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Pretty Lights @ Key Club in Hollywood

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Pretty Lights played the Key Club in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, and according to one of my friends who moved here in January, it was the “best show yet in LA” that he had seen.

PLI have to agree that I had a blast grooving to Pretty Lights, even through the filmy funk of the Sunset Strip. Rolling up with five friends around 10:30, the line was as long as a laser beam. I am used to the underground shows that don’t really get going until 1AM and forget that normal events for normal people start a little earlier. Lucky for me I jump to the front of the line and walk right in, noting with relief that Pretty Lights had yet to go on.

PLApparently the opening act, DJ Rootz, was kind of the shit. I had been told not to miss him but forgot, recalling this fact at the mention of his name aka: too late. I push my way to the front of the crowd on the right side, always choosing a dance floor spot that is edged with a wall or speaker or stage, keeping the throbbing mass of humans to just one side of me instead of all around (a little dance floor trick). People always ask me, “How do you get to the front of the dance floor?” Answer: You go to the front of the dance floor. It’s not like I take a pogo stick or something.

PLPretty Lights comes on around 10:45 and lays one dope track after another on us for almost two hours. “EVERY SONG! EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!” screams the guy behind me, and he is right- every tune Pretty Lights drops seems to be a familiar favorite.

My current favorite, “Sunday School,” starts out of the gate with a lack of the usual crazy cheers and screams, which confuses me at first. This track is ridiculous and completely Biggie’d out. Then I realize that this song is off the new album which was just released last week, and the people around me hadn’t listened to “Passing By Behind Your Eyes” enough to be able to recognize the new songs or even know what the best ones were. Apparently not everyone is a super new music freak fanatic like me. Once it gets going, however, the whole crowd is in like Flynn and getting dirty all up on each other. But that’s okay- we didn’t want to go to heaven anyway.

PLLooking across the club then, I notice that the front of the dance floor was quite full of ‘normal’ people with no smell of the underground on them whatsoever. They are, for the large part, mainstream Angelenos on a night out in Hollywood. And they are getting down. Now this might turn some of you off, but I love to see people who are not firmly entrenched in the electronic music community dancing their faces off with arms raised, eyes closed and mouths open. It reminds me that indeed all humans are dancers, that every single one of us needs such movement meditation in our lives. We all have the fever; some people’s cases are just not quite as advanced as others. My infection is terminal.

PLPretty Lights was really slamming it, and his set seemed harder and house-y-er than the previous times I had seen him at Symbiosis Gathering and the Electric Daisy Carnival. Super chunky. His music is widely accessible and truly I think everyone can find something to like in his sets, from a jaded underground scenester to your mom. It is difficult to compare a show at a Hollywood club with a performance on the edge of Yosemite National Park, and so I won’t even try.

PLA couple of songs after “Sunday School” comes my old favorite, “Who Loves Me,” and up so close on the right I had a great view of the live drummer Cory Eberhard. He adds quite a bit of value to the performance, injecting motion and energy into the show- a great idea to enliven a DJ set. Derek is to the left with a laptop, mixer and one other piece of equipment and behind them of course is the giant screen of pretty lights, sweet visuals and rainbow spotlights that dazzle the crowd.

PLThe Key Club is a rounded venue with steps all over, which this shorty really appreciates because it means that I can see! I bounce around on the benches of the upstairs balcony for a bit with my friends then hit the bar below for a $7 Heineken. “Hey baby, come drink some Grey Goose,” random boy #462 says, so I hop the velvet rope (so fucking Hollywood) and chat him up for a few minutes before realizing that some of my other friends were in the VIP section right next door, enjoying the best seats in the house and an excellent view of Pretty Lights. So I hop that velvet rope too. The Grey Goose was flowing, the booties were shaking, and all was right with the world.

PLAfter a kick-ass encore the thick crowd bleeds out into the night, everyone buzzing about the fantastic Wednesday show and the continuous groovy vibe, strung together like a strand of lights by one hit song after another. Having such a close vantage point enabled me to really watch the DJ’s hands and buttons and knobs, and I must say- I am not sure exactly how much Pretty Lights was actually playing live. One friend estimated .5%. But for some crazy reason, I don’t think that the silver-stiletto’d, fake-boobed, fake blond audience noticed at all that he wasn’t really playing as much as it looked like – or would have cared one bit if they had.

All in all I had a great night, jammed out to one awesome Pretty Lights song after another, hung out with friends old and new and experienced bottle service for the first time ever. All DF5K-approved and highly recommended.

Pretty Lights is touring the nation and is all over the West Coast this weekend; check the dates of his upcoming performances here. And just in case you didn’t know, Pretty Lights’ new album “Passing By Behind Your Eyes” as well as all of his previous albums are available for free to download online here.

Pretty Lights Tour: West Coast

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If you just downloaded Pretty Light’s new album here, you are probably grooving to it and wondering where you might catch the music live.

Aren’t you in luck- Pretty Lights is touring the West Coast RIGHT NOW, starting with San Diego tonight!

Here are the West Coast dates, and please click here for the rest of Pretty Light’s US tour schedule which also includes Austin, Florida, New York and DC.

  • Oct 12: Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach
  • Oct 14: The Key Club in LA
  • Oct 15: The Independent in San Francisco
  • Oct 16: Nocturnum in Eureka, CA
  • Oct 17: Nectar Lounge in Seattle
  • Oct 18: The Crystal Ballroom in Portland


Pretty Lights: New Album Out Today! Passing By Behind Your Eyes

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Oh how I love Pretty Lights!

Pretty Lights aka Derek Smith blew my mind and touched my heart at the Electric Daisy Carnival and Symbiosis Gathering with his groovy, soul-pulling sound that I have heard described as “Daft Punk meets Glitch Mob.” Extremely emotive and with a wide range of influences from classic funk to modern hip hop to future feel, this music really moves me; there is something sad yet resilient about each beat and from the track titles to the album artwork, Pretty Lights is an encompassing experience.

mmm yes!Passing By Behind Your Eyes is the latest release from the artist, and like all Pretty Lights’ albums, is available for free to download on the official Pretty Lights website here.

Download the music, give it to a friend or two and then buy your ticket to see Pretty Lights, who plays in LA October 14 at the Key Club, October 15 at The Independent in SF, and October 17 at Nectar Lounge in Seattle. Find hella more tour dates, West Coast and otherwise, right here.

Shilo’s October Events

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Festie season may be drawing to a close, but the new shows and sounds keep rolling in! Starting with the crisp brush of autumn breeze and ending with a Halloween nightcap, October is one of my favorite months- you can smell the mischief in the air! Or maybe that’s a grape blunt.

As always, I keep this post updated and added to throughout the month and you can find it by looking in the right-hand column on my main page under “Shilo’s Event Calendar.”

Here’s what’s going down on Planet Shilo:

  • 1: Respect presents 12th Planet vs. Infiltrata @ Dragonfly
  • 2: Pure Filth presents Bassface w/MRK1, The Professionals, DLX, Remo, Gaslamp Killer & more
  • 3: LA Decompression Festival
  • 3: Space Island Decom After Party/ Oscure, Braden, R/D, Propa Tingz, Henry Strange, Imagika & more
  • 7: Nosaj Thing & Fever Ray @ Henry Fonda Theatre
  • 7: Low End Theory w/Thavius Beck, Waajeed, Geology, Blu Jemz & residents
  • 7: House of Dub @ House of Blues w/Pablo Hassan, Sam XXXL & more
  • 10: Dynagroove w/Drumcell, Smog Stage @ Nucleus
  • 10: Fantasia
  • 14: Pretty Lights @ Key Club
  • 14: Low End Theory w/Dirty Digital Mestizo, Mike Gao & more
  • 15: Smog @ Respect w/Pawn, DLX, Pablo Hassan, MC XYZ & more @ Dragonfly
  • 16: 16Bit & Beyond w/Random Rab, Braden & Mr. Caparro @ AC Supper Club in Venice
  • 17: DROID Behavior 7-Year Anniversary w/Chris Liebing, Kid 606, Drumcell, Deru, Derek Michael, & special guest from Alpha Pup/Planet Mu
  • 20: Pitch Black @ Zanzibar (Santa Monica)
  • 20: Dubtroit w/Seven, DJ Evol, Pawn & Q.45
  • 21: Low End Theory 3-Year Anniversary! Flying Lotus, SamIYam, Dibia$e, Jneiro Jarel, Free the Robots, My Hollow Drum, MatthewDavid, Kutmah, Nobody, Nocando, Daddy Kev
  • 22: The Do Lab presents: Beats Antique, Deru & Jupiter @ King King
  • 24: Droid Behavior presents Acid Circus
  • 24: Smog w/Distance, Noah D, Emu & more
  • 25: I LOVE LA
  • 28: Low End Theory: Jogger Record Release Party with Jogger, Dr. Strangeloop & Ana Sia!
  • 30: Kraak & Smaak @ The Roxy
  • 30: Calling All Kids w/Flying Lotus & friends
  • 30: Hard Haunted Mansion w/Deadmau5, 2MANYDJS & more
  • 31: Halloween 3-D w/Daedelus, Jogger, Tokimonsta, 6Blocc, & more
  • 31: Hard Haunted Mansion w/Justice, Major Lazer, Modeselektor, & more
  • 31: HALLOWEEN! BEST HOLIDAY EVER! I am gonna dress up as a DJ.


Pretty Lights Live Performance Video

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shilolovesdemprettylightsI freaking love dem Pretty Lights!

Click through here to check out this Pretty Lights video from a recent Austin performance found on; there is also a second featured video here that is an interview with Derek Smith, aka Pretty Lights.

The video is cool at lasts about fourteen minutes- but the music is the real treat. Pretty Lights was my favorite performer at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival and provided my most intense “this-is-why-I’m-alive” moment of the weekend. It was epic.

Pretty Lights is on tour! LA welcomes the artist October 14 at the Key Club, he plays Nectar in Seattle on October 17, and will also be rocking my world at Symbiosis Gathering by Yosemite in September.

Check other tour dates here, and oh- and you can download both of Pretty Lights’ albums for free on his website here. Awesome!


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I promise to keep this updated on a regular basis, ‘cuz I change my mind like I change people into bass sluts and plus there are only like five shows on my list right now. Something tells me I will be going out slightly more than that.
  • 3: Low End Theory w/Ras G, Take & Mono/Poly
  • 5: Z-Trip, Dam Funk, & Gaslamp Killer @ Natural History Museum
  • 6: Venice Carnevale @ Venice Beach (der)
  • 6: MEGA presented by Droid Behavior, IComplex, Baseck, and Dublab
  • 8: Monday Night Social @ Nacional
  • 10: Nosaj Thing “Drift” Record Release Party @ Low End Theory
  • 12: Nosaj Thing “Drift” Listening Party w/Gaslamp Killer & Free the Robots @ Undefeated in Silverlake
  • 13: Slinky X
  • 13: Smog Sessions @ Echoplex w/Joe Nice, XI, Juakali, Spit Brothers, DLX & Kemst
  • 16: Pure Filth presents: Skream @ TBA
  • 17: Zomby, Joker, MC Nomad & 12th Planet @ The Roxy
  • 18: Shpongle @ Key Club (DJ set)
  • 18: THIRDSDAZE w/Propa Tingz, PrEssHA, Dirty Steve & Northstar (SEATTLE)
  • 20: Pure Filth presents: Benga, The Professionals, 6Blocc, more @ TBA
  • 19-21: Esthetic Evolution, (IDAHO)
  • 23: Ghislain Poirier @ Cinespace
  • 24: 16 Bit @ Low End Theory + more TBA
  • 24: Trouble & Bass CD Release party @ The Echo w/Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Star Eyes, The Captain & Skeet Skeet
  • 27-28: Electric Daisy Carnival
  • 28: Red Lightning w/BLVD, Kraddy & Vokab @ Marina del Rey
  • 30: Westside Dubz @ Zanzibar w/Geno Cochino, Emu & more
  • 30: DUBTROIT w/Reid Speed, UltraBlack, Kinetic, Lobsta & Anna Love @ Detroit Bar in OC

I’m gonna look like this at the end of June: