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Psyphy Machine: The World’s Best Radio Station

Posted in LISTEN TO THIS with tags , , , , , , , on May 21, 2009 by worldromper

Better than BBC Radio 1, even better than c89.5 The Vortex is Psyphy Machine, found on your iTunes radio under the electronic genre, duh.

No iTunes? Listen here.

Psyphy Machine is “Your #1 Source for Strip-Hop, Psyphy, Crunkstep and Muffincore” and dishes out the best in bass music from its HQ in San Fran.

I have been listening to this station for a while now and the sweet thing about iTunes radio is that it tells you who is playing; on mixes this doesn’t help too much but in general I get a lot of artists names to check out. So check it out!