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MAD Press Love for Free the Robots’ new album “Ctrl Alt Delete” out March 30

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The days of finding music news and fresh songs on the traditional radio waves are practically over, as most of the stations today are too busy playing ‘Bedrock‘ and screaming about car insurance. Record stores are hanging in there, but it is a safe bet that most people today get almost all of their new music and music news on teh interwebs. Welcome to your new media.

Online buzz is now an essential element of an album campaign, and if word count is any kind of indication, Free the Robots‘ new album CTRL ALT DELETE is set to make some huge waves next week.

Dropping on Alpha Pup Records Tuesday March 30, Free the Robots’ inventive take on sound is lighting a fire under the blogosphere and slapping online music publications upside the head. Download the first single off the album “Orion’s Belt Buckle” for free right here, and check out what music writers around the world are saying (click on the publication title to go to the full piece):

FAKERICH …one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Civil Clothing …soundscapes of inorganic (electronic) nature with a soulful human touch…the future is here, folks.

The Bomarr Blog pure nastiness…

Deftune …one of the most influential artists to come out of Los Angeles’ experimental beat scene.

Chrome Kids This is the kind of freedom that Johnny 5 tasted and all those other androids out there have been dreaming of since.

PassionWeiss …the ideal soundtrack to blunt cruise…

SexyFresh eclectic mind seducing sounds…

BigMuff …quite the talented upcoming Cali B-boy/Producer…

OCWeekly an evolution–a fearsome and sophisticated instrumental album.

GiantRobot …built from the ground up…dirtier, harder, and heavier…

KEYCMND crunchy samples, wobbling low-end, and an irreplaceable sci-fi aesthetic.

MemeMagazine a record bursting with genres, and it’s not afraid to use them: obscure samples are blended together with analogue and digital compositions so that each song provides new and interesting insights.

URB …soft-melodic, yet heart-thumping edgy beats…

XLR8R …one of the more unique sounds to come out of the West Coast beat scene, pairing futuristic basslines that could fit into a dubstep set with chunky, dusty beats that sound straight out of the mid-’80s.

DF5K Free the Robots’ inventive take on sound is lighting a fire under the blogosphere and slapping online music publications upside the head.


Free the Robots Ctrl Alt Delete drops March 30 and the Record Release Party goes down at Low End Theory on March 31.

Check out the newest promo video for Ctrl Alt Delete on Alpha Pup’s Vimeo.


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As they say in France, c’est le shit.

Free the Robots‘ album Ctrl Alt Delete drops March 30 on Alpha Pup Records.

Check out Alpha Pup Records‘ new website here.