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Low End Theory Winter Lineups

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Calling it winter when the forecast is 77 and sunny this weekend is kind of crazy, but then again I live in the Capitol of Crazylvania and that is how we roll- under blue skies and palm trees, baby!

Low End Theory has an intriguing blend of artists filling in the Wednesday nights this season, in addition to the superstar resident lineup of Daddy Kev, Gaslamp Killer, Nobody, D-Styles and Nocando:

  • Nov 25:            Daedelus (Extended Set)
  • Dec   2:            Dark Party & Mux Mool
  • Dec   9:            Jeremy Ellis, Bossasaurus & more TBA
  • Dec 16:            Sole & The Skyrider Band
  • Dec 23:            Ras G, SamIYam, Lorn & Teebs
  • Dec 30:            6Blocc & Tokimonsta
  • Jan   6:            Carlos Niño “Special 360” Night
  • Jan 13:            Free Moral Agents
  • Jan 20:            Odd Nosdam & more TBA
  • Jan 27:            1320 Records Showcase featuring Nalepa Dub Orchestra, Virtual Boy, St. Andrew & Fuzz
  • Feb 24:            Flugeance & Deru

Stairway to Heaven

From the Front Lines: Low End Theory (11/11)

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Another crackin’ week in the center of the universe! The electronic arts scene here in Los Angeles is thriving; any given night you can throw a rock (or a flaming trash can) and hit a party with beats going off like wild animals. And I’m not talking about the plethora of horrific meet-market clubs packed to the gills with people who don’t give a flying shit about the music, dancing to 1998’s greatest house hits and trying not to spill an $11 vodka tonic on their shiny shirts.

I am talking about forward-moving music that engages your brain as well as your body. I am talking about the good shit. Puff puff give:

Low End Theory this week was a bit of an anomaly as all the residents were in route to Japan, but that didn’t stop the Low End community from doing it up proper and partying like it was Wednesday night or something. I arrived after 11PM half expecting a half-full room, but the upstairs dance floor was bouncy with head-nodders all the way back to Sharky’s bar.

While the absence of Daddy Kev, Nocando, Nobody, D-Styles and Gaslamp Killer was definitely noticeable, the people don’t come to Low End for the faces, but for the beats. And we got them. Devonwho was twisting minds with Tully of My Hollow Drum taking up as MC, and the MHD crew was rotating in and out of the DJ slot, keeping the energy lit. The crowd at Low End is always pretty young, and I love it. Seeing all those minors with X’s on their hands who are there for the music is so inspiring; it makes me wonder what beats are brewing in their heads tonight that I will dance to tomorrow.

I was thinking wow, this is a great night and I should write it up, and then who walks up to the stage but Flying Lotus. I should have recognized his laptop from the Obama sticker. A slap of excitement hit the crowd as we knew we were in for a real treat. As always FlyLo played some shit you have never heard before and that you can’t imagine existing until it does, right there in your ears and undeniable. We heard new beats from his new album no doubt, as well as a track that he and Thom Yorke had just made in NYC. I was swimming in the beat love, we all were, and Wednesday night confirmed for me that indeed Low End Theory is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It is a community but even more than that, it is an energy, a mental place of feral creativity where the normal rules of music and nightlife do not apply- because we are making new ones.

See you next week.

Dear readers: sorry for the astounding lack of photos on my recent posts. My camera has bit the shit.

Every Wednesday

New Glitch Mob: Low End Theory Podcast

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You know you want it!

If you haven’t subscribed yet in iTunes to the Low End Theory podcast, now would be a good time to click that button, because this month’s installment features a new music mix from the Glitch Mob as well as from D-Styles, one of the residents at the “BEST UNPREDICTABLE MUSIC NIGHT” in the city as per the LA Weekly. It is free to download and subscribe.

In the mix is that “Breathe a Little” track that I just happened to have stuck in my head ALL DAY yesterday, so much that I almost posted on Facebook: What is this track? Who has it? Where can I listen to it? But it looks like the gods of the internets have answered my personal pleas for breathe.

OH AND it contains that “Mike, Aaron & Eddie” track that some of you have been harassing me about for a while. You know who you are.

Past podcasts include Gaslamp Killer, Mary Anne Hobbs, Nobody, Mono/Poly, Daddy Kev, Nosaj Thing, Ras G, Mike Slott, & SamIYam. Yeah.

Stay tuned for a new album from the Glitch Mob, coming early next year!

Glitch Mob @ Symbiosis – more sweet photos on their website here.

Low End Theory: Nosaj Thing

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There are artists, and then there are artists. I think you know the difference.

Jason Chung is an artist.

Yesterday at Low End Theory we had a re-do; the last time Nosaj Thing was out (for his record release party on June 10), the LAFD shut down the outdoor stage a skoch early because shit was getting too crazy up under those wooden rafters and tin roof, like the Airliner was having some sort of structural seizure. Bitches! WE DON’T NEED NO WATER LET THE MOTHER FUCKER BURN! Don’t you know how we roll, LAFD?

So last night we all pushed into the upstairs room which has been madly improved with sound and paint; the lighter hue behind the stage works well with the rolling visuals, and the massive amount of bass coming out of those speakers rattle your eyelids- even proper speaker freakers like me can’t stand up front for too long.

The crowd was thick and sweaty and young and beautiful yesterday evening, a gorgeous hot city night in the summer of love. The resident MC Nocando seemed to be particularly on, spitting mad rhymes on the dance floor’s heads like bouncing bricks and obviously loving it. D-Styles, Daddy Kev and Nobody once again delivered: as always these masters sling top choice tracks, expertly read the crowd’s energy, and mix seamlessly and clean. I think they may have done this once or twice before. Daddy Kev in particular always seems to throw these insane new tracks I haven’t heard yet; what underground track railroad is he part of? The best one, I am sure.

Along with Nosaj another guest last night was Dak, his more-abstract set lost the crowd a little bit, although I enjoyed watching his efforts and mutli-multi-approach to IDMy hip hop. The more abstract you go with your music, the more you risk losing the dance floor, as more minds will not be able to distinguish between the looser music and crap. It doesn’t take a special mind, but it does take hours and hours of listening to all kinds of sounds and some brains just aren’t there yet; their owners aren’t quite obsessed with music enough.

There is nothing elitist about being able to appreciate more abstract music, like jazz. It has little to do with some “natural music brain” and much more to do with how many hours you have listened to music in general. Good music, not Top 40 pop crap, which is the music that people who don’t listen to music listen to.

Now, people have said that no one dances much at Low End Theory. Okay, I have said that. And once again in life I find myself on the wrong side of being right, because last night people were getting down! From the back of the room by Sharky’s bar to the sticky-floored front in the glowing waves of bass, hipster chicks and gangsta boys and X-handed minors and freaks like me were all lovin’ it, spilling beer on each other and spanking the airspace above our heads and shaking ass like we liked it or something.

And then: Nosaj Thing. WOW. What a freaking set. What a freaking artist. I love the golden experience of listening to a producer mix and remix his own tracks live, adding in extra tweaks and bleeps, making you catch your breath up near your throat before it escapes and he slams down the drop like a whale tale on a parking lot. And I love it when DJs tease you with a hint of a track long before they drop it, a sneak peek that some people consciously recognize and others viscerally respond to. Oh don’t we humans just love that mix of the new and the familiar!

Nosaj Thing wove in some melodramatic pop songs and a little sticky dubstep as well, but by far the greatest response from the crowd was always when he let loose tracks from Drift, his new album (BUY IT NOW). We knew we were in the presence of greatness, and we sweated like it. Nosaj is fun to watch; he knows his shit and he loves his shit, and his movements on stage are filled with the grace of someone who is in the process of creating something beautiful.

The only word coming out of my mouth last night was “YEAH!” and besides being soaking wet with sweat, THAT is how I know I am experiencing transcendence. It only happens two places in this world, and the dance floor is one of them. Some people may go into spasms, some roll their eyes back in their head, some talk in tongues, some scream and yell. But for this wordy bitch, I know I am having a moment when for once in my life I can form no words but only a whimper of affirmation, like all my energy is processing the music, like I am experiencing something that reaches back far beyond language, like I am touching god, with an eyes-closed mouth-open ‘YEAH‘.

Ok you guys. Nosaj Thing restored my faith in humanity last night, in myself, in my home which is the dance floor, and in LA. This is a hard town to take on alone; there is a lot of shitty music out there and a lot of stupid people. But if you look a little harder and search with a little more soul, you can find artists and inspiration greater than any place I have ever known. God I am in love.

NOSAJ THING IS ON TOUR shortly with the Glitch Mob and Daddy Kev all up and down the West Coast from San Diego to Canadialand; check dates here and for the love of God, do not miss these artists when they come to your city! Experience for yourself what the hell I have been blathering on and on about; I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

ALSO: Next week at Low End Theory we have more local music pioneers Daedelus and Free the Robots, both of whom continue the trend of evolutionary revolutionary experimental electronic hip hoppy brain music. And oh yes, there will be bass.

Photo by Alex BotwinPhoto from Myspace by Alex Botwin


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DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, Werewolf Babies, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week. 

  1. Boreta
  2. Henry George
  3. ill-esha
  4. Daddy Kev
  5. Nobody
  6. D-Styles
  7. Nocando
  8. Flying Lotus
  9. Nosaj Thing
  10. Jahcoozi

sasha and oren


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Hello fair readers!

Hot July = Hot Parties. Hope your sum-sum-summaTIME is going well!

As usual, I will update this post frequently as the month goes along, and you can always find my current list of events on the left-hand side of my blog’s home page under the links for “FIND LA EVENTS“.


  • 1: Low End Theory w/Exile, Mono/Poly & Egadz; Hell and the Lake of Fire Release Party #1 for Gaslamp Killer’s Mix CD
  • 2: Hell and the Lake of Fire Release Party #2 for Gaslamp Killer’s Mix CD with SamIYam @ TBA in Venice
  • 3: Planetary Series: Red Planet w/Octave One, Robert Hood, Developer and Robtronik @ TBA (and until 7AM, baby!)
  • 7: Arena Bass w/Smog feat. Evol, Pablo Hassan, Unit, Steady & Kemst @ The Arena
  • 8: Scion House Party w/Kode 9, Spaceape, Martyn & 12th Planet @ Roxy
  • 8: Low End Theory: Blank Blue Combine EP Release w/Andy Votel & Massa
  • 9: Free the Robots, KnifeDreams, Austin Speed & Tealong @ The Crosby
  • 10: Space Island @ the Echoplex w/ VIBESQUAD, Knowa Knowone & Henry Strange
  • 14: The Do LaB presents: Bonobo @ King King w/Of Porcelain and R/D
  • 15: Nosaj Thing Revisited @ Low End Theory
  • 16: MIDDLEGROUND by Space Island w/HEYOKA, Ruff Hauser, Stephan Jacobs & Heavenly Father @ TBA
  • 17: BASSFACE w/DZ, Kozee, Sam Supa, Ras G, SamiYam @ TBA
  • 18-19: Wildlife presents: Magical Sunshine Festival w/David Starfire, Pawn, Emu, Skandar, Osal8, Austin Speed, Philly B, lots more
  • 22: Daedelus and Free the Robots @ Low End Theory
  • 23: SMOG @ Respect w/Katz, DLX, Evol, Dustmite & Kemst
  • 24: More Voltage Tour: GLITCH MOB w/Nosaj Thing & Daddy Kev @ Roxy
  • 24: Cut Chemist @ The Getty: FREE!
  • 25: Master P on Atari Tour w/Mochipet, [a]pendics.shuffle, Boom Bip, Sodapop, Oro11 & New Berlin @ The Silver Echo Gallery
  • 28: DUBTROIT w/Sukh Knight
  • 28: BassScience @ Zanzibar in Santa Monica

I am thinking that July should look something like this:


Low End Theory KILLS AGAIN

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Last night was one of the best Low Ends I have been to, proving once again that this resident lineup is one of the fattest and freshest in LA or FUCK, the whole West Coast! I said it, WHAT!

l_5f496c6e1143ba1f2212d0acfcafede31Daddy Kev laid down a set of almost all new tracks, gleaned from his friends of future sound around and pretty much blew every mind in there. Low End Theory is KIND OF a big deal, in case you didn’t know.

Earlier in the night I was talking to Daddy Kev up on the balcony and he was saying how he was glad it would not be too crowded so people could dance. The Airliner gets so insanely sardined that I have spent hours at the top of the stairs dancing because that was the only place to go- not the best place for a clumsy ass girl like me but ya know us dancers have to get our fix somehow.

Apparently last night the giant crowd didn’t get the message about not packing in and by the time the bass began coursing out of the castles of Pure Filth speakers up front, it was once again a fight to the front of the dance floor. A fight this peace lover always wins. 

It was the best set I have ever heard out of Daddy Kev, and Nocando was holding it down ALL NIGHT; the MC owned that shit and it almost seemed like his mouth took on a life of its own and even he was surprised at the lyrical stylings that were dropping from his lips.

Upstairs meanwhile My Hollow Drum was delivering layers of body-contusing bass and people were dancing to the group of DJs who were rotating a bit too much for blond girl to keep track of. Every time I stepped back into the second room I was drawn in, like the sound was pulling me to the speakers instead of thundering out of them.

Somehow I missed D-Styles but back outside Nobody followed Daddy Kev, continuing the aural assault and then the Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer came to wipe up the floor. Epic. Down on the right end of the stage I saw some madman dancing like crazy, throwing his arms in the air like an evil doctor commanding his zombie army to rise and kill, lightening exploding behind his upraised hands which dripped with blood. I was like, who the fuck is this guy? Ah- it was GLK’s shadow, projected onto the wall by the visuals, a specter grown larger than life, just like the DJ and Low End Theory itself.

I love Low End Theory! It is my favorite night of the week; the crowd is there for one reason: the music. The music, and to smoke mad, mad amounts of bud, all night long.

See you guys next week.