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Bluetech, Welder & Shen @ Zanzibar

Posted in From the Front Lines (Show Reviews) with tags , , , , , , , on April 22, 2009 by worldromper

Last night I hauled my ass over to Santa Monica to catch some trippy ass music at Club Zanzibar out of Bluetech, Welder and Shen as part of the record release tour for Divine Invasion, Bluetech’s new album.

The crowd ranged from a guy in a red jumpsuit (“I have it in four colors!”) to girls with feathers in their hair to chicks with armfuls of sparkling Swarovski crystals to the dude dropping beats in a welding helmet. 

What impressed me the most about the night was the fluidity of sound between the three artists, a cohesive theme of trip which threaded the night together like a psychedelic path to the moon. This is stoner music; to get the full, gooey effect of the melodic bass you should be dipping your toes in a different state of consciousness, and in the desert, preferably.

Welder was my favorite but he has been for a while; his music made my body create new dance moves, to express itself in new ways and surprise my brain, which makes this nerd feel happy and more connected to the earth and to my carnal being. Good stuff.

I kept wishing we were all outside, and I am sure most of the hippie-flavored crowd would have come with me. Zanzibar’s sound is not the best; I am getting spoiled to epic sound systems and find that more and more these days I choose not to dance at the front of the dance floor, but at the spot where the sound is richest. If Club Zanzibar would allocate half the budget it spent on floor pillows and incense to a better sound system, it would be a vast improvement for this chi-chi club.

The slower tempos create a more mellow evening, with a more expressive dance floor. This longer space between beats means more room to swirl and twist your body parts between moves, which means greater intimidation factor on the dance floor, which means a higher percentage of better dancers because the bad dancers fall away. 

I met a lot of really neat people last night. I find that the better the music is, the better the crowd is. Funny how that works. I kept thinking I saw people from Seattle- is that Skoi in the corner? Marie at the bar? Manahan walking in? This is always a good sign for the evening.

Sorry for the puny review; the night was anything but. I would definitely suggest that anyone check out the Divine Invasion Tour as the three guys head up the West Coast for a night of chilled out, tripped out, soul-soothing music. 

Welder, duh.

Welder, duh.