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Dubtroit, Glitch Mob & Droid Behavior last week in LA

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Not all at once!

Hey so I have been snoozing on my reviews, spending too much time writing for money and stupid shit like that, my bad.

Ah who am I kidding, I’ve been partying all week and weekend long in LA. Epic good times, so here ya go: one dubstep night, one glitchy fever fest, and one techno extravaganza. BECAUSE I ONLY LIKE PSYTRANCE.


  • DUBTROIT in OC on 4/28: Stenchman, Emalkay, Seven and Unit

I drove about an hour to get to the venue, Detroit Bar, which was in a strip mall in Costa Mesa. For those of you not in LA, neither is that. I had some friends coming up from San Diego and I figured if they could haul their asses all the way to the OC, so could I.

MASTER decision. What looked on the exterior to be a freaky slice of American death culture in strip mall form turned out to be a sweet little club. No cover for early bird club nerds like me (until you needed to go to your car for drinks and smokes, ahem), a cute dance floor under the raised DJ booth, and decent sound for sure.

My only disappointment for the night was the fact that 12th Planet didn’t play although he was on the lineup; but Seven and Emalkay were pleasingly sticky-dirty. The latter did NOT beat mothafuckas, for the record.

Stenchman owned the night with his closing set, performing in a freak-ass mask that is straight outta Batman Begins or some shit. Although he is from the UK, his set was not as heavily saturated with that signature druggy bass. Some dubstep soaks up the overcast, rainy climates where it is produced and takes on a more ominous, somber tone which tends to make me feel drunker than I am with its droning pull towards the ground.

Stenchman gave danceable dubstep, and I loved it. Dubtroit at Detroit Bar is definitely worth the hour drive (thank you Smog!) and I will be returning fo sho. Check out pictures of the show here.


  • GLITCH MOB w DJ AM on 4/30 @ La Cita in downtown LA

Another free show, another beautiful night in LA. Again this poor freelancer arrived early to avoid the super expensive $5 cover; the opening DJ was laying down straight fucking disco under a sign that said “THESE DEEJAYS DON’T TAKE REQUESTS.” 

So of course I walked up to the decks and screamed, “CAN YOU PLAY SOME R KELLY?” over the throbbing dance beats. GOD I love the look that line gets me! He did have some R Kelly but thankfully was able to tell that I was joking. What can I say? I’m a flirt.

La Cita is a deep and skinny club, with a long bar and a fat outside area with a boxing-ring type dance floor in the middle, surrounded by tables. Almost all of the people I talked to had no idea who the hell the Glitch Mob was. “Four DJs all at once?”

Anyway it seemed like hours- no wait, it WAS hours before the Glitch Mob came on; I wandered around talking to strangers and spilling beer and dancing with the mad crowd out on the floor going a little nuts to DJ AM who was laying down thick waves of house music; the freaks were lapping it up and ripping down signs and shit.

Now, as much as I love house music which is more than most of you reading this, I was hella stoked to see edIT and Boreta and OOah and Kraddy walk in. Their laptops were set up on what I thought was a buffet line. A buffet of bass. Pile it on.

Anyone not in the LA area who doesn’t get to see the Glitch Mob on a regular basis has no idea what sweet ass new tunes they are missing. The boys played West Coast Rocks and Bubblin’ in the Cut but they also laid hella new tracks down, ah yes.

Things were stupid sweaty up on the front of the floor with tons of crazy chicks being all pushy-shovey; I have just accepted the fact that when I see the Glitch Mob (in LA, anyway) that shit will be jam packed with little room to actually dance. I COULD move to the back of the dance floor, but then would I be able to read the buttons on edIT’s Lemur that say: “SHRED, SMEAR, SLAY, and MANGLE?” No, no I would not.

SO YEAH super fatty set once again from the Glitch Mob. Put some of those new tracks out guys, or some live mixes. The people want it! DO IT! 


  • DROID BEHAVIOR Interface 27  on May 2 w/Dean Paul, Miro Pajic, Alex Delano, Tony Rohr, Audio Injection vs. Drumcell, & Clint Stewart.

OH BUT THE VERY BEST party of the week was without a doubt Droid Behavior on Saturday night in random warehouse location #487 with a Funktion One sound system. I arrived around 1AM after getting lost as shit (it’s on the waiver) and was so excited I was about to jump out of the top of my head.

This the kind of techno party you dream about, the night that other parties want to be, the energy that producers all over the world wish they could achieve. This is why people are jealous of LA; booming techno for giant room of dancing freaks and friends all night long.

All night, until I wandered outside around 630 AM and had the whole, “OH SHIT IT’S DAYLIGHT!” revelation. Tight visuals as well, except towards the end when they just changed it to these static pinstriped squares which was kind of weird- I would prefer pitch black. Check out a video from Saturday night here, or check out the Interface 27 photo stream on Flickr here.

I don’t know when or where the next Droid Behavior party will be, but I will be there for sure. I kind of just want to follow the Funktion One system around the LA area and dance to whatever is coming out. 

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! Dubstep, Disco, House, Glitch Hop, and Techno and one happy Shilo. Which looks like this:


Detroit Movement Time Slots Announced

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Vitamin Water Stage:

2-3:30PM Mieka du Franx
3:30-5PM Drumcell – live
5-7PM Steve Bug
7-9PM Francois K
9-12AM Carl Cox

Beatport Stage:

12-2PM Liz Copeland
2-4PM Nikola Baytala
4-5:30PM Heidi
5:30-7PM Damian Lazarus
7-9PM Adam Beyer
9-11PM Marco Carola

Made In Detroit Stage:

1-3PM Stacey Hale
3-430PM Shaun Reeves
4:30-7:30PM Mike Clark, Delano Smith & Norm Talley
730-9PM Rick Wade
9-11PM Mike Huckaby

Red Bull Music Academy:

2-3:30PM The Sight Below – live
3:30-5:30PM Lusine – live
5:30-6:30PM Kate Simko – live
6:30-7:30PM Kevin Reynolds – live
7:30-9PM Ryan Elliott
9-10PM Exchange Bureau – live
10-11PM Krazy Baldhead – live
11-12PM The Glitch Mob – live



Vitamin Water Main Stage:

2-330PM Minx
330-5PM Al Ester
5-630PM Osunlade
6:30-7:30PM Innervisions live: a critical mass – live
7:30-9PM Dennis Ferrer
9-12AM Loco Dice vs. Luciano

Beatport Stage:

12-2PM Chloe Harris
2-4PM Frankie Vega
4-6PM Nic Fanciulli
6-8PM Tiefschwarz
8-10PM Wighnomy Bros
10-11PM Guy Gerber – live

Made In Detroit Stage:

430 West & Friends present “Techno City”
2-4PM Monty Luke
4-5:30PM Will Web
5:30-7:30PM Jay Denham
7:30-8:30PM Octave One – live
8:30-930PM Marc “MK” Kinchen & Scotty Deep – live
930-11PM Anthony Rother – live

Red Bull Music Academy:

2-6PM DJ Omega, DJ Godfather DJ Deeon, Starski & Clutch, DJ Slugo, DJ Dick
6-7:30PM Mark “8en” Moss
7:30-8:30PM Neil Landstrumm – live
8:30-10PM RJD2
10p-11:30PM Z-Trip



Vitamin Water Main Stage:

2:30-4PM Luke Hess – live
4-5:30PM Quentin Harris
5:30-7PM Carl Craig
7-8PM Los Hermanos – live
8-10PM Kevin Saunderson
10-12AM Derrick May

Beatport Stage:

12-2PM Clark Warner
2-3:30PM Anthony Attalla
3:30-5PM Adultnapper
5-6:30PM Ellen Allien
6:30-8PM Tiga
8-9:30PM Bad Boy Bill
9:30-11PM Benny Benassi

Made In Detroit Stage:

2-3:30PM Craig Gonzalez
3:30-5PM Lee Curtiss
5-6:30PM Seth Troxler
6:30-8PM Seoul vs Linder 2×4
8-9:30PM Buzz Goree
9:30-11PM Audion – live

Red Bull Music Academy:

2-3:30PM Kero – live
3:30-5PM Flying Lotus – live
5-6:30PM Benga
6:30-7:30PM Afrika Bambaataa
7:30-9PM Busy P
9-11PM Bassnectar


Slap Yourself and 69 in the Car: My Favorite DJ in the Universe Is

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PrEssHa, of course. Who were you expecting, Oakenfuckingfold?

PrEssHa is a machine. He is an archetype. And he will be coming to a dance floor near you, no matter where you live. Because he is that good.

Recently C89.5 The Vortex, Seattle’s premier EDM radio show, broadcasted a special “Iron DJ” set with PrEssHa combining three of his favorite genres, dubstep, midtempo and techno for a three-hour live set.

Download PrEssHa’s new midtempo and techno mixes from the links below; they lead into each other and the commentary you hear throughout is by The Vortex’s Drew Bailey- one of the smart ones in this life.

Click here for SLAP YOURSELF, the midtempo set that pulls out of dubstep and goes into a bouncier, more fun-infused number than some of the more dark and overcast glitch stuff out there right now.

Click here for 69 In The Car, one of the sexiest techno mixes I have heard in a while, with a cameo outtro by the infamous Mike B, calling in from Miami during WMC.

Download and listen to these sets while you are getting ready to go out or prefunking tonight and this weekend. I dare you. I live in a constant state of prefunk and have been dancing around my living room all morning…er…afternoon. 

PrEssHa also plays electro, breaks, drum and bass, hip hop…and I’m sure he could play epic desert trance, candycorn and experimental Christian dubstep if he wanted to. Matt epitomizes the DJ of the future that I go on about, the DJs with a knowledge of many genres which they use to create eclectic and surprising sets. The old-school DJs who are married to one genre and hate on the others are a thing of the past. Just like drum and bass.  

JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING! I love drum and bass and in fact the only show I have ever thrown was a drum and bass show. Please don’t kick my ass, drum and bass heads! I’m just a peace lover with a smart mouth!

I have epic respect for DJs like PrEssHa. Many producers get hella pissed if you call them DJs (or punks)- trust me, I know. But being able to read the crowd and command the energy level on the dance floor while you mix seamlessly is a skill and a proper talent. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a producer you absolutely love go on live and be a terrible DJ, which happens more often than I would like to admit. Producers and DJs have a symbiotic relationship, and again- all the best producers and DJs know this. 



Dirty Filthy Whompcast: LOKI

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Those super slutty bass lovers over at have a sweet new whompcast for you, this time by Loki, another member of the quickly growing midtempo scene in Seatown.

I’ve had some really great times listening to this DJ- besides the photo below which was taken around 8AM at a river party when everyone’s third wind was kicking in, my favorite memory is when Loki, Noisemaker, some crazy bartender and I locked the doors and pulled the curtains on a certain club after the 2AM closing time and proceed to rock our faces off for several more hours. 

Mad props to Loki and to all the Seattle midtempo peeps who could not possibly be more passionate about this music. You filthy bitches, oh how I love you!

Download Loki’s whompcast for free right here.


Note to readers:

Root Beer + Vodka for breakfast = Not as bad as it sounds!

From the Front Lines: Ana Sia Cripples Shilo

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Last night at the King King Ana Sia played EXACTLY the kind of music that I love. EXACTLY.

I go to a fat variety of EDM shows, from dubstep to house to techno to glitch to the occasional fucking rave; I like many types of music and want to write about my experiences to promote the electronic arts and support the community on the dance floor. If a night of music fills me up 75%, that is an epic win.

But last night filled me up to the very top. The sounds blasting out of the speakers from the hands of Ana Sia DID it for me, if ya know what I mean. I left completely satisfied, smile on my head, and a laugh in voice. And HUGE freaking blisters on my toes.

You might expect to get blisters if you dance once or twice a year, but I dance all the time to the music in my head which never stops. Around my living room, in the street, at the coffee shop, all the time. It takes some filthy fucking music to blister me up, and that is exactly what Ana Sia delivered last night: pulverizing waves of bass that make you dance down with your knees bent low, grinding yourself into the dance floor just as the beats are being crushed into your brain.

When I first arrived at the King King, house music was booming onto the floor and I thought: am I in the right club? Is there a King King in Venice or OC that my noob self doesn’t know about? But looking around at the crowd I could tell without a doubt that these were my people: the bass sluts.

Last night I heard three phrases outside the club which always make my heart sing:

1. “Looks like a total Burner crowd tonight- are those hoola hoops?”

2. “You know what music I’m really into these days? Glitch.”

3. “What did you come here for?”

Well as anyone knows, I came to get down; and down, down, down into the dance floor did I get.

Ana SiaAna Sia was getting down too, dancing so much I was wondering how she continued to even play. On the opposite side of her set-up was a table with drinks and water for the VIPsters, and cups were routinely being shaken off the edge by the bass, bass so sick and grimey and given so perfectly- well, this is the music I want pumping out of my tombstone. 

And don’t call her a fucking DJ (although I will, on my list 10 DJS I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEEK)- nothing was spinning but my head and she was tweaking the sound continually and masterfully through her whole set.

You know when you go out to hear someone you really love, and they play for about 45 minutes, and you’re like, well, that was good but I NEED MORE?

Yeah- that didn’t happen last night. Ana Sia rocked it for like two hours, two hours of some of the best music I have heard in LA, or anywhere. I am filled up to the top.

Thanks for the blisters, Ana Sia!


Read more about Ana Sia here.

Dirty Filthy Whompcast: NOISEMAKER

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I have been a giant fan of Noisemaker‘s glitched-out midtempo crunk since he was the only one in Seattle playing it and I was the only one listening!

Here’s his new mix, EXTRA crunchy, super hard, and REEKING of Noisemaker- just the way you want it and the way you GOTS to have it!

Download Noisemaker’s whompcast here.

l_0a4a5e073790495888ead560a1a3648fNoisemaker chills in Camp Don’t Be Jealous @ Operation Apex 2008

DJs DO love me!

Once again, thank you!

Free Glitch Mob Show Sunday 3/29 @ LAX

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And that’s LAX the venue in Hollwood, NOT the airport (though we all know those guys would rock the fuck out of the tarmac and set those towers on FIRE!)

See you on the dance floor!