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Your Friday Mix: Partners in Grime

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Hey hey! New mix up from Partners in Grime, aka PrEssHa and Kat1lyst of Seattle. For some reason mixes are just more fun to listen to than albums for me; maybe with albums I am trying to pay too much attention or maybe I just like the variety.

Either way this is a fatty dope mix of crunked-out midtempo jammers and exclusive releases to slam you right into the weekend- 26 tracks in 55 minutes. Click here and enjoy!


1.) Rusty Bridges and Greeves – D.O.P.E.
2.) Blue Tech – Waiting For Initiation
3.) Pretty Lights – Keep Em Bouncin
4.) Juvenile – Nolia Clap (Samples Caribbean Heat Mix)
5.) Samples & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. – VIP Bass
6.) Spank Rock and Benny Blanco – Bootay Bitch Beat (Megasoid Remix)
7.) Knight Riderz – 1up
8.) Akira Keteshi – Boom N Pow
9.) Freestylers – Ruffneck (Datsik & Excision Remix)
10.) Vista – Iron Fist
11.) Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger (bar9 remix)
12.) Syndaesia – Firecracker
13.) DJ Primecuts – Warning feat. Dynamite MC (Eddie K. Remix)
14.) Barbarix – Suck em hard
15.) Subscape – Chomp Stomp
16.) Ollie – You Stupid Cunt (Bare Noize Remix)
17.) Excision- Know You
18.) Datsik & Excision – Swagga
19.) Pretty Lights – If I could feel again
20.) Ben Samples – Oh My
21.) Opiuo – Monkey Crunk
22.) k-Lab Feat MC Analog – Wrecked (Opiuo Remix)
23.) Bill Bless – Fun Is Happy
24.) Vent – Monkey Chew
25.) Kid Sister – Get Fresh
26.) The Builder – Shpongled

Two more partners in grime: me & Pressha on the Playa

Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: BASS LOVERS UNITE

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Nosaj Thing

Nosaj Thing

Around the globe a distinct new sound is seeping from fissures in traditional music production, and the bass bubbling up from the bins is catching the brains of audiences from London to Los Angeles. This music with no name heralds a fresh and formative age in abstract beat culture and its influential adherents champion the experimental, the instrumental, the street bass, the chopped-up and the future-funk. With beats that defy gravity as well as locality, this “bass music” is quickly infecting listeners with its swung-out, jazzy interpretation of electronic hip hop. Step into the warm circle of tomorrow-music (don’t trip on the bassline) and dunk your head in the refreshing waters of exploratory sounds, all connected by a love of innovation and by the heavy-thick lines of thundering bass.

Mary Anne Hobbs

Mary Anne Hobbs

Bass Lovers Unite brings together some of the most significant producers and DJs of this new sound from a few of the world’s strongholds: Los Angeles, Montréal, and the UK. The music heard at this showcase will affect what mainstream pop fans will be listening to in five years; these artists are shaping the future of sound with every button they press, every show they play, and every new earhole they penetrate.



Out of LA’s fertile beat scene comes one of the city’s finest producers, Nosaj Thing. This young noise conductor has received global acclaim for his recent release Drift on Alpha Pup Records, and opens the night with his disjointed funk beats and seamless sound mastery. From BBC Radio 1’s Experimental show comes Mary Anne Hobbs; this DJ, music journalist and evangelist for the underground brings dark and radical flavors together and then shoves out the next-generation animal onto airwaves around the world. Daedelus delivers an eclectic electronic interpretation using the futuristic monome device; he creates tactile performance experiences and music that everyone from indie rock devotees to instrumental hip hop fans can get sweaty to. Representing the twisted



turbo crunk sound of Montréal is Megasoid, whose live sets of dirty club bangers and remixes of top-rated productions have no compunction about killing dance floors and have made Montréal into a legit scene for street bass music. Finally it is back to the UK and to the frontier of dubstep with Mala of Digital Mystikz. One of the genre’s most famous producers, Mala is a central figure of dubstep’s evolution and an early champion of its rougher, clubbier side.

Bass Lovers Unite promises to connect a fresh Seattle audience with artists from around the world who are pushing forward the slicing-edge of electronic music as the pioneers of Generation Bass. Hop in and put your seatbelt on: it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Bass Lovers Unite takes place Saturday, September 26 at Neumos. Click here to buy tickets and for more information about the 2009 Decibel Festival.

Temporal Fusion Podcast

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Hello bass freaks! Hey I want to make sure everybody out there knows about the Temporal Fusion Podcast out of Denver featuring dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop and glitch music. Click through the link or subscribe in iTunes. You know the drill.

The bass music coming out of the Denver area right now is top-notch and extra dirty, contaminated by all that sunshine and clear mountain air. The mile-high (hold it in!) city is a thriving, gurgling part of the West Coast Future Sound Movement.

Originally DNB-heavy, the podcast now leans like purple towards dubstep and glitch hop (along with the rest of the world), although it also includes a variety of genres from booty house to breaks. The Temporal Fusion podcast regularly features some of my favorite artists and has free mixes for download from the Glitch Mob, Subvert, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Jansten, Ale Fillman, Propa Tingz, the Gaslamp Killer and many, many more. Keep up the filthy work, Temporal Fusion!

And the rest of you, get on the mountain tip and crank that shit up.

Dirty Filthy Whompcast: ill-esha

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The newest whompcast, from ill-esha of Vancouver, BC is extra-crunchy; it gnaws on you as it evolves, the eclectic set getting better and better the whole way through until all the mother lovers unite in bass bliss euphoria. I started the mix over as soon as it finished, ‘cuz I’m a fanatic like that. Ill-esha is the shit.

This singer, rapper, producer and DJ will be performing next month on July 16 at Seattle’s new glitch, dubstep and bass music monthly: Thirdsdaze. Also on the lineup are locals Zacharia, Aksion and Kat1lyst.

Listen and check the tracklist here or subscribe to the Whompcast in iTunes!

Note to readers: The whompcast website will be back up on June 16, when my homie gets his paycheck. The huge response to ill-esha’s whompcast crashed his shit.

Howl at the Moon @ the Day Out of Time Festival

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ilovemyseattletribesoverymuchCould the Day Out Of Time Festival, happening July 24-26 in southern Washington, possibly have more of my friends on the lineup?

Wow. Five stages of glitch, drum and bass, dubstep, breaks, house, techno, downtempo, live reggae, and more, all brought to you by the awesome Emerald City Events, Midnight Sons, Buddhaful, LiveNLove, Booty Resin, Covert Ops, and Atmospheric InfernOasis. AKA my people.

Check it:

Aaron Simpson
Geno Cochino
Sonny Chiba
Richie Spoonz
Randall Glen
Mickey Procon
Dig Dug
Bryan J. Furious
Let’s Go Outside
Von Dewey
Ben Shelton
Kadeejah Streets
Jeromy Nail
Lloyd Tatum
Dev J
Creepy Tom
Skoi Sirius

PLUS hella hella hella other DJs that I do not personally know. Perhaps a trip to Seatown in late July is in my future? I could stick around for the Glitch Mob, Daddy Kev and Nosaj Thing show on the 28th…hmm…

If you are in Seattle, do not miss this festival. Tickets are $60 before July 1st, $75 after. Holy Day Out of Time.

Photo by Arkku.

You All Know About the Memekast, Right?

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Audio mind control for the people! There are about 40 podcasts available now, all mostly glitched out bass slut music from the gods. It is my favorite podcast in the entire universe.

Fresh up is a “dubbed out crunkstep” mix from Sexytime (Sleepyhead and Mimosa).

Enhance your reality here.