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I AM A LASER: TIPPER, FreQ Nasty, King Britt (as Soul Litchfield) & Strangeloop JUNE 10 in LA presented by Glitch Hop Forum

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I AM A LASER, The Service Company, Project Sweatshop and present a very special I AM A LASER event this June with a well-cultivated lineup of electronic music heavy hitters that will no doubt combine into an unforgettable night of spontaneous musical combustion, artistic creation and crowd reaction. Continue reading

New Label Bakes the Bass: Woofer Cookers

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If you like your woofer cooked like I do- well done, shuddering and baking in bass, knocking shit off your walls, grabbing you by the brain and humping your eardrums- then put this new West Coast label out of Vancouver on your list of ish. Continue reading

ARGYLE Mix in Big Up Magazine: Dubstep from the Whale’s Vagina

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2009 has shown that bass music knows no bounds on the West Coast, and all up and down the Pacific shores we’re gettin’ lefty-loosey on this bitch. From the Glitch Hop Forum crew up in Vancouver and my Bellingham couch-throwing tribe to my peeps in Ashland, Oregon with their curly hair under ballcaps and the mad motherfuckers in LA, people are pooling to this sound, ears to the ground and bellies hungry for more.

Down in San Diego (aka the Whale’s Vagina) beside lots of smoking weed on the beach, there is a small and fervent dubstep scene going on with a few passionate individuals leading the way and converting others to the dark side as they do. Two of these such forward-thinkers, Puppy Kicker and EshOne (known collectively as Argyle) have put together this mix for Big Up Magazine, a dubby wonder of all original productions with a little help from their friends.

Click here to go to Argyle’s Big Up’N’Comers Mix for Big Up Magazine.


1. Notch & Puppy Kicker – Blue Steel
2. EshOne – Toast Burned
3. Argyle – Funk Funk
4. Puppy Kicker – Abysmal
5. Clone A Side – For The Paradise (Puppy Kicker Remix)
6. EshOne – Float
7. Puppy Kicker – Cosmic Orgasm
8. Argyle – I’d Call It Dope
9. Puppy Kicker – Deionized
10. Puppy Kicker – New Guinea Voodoo
11. Rachel Bennett – Tell Me (EshOne Dub Mix)
12. Puppy Kicker – Everyone’s Happy
13. EshOne – Texas Pete
14. EshOne – When I’m Around

Dirty Filthy Whompcast: ill-esha

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The newest whompcast, from ill-esha of Vancouver, BC is extra-crunchy; it gnaws on you as it evolves, the eclectic set getting better and better the whole way through until all the mother lovers unite in bass bliss euphoria. I started the mix over as soon as it finished, ‘cuz I’m a fanatic like that. Ill-esha is the shit.

This singer, rapper, producer and DJ will be performing next month on July 16 at Seattle’s new glitch, dubstep and bass music monthly: Thirdsdaze. Also on the lineup are locals Zacharia, Aksion and Kat1lyst.

Listen and check the tracklist here or subscribe to the Whompcast in iTunes!

Note to readers: The whompcast website will be back up on June 16, when my homie gets his paycheck. The huge response to ill-esha’s whompcast crashed his shit.