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2009 in Review by Decibel Festival Director Sean Horton

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Sean AKA Nordic Soul is the Decibel Festival Curator and Director, he is my good friend and one of the greatest contributors to Seattle’s thriving underground music community. This is a very insightful summary of electronic music in 2009 with his Top 15 list at the bottom as well:

From Sean:

Every year it’s part of my job at PlayNetwork to come up with a list of top albums and overall assessment of music trends for the year. Below is my brief review of what I felt was a pretty landmark year for electronic music in the US and in general. Barring any incredible releases over the next month, these are my picks for the year. Keep in mind this list is strictly made up of albums; not EPs, 12’s or remixes (i.e 95% of the electronic music I purchased this year).

2009 in Review : Binary Pop, Warp’s Legacy, Dub Mutations and the Return of Sexy Dance Music

2009 has been an incredibly innovative year in relation to music production. Artists like Animal Collective, Fever Ray, Royksopp and Moderat have proven once and for all that digital beats and electronic sound design can appeal to a pop audience that otherwise wouldn’t find themselves listening to “electronic music”.

This year also marks the 20 year anniversary of the greatest electronic music label (arguably greatest label) of all time, Warp Records, which has had an exceptional year across the board with strong indie releases from Grizzly Bear and Maximo Park as well as strong releases from their more obscure electronic artists like Tim Exile and Clark. Warp’s 20th anniversary box set is not only one of the best reviewed collections of they year, it’s also a brilliant testament to the label’s vast catalog of ground breaking artists (i.e. Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Jamie Lidell, Nightmares on Wax, Prefuse 73, Autechre, Broadcast, Plaid, Battles, Squarepusher, etc).

In addition, 2009 witnessed the rise of Dubstep as a respected genre in the US through acclaimed UK labels like Hyperdub (Burial, Kode9, Joker, Zomby, Flying Lotus) and Tectonic (2562, Martyn, DJ Pinch, Benga) both of whom continue to blur the boundaries between Grime, Dub, West Coast Hip Hop and Detroit Techno. With the avid support of tastemakers like BBC Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs and Low End Theory’s Daddy Kev (Alpha Pup Records) UK Dubstep and West Coast Glitch Hop / Hip Hop have both become quintessential styles on the electronic music frontline in the US. From Burning Man to this year’s Movement festival in Detroit, Dubstep and Glitch Hop have fully emerged in 2009 as a staple sound in North America.

Another emerging trend has been the Deep House and Tech House revival, which has been experiencing a resurgence the past few years as club-goers have tired of the heady, sterility of Minimal Techno and the frenetic, over the top sound of Electro House. Artists like Gui Boratto, Voodeux, Pezzner, Milton Jackson, Stimming, Mode D, Catz n Dogz, DJ T and Dixon have all helped in keeping underground dance music both sexy and musical.

Overall 2009 has been a phenomenal year for technologically driven music, proving that creativity is truly catching up with the tools used for musical expression in the digital age.

Here are my Top 15 albums of the year:

1. Animal Collective “Merriweather Post Pavilion” Domino Records

2. Various “Warp 20” (Box Set) Warp Records

3. Moderat (aka Apparat & Modeselektor) “Moderat” Bpitch Control Records

4. Fever Ray “Fever Ray” Rabid Records

5. Phil Kieran “Shh” Cocoon Recordings

6. Nosaj Thing “Drift” Alpha Pup Records

7. Jon Hopkins “Insides” Domino Records

8. Various “5 : Five Years of Hyperdub” Hyperdub Records

9. Lusine “A Certain Distance” Ghostly International

10. Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest” Warp Records

11. Gui Boratto “Take My Breath Away” Kompakt Records

12. 2562 “Unbalance” Tectonic Records

13. Modeselektor “Body Language Vol. 8” Get Physical Music

14. Tim Hecker “An Imaginary Country” Kranky Records

15. Voodeux “The Paranormal” Mothership Records

SO SCREW IT: I’m (Dub)stepping Out

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Yes that is the title given to my piece on UK dubstep for the “British Sessions Part I” issue of Covers Magazine. I am not 100% happy with the edits made (a lot of coke in the Thames WTF?), but it is meant to be an intro piece for people who have never heard of dubstep before.

Read it here.

Decibel Festival 2009: Shilo’s Showcase Suggestions

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Due to popular demand I am writing up my showcase suggestions for the 2009 Decibel Festival which begins TOMORROW!

I have been pimping for this festival for a while; I believe strongly in the smart curation of the party. These lineups are not just thrown together, but rather placed with precision into intelligent mixes of eclectic talent. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I write for Decibel, and am honored to be a part of Seattle’s EDM festival.

I have bolded my top pick for each day, and added links in orange to the showcase descriptions that I wrote up.

Happy Decibel everybody!


FRIDAY 9/25:

  • dB DJ Lounge w/Produkt DJs (Goner, PrEssHa, Andrew Luck)
  • dB in duB Part 2: Dubstep Massive (Caspa, N-Type, Juakali, Boxcutter, much more)
  • Dirty Dancing International (Noah Pred, Rob Hood, Alex Under, The Wighnomy Brothers)
  • dB in duB Afterhours: Dub Mutants (DJ G, Pinch, Moldy, KJ Sawka, Dopelabs)
  • Innerflight Red Eye Afterhours (novaTRON, Nerd Revolt, Phil Western)


  • Future Funk H20 – Boat Party (Pezzner, J-Sun, Packy, Ramiro, Jeromy Nail)
  • Bass Lovers Unite (Mala, Mary Anne Hobbs, Megasoid, Nosaj Thing, Daedelus)
  • Disko Cassé (Hookerz N Blow, CLP, Truckasaurus, Brodinski, Recess, MC Anton Bomb)
  • dB Afterhours: The Deep End Part 2 (Voodeux, Move D, Martyn)
  • Starborne Dirty Velvet Afterhours (Nalepa, Mimosa, Mike Slott, 3WS, Eprom, Skoi Sirius, Take, Kotchy)


Shilo Loves Decibel Festival!

Shilo Loves Decibel Festival!

Dubstep LA: Embrace the Renaissance Vol. 1

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An awesome new mix dropped today, some real killer shit straight from LA that is cranking up my afternoon with the stench of slap-happy bass! Mixed by the UK’s Plastician, LA Dubstep features the talents of Benga, Starkey, Grouch, Caspa, MRK1, Snoop Dogg, Murs, 12th Planet and heaps more artists from all over!

The filthy sickness that is this mix leans deep into the West Coast with the distinct, heady flavor of California, like you rolled some dank ass dubstep in a purple blunt wrapper and set it on fire. Click here to smoke that shit and go to MediaContender and download Cashmere Agency presents Mr. Gristle and Tha Russian: Dubstep LA.

Decibel Festival Showcase Spotlight: dB in duB Part 1: Past, Present and Future of duB

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Photo by Jikamajoja on FlickrMany beats ago on the island of Jamaica, reggae artists and producers started experimenting with B-sides of tracks, letting loose their more creative sides and removing the vocals, emphasizing the bass and drums, and inventing new sounds with heady reverb and echo effects. Sound design pioneers Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock and Lee “Scratch” Perry were the first in the world to regard the mixer as an instrument, renovating the original songs into rhythm-centric “dubs” whose rich, organic soundscapes gave new attention to negative space, multi-layered depth, and of course, the bass.

Now decades later, dub has profoundly affected the birth of hip hop and electronic music, and what started as a small sonic revolution of smooth island beats now has a widespread influence on production all over the world. “dB in duB Part 1: Past, Present and Future of duB” celebrates not only the creation of the dub genre and its subsequent exposure, but also its evolution through the years into multiple subgenres-  from garage, drum and bass, grime, trip hop, and dubby techno to the most recent dub darling, dubstep.

Mad ProfessorThe 2009 Decibel Festival kicks off near the beginning of the story of dub with trailblazer Mad Professor. A grand king of the genre, Mad Professor has championed traditional dub from his London studio for decades. Not only has he worked with reggae legends as well as famous artists outside the dub domain, but he has also been instrumental in transitioning the genre into the digital age and staking the UK’s premier claim on exposing dub to the world. Known for original productions as well as remix work, the prolific Mad Professor has had his hands in over 200 albums and an immense “old school” impact on modern breakbeat culture.

Benga photo by Derek DjonsStomping along next is one of the godfathers of dubstep, Benga, who hails from the UK like the rest of the sound’s procreators. Out of one record store (Big Apple Records), one club night, and one very talented group of friends, dubstep emerged from garage, 2-step, and grime to be propelled into an innovative genre of its own right. Music like Benga was creating at age fifteen is now taking the world by storm, most notably on the West Coast of the US where the thick wobble has grabbed the attention of electronic music fans from Seattle to San Diego.

Deepchord presents: Echospace represents the forefront of the newest hybrid, dub techno. Producing with only vintage analog equipment that gives its “life-force” to the music, the duo uses dense atmospheric elements that add an emotional charge to their loopy, minimal sound. Rounding out the showcase is local champion of the fresh and the eclectic, Kid Hops, whose two radio programs on KEXP have exposed listeners to new music from way-out reggae to funky, dubby drum and bass.

Dub is the sound of a warm welcome, with a roots-oriented vibe and soothing beats combined with synthesized sounds and electronic machinations from tomorrow. It is the perfect juxtaposition of the past and the future, and is best experienced in the present- and in front of a bass bin. The story of dub continues at Decibel Festival, and as we explore its echoes through several subgenres you may find that just as dub has taken up permanent residence in electronic music culture, it has done the same in your head. Dub is here to stay, and to move dance floors with a bassy bounce like only island music can.

dB in duB Part 1: Past, Present and Future of duB takes place Thursday, September 24 at Neumos. Click here for ticket sales and more information.

Mad Professor: A Lesson in DUB

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Mad Professor performs at the 2009 Decibel Festival in Seattle at the showcase, “dB in Dub Part 1” with Benga, Echospace (Deepchord presents), and local talent Kid Hops. Find out more information and buy tickets here.

Decibel Festival Announces Preliminary Lineup

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CHECK IT OUT! And there are no doubt many more names to come:

Alex Under (ES)
Alter Ego (DE)
Andrew Weatherall (UK) 
Benga (UK) 
Boxcutter (UK) 
Bruno Pronsato (DE) 
Caspa (UK) 
Daedelus (US)
Goldmund (US) 
KiloWatts (US)
Lusine (US)
Mad Professor (UK)  
Martyn (US) 
Mary Anne Hobbs (UK)
Megasoid (CA) 
Mikael Stavöstrand (SE) 
Monolake (DE)
Mountains (US) 
Move D (DE)  
N-Type (UK)  
Nosaj Thing (US)
Pezzner (US)
Reagenz (UK / US) 
Spacetime Continuum (US)
Sub Swara (US) 
Tadeo (ES)  
Tanner Ross (US) 
Voodeux (US) 
The Wighnomy Brothers (DE)

Discounted passes ($50 off) are available until July 24th. BUY YOUR PASS NOW!

Find out more out Seattle’s Decibel Festival of Electronic Music, Visual Arts and New Media here.