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Slap Yourself and 69 in the Car: My Favorite DJ in the Universe Is

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PrEssHa, of course. Who were you expecting, Oakenfuckingfold?

PrEssHa is a machine. He is an archetype. And he will be coming to a dance floor near you, no matter where you live. Because he is that good.

Recently C89.5 The Vortex, Seattle’s premier EDM radio show, broadcasted a special “Iron DJ” set with PrEssHa combining three of his favorite genres, dubstep, midtempo and techno for a three-hour live set.

Download PrEssHa’s new midtempo and techno mixes from the links below; they lead into each other and the commentary you hear throughout is by The Vortex’s Drew Bailey- one of the smart ones in this life.

Click here for SLAP YOURSELF, the midtempo set that pulls out of dubstep and goes into a bouncier, more fun-infused number than some of the more dark and overcast glitch stuff out there right now.

Click here for 69 In The Car, one of the sexiest techno mixes I have heard in a while, with a cameo outtro by the infamous Mike B, calling in from Miami during WMC.

Download and listen to these sets while you are getting ready to go out or prefunking tonight and this weekend. I dare you. I live in a constant state of prefunk and have been dancing around my living room all morning…er…afternoon. 

PrEssHa also plays electro, breaks, drum and bass, hip hop…and I’m sure he could play epic desert trance, candycorn and experimental Christian dubstep if he wanted to. Matt epitomizes the DJ of the future that I go on about, the DJs with a knowledge of many genres which they use to create eclectic and surprising sets. The old-school DJs who are married to one genre and hate on the others are a thing of the past. Just like drum and bass.  

JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING! I love drum and bass and in fact the only show I have ever thrown was a drum and bass show. Please don’t kick my ass, drum and bass heads! I’m just a peace lover with a smart mouth!

I have epic respect for DJs like PrEssHa. Many producers get hella pissed if you call them DJs (or punks)- trust me, I know. But being able to read the crowd and command the energy level on the dance floor while you mix seamlessly is a skill and a proper talent. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a producer you absolutely love go on live and be a terrible DJ, which happens more often than I would like to admit. Producers and DJs have a symbiotic relationship, and again- all the best producers and DJs know this.