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New Dubstep Weekly: HEAVY Launches Thursday, June 23 @ Echoplex

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It’s hard to believe that with the undeniable upsurge in popularity that dubstep has experience in the past few years that there is no weekly dubstep night in Los Angeles.

That’s all about to change with the launch of HEAVY, an all-dubstep night on the east side at the Echoplex which will take place every Thursday. This new event is 18+, the cover is $10 and with the big capacity of the Echoplex, should be a rightful banger.

Resident DJs will be local legend 6Blocc, as well as Daddy Kev and DJ Nobody of Low End Theory fame. Special guests will perform every week, and word on the street is that some pretty big names are lined up to play the first several weeks of events.

Find more information on the HEAVY Facebook event page, and follow HEAVY on Twitter for all the late-breaking updates about this new weekly event.

Hitler vs. Dubstep @ Burning Man 2010

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Thank you Amelie for this gem!

Pure Filth Presents BASSFACE Jan 30 w/JAKES & Take

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Is Sam XXXL‘s sound system the best on the West Coast?

Come and judge for yourself at BASSFACE presented by Pure Filth on Saturday, January 30 and for the love of filth and all else that is holy, GET THERE EARLY. Not LA-early, which is midnight, but for reals yo: early. As the power of bass music is growing exponentially, the venues can’t keep up with the crowds so if you want to share in this magical night, head to Lot 613 earlier than you think you should.

Headlining this time around is Jakes, a dubstep legend from Bristol who smashes every speaker he touches, and Take, a local beat hero who crushes genres together in the most delightful and unusual ways.

And of course it doesn’t stop there: The Professionals, Jaybird, DLX, Druley, MC Kemst and bad ass visuals by Dr. Strangeloop complete the night.

THE VENUE Lot 613 is fully licensed (so the cops can’t fuck with us) with two large rooms, and extra security has been added this time around to make that line go faster. Show is 18 & up, 21+ to drink and is 9PM-3AM. See you on the dance floor.

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Click here to read my review of the last BASSFACE.

ARGYLE Mix in Big Up Magazine: Dubstep from the Whale’s Vagina

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2009 has shown that bass music knows no bounds on the West Coast, and all up and down the Pacific shores we’re gettin’ lefty-loosey on this bitch. From the Glitch Hop Forum crew up in Vancouver and my Bellingham couch-throwing tribe to my peeps in Ashland, Oregon with their curly hair under ballcaps and the mad motherfuckers in LA, people are pooling to this sound, ears to the ground and bellies hungry for more.

Down in San Diego (aka the Whale’s Vagina) beside lots of smoking weed on the beach, there is a small and fervent dubstep scene going on with a few passionate individuals leading the way and converting others to the dark side as they do. Two of these such forward-thinkers, Puppy Kicker and EshOne (known collectively as Argyle) have put together this mix for Big Up Magazine, a dubby wonder of all original productions with a little help from their friends.

Click here to go to Argyle’s Big Up’N’Comers Mix for Big Up Magazine.


1. Notch & Puppy Kicker – Blue Steel
2. EshOne – Toast Burned
3. Argyle – Funk Funk
4. Puppy Kicker – Abysmal
5. Clone A Side – For The Paradise (Puppy Kicker Remix)
6. EshOne – Float
7. Puppy Kicker – Cosmic Orgasm
8. Argyle – I’d Call It Dope
9. Puppy Kicker – Deionized
10. Puppy Kicker – New Guinea Voodoo
11. Rachel Bennett – Tell Me (EshOne Dub Mix)
12. Puppy Kicker – Everyone’s Happy
13. EshOne – Texas Pete
14. EshOne – When I’m Around

Your Friday Mix: Partners in Grime

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Hey hey! New mix up from Partners in Grime, aka PrEssHa and Kat1lyst of Seattle. For some reason mixes are just more fun to listen to than albums for me; maybe with albums I am trying to pay too much attention or maybe I just like the variety.

Either way this is a fatty dope mix of crunked-out midtempo jammers and exclusive releases to slam you right into the weekend- 26 tracks in 55 minutes. Click here and enjoy!


1.) Rusty Bridges and Greeves – D.O.P.E.
2.) Blue Tech – Waiting For Initiation
3.) Pretty Lights – Keep Em Bouncin
4.) Juvenile – Nolia Clap (Samples Caribbean Heat Mix)
5.) Samples & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. – VIP Bass
6.) Spank Rock and Benny Blanco – Bootay Bitch Beat (Megasoid Remix)
7.) Knight Riderz – 1up
8.) Akira Keteshi – Boom N Pow
9.) Freestylers – Ruffneck (Datsik & Excision Remix)
10.) Vista – Iron Fist
11.) Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger (bar9 remix)
12.) Syndaesia – Firecracker
13.) DJ Primecuts – Warning feat. Dynamite MC (Eddie K. Remix)
14.) Barbarix – Suck em hard
15.) Subscape – Chomp Stomp
16.) Ollie – You Stupid Cunt (Bare Noize Remix)
17.) Excision- Know You
18.) Datsik & Excision – Swagga
19.) Pretty Lights – If I could feel again
20.) Ben Samples – Oh My
21.) Opiuo – Monkey Crunk
22.) k-Lab Feat MC Analog – Wrecked (Opiuo Remix)
23.) Bill Bless – Fun Is Happy
24.) Vent – Monkey Chew
25.) Kid Sister – Get Fresh
26.) The Builder – Shpongled

Two more partners in grime: me & Pressha on the Playa

DUBSTEP.FM Invades LA this Friday Night!

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BWOMP presents: Dubstep.FM Invades Los Angeles this Friday night at a secure downtown art gallery location, featuring Dopelabs, the Seattle dubstep mastermind behind Dubstep.FM. Having listened to countless hours of Dank Deals and other Dubstep.FM programs, I am a fan and look forward to hearing what tracks he pulls out of his brain to throw down on the Pure Filth sound system. PLUS- the show will be broadcasted live worldwide on Dubstep.FM!

Also on the bill: SMOG’s EMU, HD4000, J-Viz, Tminus & Shambles, Yong, Kid Logic, DemonOne and TenBucc2. I have also heard talk of a special surprise guest yet to be announced, but let me just say I hope I see him get raw with his southpaw style. And it’s not Method Man.

Doors open at 8PM, cover is $10 before 11PM and $15 after. For venue location, call the info line the night of the event at (818) 253-1420 or go on and click here for the Facebook event page.

Pure Filth presents BASSFACE w/Joker, Nosaj Thing (SAT 11/28)

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JOKER was just crowned “King of Bass Music” in the latest issue of XLR8R. That’s a pretty damn big statement but this 20 year-old makes some pretty damn big tunes, including Purple City, one of the undeniable party anthems of 2009 that has ripped dance floors to shreds all up and down the West Coast. I have seen it happen; I have been on the floor screaming and jumping up and watching my friends freak out, and I can’t wait to do it again Saturday night!

The latest episode of BASSFACE brought to you by Pure Filth also features Alpha Pup’s Nosaj Thing who will get his chance to rip the venue in half; Lot 613 is an upgraded warehouse, so you get the plenty of room, the egalitarian floor-feel, cheap drinks, an outside smoking and art space ALONG WITH a working restroom. Awesome.

Also on the lineup: The Professionals, Novocaine9, Heru, MC Nomad, MC Kemst, visuals by Strangeloop and the “most adventurous sound installation yet,” AKA get ready to wobble at the cellular level.

BASSFACE takes place this Saturday night November 28 from 9PM to 3AM, cover is $10 before 11PM at Lot 613 at 613 Imperial Street in LA. Check the Facebook event page here and see you on the dance floor!