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Compression 4-Year Anniversary was DIRTY

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Friday at Cinespace I experienced one of the most inspiring nights of dancing since I moved to LA.

The show was Compression‘s 4-Year Anniversary and featured Claude VonStroke, Voodeux, the Martin brothers, Monty Luke, Matt Xavier, Andre Ezer and a whole gang of dancing freaks.

I first went to Cinespace shortly after arriving in Los Angeles and I still didn’t know what was what. Wondering around lost on the streets, I wasn’t sure where the hell I was, much less where the hell the club was. I was searching up and around and trying to see a street sign between the neon lights, gritty buildings and screaming drunk people. And then I looked down, and saw stars at my feet.

It was my first time on the Hollywood Boulevard.

Returning to the same space this past weekend, it seemed like a completely different place. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the fresh faces of the smiling crowd, but the icky veneer of Hollyweird was almost too thin to even smell. I jumped up the stairs and took my place at the front of the dance floor with others of my kind, my kindred spirits.

I can always spot them. We dance together on the front of the floor all night, taking short breaks for the bathroom or the bar, never failing to return right to that delicious stack of speakers. My people are always out at Compression; I can count on this night to deliver booty-bouncing beats and the happy crowd that seems to go along with the BPM.

Two sound stages kept the energy churning and the people moving around and mingling. Cinespace is a not a small club; it has a few bars and an outdoor smoking patio with cushy chairs to complement the two dance floors. The Martin brothers played consecutive sets on the main floor, and I kept sidling over to the second stage to catch Voodeux’s creepier, tech-funk beats that seemed to writhe around the room, pulling people into the ominous whirl and thumping them on the forehead.

Claude VonStroke. I am hereby on his list of eternal-forever fans and will go to hear him play in the future whenever I am fortunate to have the chance. His music grabs you from underneath and throws you into the groove, and there you stay until he is finished with you. How can a sound be so clean and so dirty at the same time? Full of energy just like his tracks, VonStroke is the kind of DJ you just love to see perform, because you know he loves it too.

Respected far and wide as a techno and house master, I swear Claude got a little extra bounce in his smile and a mischievous twinkle in his eye when he laid down the broken-beat track “California.” With vocal samples and glorious deep drums, the tune had the whole dance floor poppin’ and rollin’, thinking we were minors drinking gin and juice in our low riders. Very LLCoolJ-esque.

With basslines that inspire and plenty of snappy mixes and playful productions, this is an artist who is not afraid to be unique (or of Detroit). The whole ethos of his sound is a fun and dirty ride, full of nasty giggles and that tasty VonStroke groove that doesn’t just pull at something very deep inside of you- it grabs it and holds on.

VonStroke’s magical music isn’t a balls to the wall brain-fry freakout, but rather a warm, throbbing vibe that smoothly carries you along as the night unfolds. It is a deep house trip, a minimal tech-funk parade, an elastic electroslut incision. Smart and melodic and the opposite of too-cool-for-school, VonStroke’s sound is like that quirky girl with the weird clothes who you just KNOW has a dark side, waiting to shake her “Big and Round” just as soon as the beat drops.

At 4AM as the lights went up, Claude handed out CDs of his new album Bird Brain (wow a real CD! With a case and label and artwork and everything!), which I was lucky to score and have been rocking ever since. It had been a dazzling five hours and I did not want the night to end.

Which was a damn good thing, because my car had been locked overnight in the lot I had parked in, leaving me to cab my ass back to Silver Lake, luckily just a $20 ride away. I was so filled up and happy from my night of dancing, I didn’t even care.

“What kind of music were you dancing to?” asked the cabbie.


Click here to check out the sweet photos of the night by Chris Soltis, Compression photog.

Photo by Chris Soltis

Compression 4-Year Anniversary: Claude VonStroke & SF Dirtybird Crew this Friday

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AH shit!

Friday night at Cinespace Robtronik presents the 4-Year Anniversary of Compression, featuring Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird crew from San Francisco etc. including Christian Martin, Justin Martin, Voodeux (AKA KiloWatts & Tanner Ross) and Monty Luke. Also on hand are Compression deejays Andre Ezer and Matt Xavier, and expect a big crowd as this is VonStroke’s LA Album Release Party for his second album, Bird Brain, and a stop on his world tour as well.

Dirtybird is pretty much a synonym for BANGIN‘ and I am really excited to hear Claude VonStroke again; at Symbiosis this TITAN of West Coast Sound was shaking the trees from their roots to their leaves and every single face on his dance floor had a stupid, beat-eating smile plastered across it. He works the dance floor like a tool, bending and working it like Superman with a bar of metal, expelling shrieks and screams and hands in the air. Oh I am excited! His Myspace profile lists ghettotech in addition to house and techno and dear GOD, let’s hope he dips into the dirty for a least a couple of tracks. Also posted are influences: YOUR MOM and sounds like: CHICKEN.

All the elements are coming together for this one, including Funktion One sound, two rooms, 21+, 9:30-4AM, and you can RSVP for reduced entry right here.

Shilo’s November Events

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Samhain, November 1, always indicates new cycles and fresh beginnings in my life, and this year seems to be no different. Here’s to autumn in LA!

As always, I keep this post updated and added to throughout the month and you can find it by looking in the right-hand column on my main page under “Shilo’s Event Calendar.”

  • 3: Wisp, Naha, Schlage & more @ Technique @ Zanzibar
  • 3: Jogger, Daedelus, Buraka Som Sistema, Jokers of the Scene & more @ Cinespace in Hollyweird. Free vodka 10-11PM.
  • 4: Low End Theory Special Ableton Event w/Thavius Beck, Sweatson Klank, MatthewDavid
  • 6: Kraddy
  • 7: Other People’s Money w/Vibesquad, Datsik, Subvert, Excision, Propa Tingz & more @ Nucleus Events Center
  • 8: Brainfeeder Sessions @ Downtown Independent w/Daedelus, Jogger, Gaslamp Killer, Dr. Strangeloop, Jeremy Ellis, Teebs & Kutmah
  • 10: Random Rab, Imagika & Electric Dandelion @ Zanzibar
  • 11: Low End Theory: My Hollow Drum, Kutmah, Devonwho
  • 11: Deru, Blockhead, AmpLive & Yppah @ The Echo
  • 12: The Do Lab presents Bluetech, Mimosa & Electric Dandelion @ King King
  • 12: I AM A LASER with Take, R/D, LC & Souleye at Club Nokia upstairs
  • 13: Compression w/Robtronik, Drumcell, Vic Carillo @ King King
  • 14: BWOMP presents: Attack of the BASS w/Anitserum, Puppykicker, Ev-1, J-Viz & more @ TBA
  • 18: Low End Theory w/Ghislain Poirier, Rob Luis & Lanu
  • 18: Scion House Party w/Plastician, Mary Anne Hobbs, SCUBA & 12th Planet, FREE w/RSVP
  • 20: Culprit & Hear w/Anthony Collins, Sammy Dee, Droog, Deliquent Frequency @ new venue TS 2
  • 20: Fat Freddy’s Drop @ The Roxy
  • 20: RUSKO, 12th Planet, Mr. White @ Avalon
  • 21: WE THE PEOPLE w/Bad Religion, Glitch Mob, Flobots, LA Riots, Jogger & much more @ Los Angeles Center Studios, downtown
  • 24: Dubtroit w/Pawn, Druley, Rudelgin & more
  • 25: Low End Theory: Daedelus special extended set
  • 25: House of Dub @ House of Blues w/DLX, Pawn, Steady, Kelly Dean, Evol, Pablo Hassan & more
  • 26: HAPPY THANKSGIVING = drinky drinky!
  • 27: Compression 4-Year Anniversary w/Claude Von Stroke & SF Dirtybird Crew
  • 28: Dysfunctional Family w/[a]pendics shuffle, Death by Acid, Alex Villalobos & more @ TBA
  • 28: Pure Filth presents BASSFACE with: JOKER & NOSAJ THING, The Professionals, Novocaine9, Heru!, Kemst, Nomad @ Lot 613


Photo by Tap Tap Productions.


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I promise to keep this updated on a regular basis, ‘cuz I change my mind like I change people into bass sluts and plus there are only like five shows on my list right now. Something tells me I will be going out slightly more than that.
  • 3: Low End Theory w/Ras G, Take & Mono/Poly
  • 5: Z-Trip, Dam Funk, & Gaslamp Killer @ Natural History Museum
  • 6: Venice Carnevale @ Venice Beach (der)
  • 6: MEGA presented by Droid Behavior, IComplex, Baseck, and Dublab
  • 8: Monday Night Social @ Nacional
  • 10: Nosaj Thing “Drift” Record Release Party @ Low End Theory
  • 12: Nosaj Thing “Drift” Listening Party w/Gaslamp Killer & Free the Robots @ Undefeated in Silverlake
  • 13: Slinky X
  • 13: Smog Sessions @ Echoplex w/Joe Nice, XI, Juakali, Spit Brothers, DLX & Kemst
  • 16: Pure Filth presents: Skream @ TBA
  • 17: Zomby, Joker, MC Nomad & 12th Planet @ The Roxy
  • 18: Shpongle @ Key Club (DJ set)
  • 18: THIRDSDAZE w/Propa Tingz, PrEssHA, Dirty Steve & Northstar (SEATTLE)
  • 20: Pure Filth presents: Benga, The Professionals, 6Blocc, more @ TBA
  • 19-21: Esthetic Evolution, (IDAHO)
  • 23: Ghislain Poirier @ Cinespace
  • 24: 16 Bit @ Low End Theory + more TBA
  • 24: Trouble & Bass CD Release party @ The Echo w/Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Star Eyes, The Captain & Skeet Skeet
  • 27-28: Electric Daisy Carnival
  • 28: Red Lightning w/BLVD, Kraddy & Vokab @ Marina del Rey
  • 30: Westside Dubz @ Zanzibar w/Geno Cochino, Emu & more
  • 30: DUBTROIT w/Reid Speed, UltraBlack, Kinetic, Lobsta & Anna Love @ Detroit Bar in OC

I’m gonna look like this at the end of June: