially Baltimore!” interjects one of the other band members.

(Duvdev continues) Fuck Baltimore! Actually Baltimore is wonderful, the best spot…

“Suddenly Baltimore is on the page again!”

(Duvdev continues) By the way, fuck Baltimore.

DF5K: Especially!

IM: But anyway yeah the crowds in the United States are really appreciative, they go mental at the shows and me and Erez, we kind of like it for the moment over here.

DF5K: I saw you guys in Seattle last year and I noticed the crowd was younger and lots of females too, a big female draw…

IM: Good times, good times!

DF5K: You don’t often see that for techno shows and other genres of EDM.

IM: Good times, by the way! Especially in Baltimore! No- there are no girls in Baltimore.

DF5K: If you bring the girls, the boys will follow. Right on. So where are you most excited about going for your next show?

IM: Moscow is really exciting, always good shows over there; back to the States EDC is one of the biggest, here in downtown, we look forward to that.

DF5K: Are you guys playing on Friday or Saturday?

IM: Saturday, and we are looking forward to that because we did two EDCs already, a huge show, great reaction. Looking forward to Salt Lake City, one day before ON the Salt Lake, last time was a great show- mucho mucho mucho girls. We like Salt Lake City. Utah! And fuck Baltimore.

DF5K: So who is inspiring you guys, what music do you listen to all the time, right now: who are you really digging?

IM: You know me and Erez we listen to everything, from electronic, heavy metal, radio, hip hop, whatever comes along. We like Depeche Mode, everything. This album is influenced by so many bands.

DF5K: Are there any particular LA artists you like?

IM: Actually, I don’t know. I like Incubus lately. I didn’t before but I do now.

DF5K: What do you guys think about dubstep? It’s blowing up here in LA and all over.

IM: I have heard of them but I didn’t hear their music.

DF5K: It’s a new genre, real bass heavy and whompy and underground.

IM: I have heard the name but not the music yet so I don’t know.

DF5K: Awesome. So are you gonna be here all day shooting the video? How long does it take?

IM: We are here for the morning and we have some night scenes to shoot, basically you are coming to a club and it has to be night.

DF5K: Yeah I was confused walking up here in daylight hours, like ‘Where is the Roxy?’ It’s daylight and I didn’t recognize anything!

IM: Yeah so we are doing the shoot now and it is gonna go all through the night.

DF5K: Are you pretty involved in the design of the video?

IM: Well we came up with the script and then we leave it to the guys who know what they’re doing; we do the music and hopefully it will come as we envision it.

DF5K: Do you go out a lot in LA to hear music?

IM: Actually no because we do three to four shows a week, then we come and we have our families, babies, and to produce and stuff, so actually I don’t go out so much. We are in clubs anyway. Yesterday the Lakers won…

DF5K: Did you riot? Throw a trash can on a cop car?

IM: I went rioting, I had a beer.

DF5K: Run down the interstate?

IM: I went crazy, yeah. 

DF5K: Do you think you’ll stay in LA for a while?

IM: I know we’re feeling pretty cool now over here, we have homes over here, good times, quiet times, and for now we are here.

DF5K: What about Baltimore?

IM: Fuck Baltimore!


Catch Infected Mushroom at the Electric Daisy Carnival in LA, and for more tour dates around the world click here.

Read my account of the video shoot for “Smashing the Opponent” here.

Who is this hipster with DuvDev?Who is this fucking hipster with DuvDev?

Infected Mushroom Video Shoot: Smashing the Opponent

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I headed up to the Roxy in West Hollywood on Monday to interview Israeli psytrancers Infected Mushroom and wound up being in their next video and had a nice chit-chaterooni with Paul Oakendfuckingfold as well. He was a really nice guy, despite tales I had heard to the contrary. Of course, I am blond and don’t really let people not be my friend.

I will write up the interview shortly but for now I just wanted to tell you about the video shoot for their new single, “Smashing the Opponent,” featuring the vocals of Korn’s Jonathan Davis. The track is off Infected Mushroom’s upcoming album, Legend of the Black Shawarma, which is due out September 8th on Oakenfold’s label Perfecto.

I am not the biggest psytrance fan in the history of the universe, but I was feeling the track and dancing in my heels as it boomed from the Roxy’s sound system, the ribbons of bassline flowing smooth like champagne under Davis’ raw and burning vocals. Most of the people there for the shoot had no idea who anyone was at all. One chick asked me, “Are these guys famous? I hope so.” Ahhhhlalalala, LA.

The champagne was actually flowing like rocket fountains all over me and about twenty other “dance club” chicks; after my interview I was hanging around watching the video shoot and then just jumped in with the other ladies who had been instructed to go “crazy on the dance floor” for one of the scenes. Crazy on the dance floor? I can do that. I am constantly surprised with what you can get away with if you just do it, if you just ask the question, if you just walk through that door. You should definitely try it sometime.

The “Smashing the Opponent” video basically makes fun of the club scene and DJs and stupid chicks; the star of the shoot is this mophead DJ with a fat grill and pimpy white suit over a shiny shirt. He is constantly surrounded by girls going nutty, he drinks espresso at the DJ booth and never even touches his records- he has two hot-chick assistants who put them on and spin them for him while he dances and poses. They help him take off his coat, and then his pants- revealing emerald-green paisley bikini briefs. Funny shit; I mean if we can’t make fun of ourselves, then who will?

After having “champagne” (really apple cider) sprayed all over me from eight directions while I thrashed about like a wild woman in the middle of a group of girls I split the scene; the filming was to last another six hours and I didn’t really care to be in big part of the video, I just like having the experience! And bragging about it, of course.

So stay tuned on MTV (Do they even show videos anymore? Does anyone out there still watch MTV?) for the video and you know I will be posting it here as well. And I will be getting around to writing up that interview shortly, although I will say this: Infected Mushroom LOVES the West Coast!

But then again, who doesn’t?

Here’s some fuzzy shots for you of the video shoot featuring our superstar DJ and his hottie bodyguards: