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Phidelity’s Debut Album: “Twilight Audio”

Posted in Artists, Music News with tags , , on March 30, 2009 by worldromper

Fresh off the streets of Portland comes a new album from producer and sound design scientist Kris Northern, better known as Phidelity, a regular performer at unique music shows around the drippy Pacific Northwest. His loving audiences now have a proper album to enjoy the brain drippings of this enigmatic technologist, richly infused with a diverse array of beats and sound engineering.

“Twilight Audio” is a collection of remixes, collaborations, and original productions, a vastly varied work whose deep groove is only matched by its appeal to the heart and the brain, “Twilight Audio” speaks to the complete human, stirring the mind while soothing the spirit. The gossamer vocals of Anahata add to the magical nature of the beats.

This funky psy-tech belongs in the desert, the desert of another planet, that is, where mysterious life forms are dancing and praying to their space gods. Worming its way into you like a smart and squishy alien freak, Phidelity’s album is an echo of a time and age that never happened, twilight in the world of audio.

Get Phidelity’s debut album, “Twilight Audio,” right here.