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shiloI’m flying! I’m flying! Music makes me high!

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  1. What’s up Shilo? I have seen you round division list, not sure we’ve met in person. Just wanted to say hi. Cool blog.

  2. Jeff Norml Says:


  3. What’s Good Shilo? We are feeling the blog and wanted to see if you could hook us up with a feature (pending you thinking we are actually music that you like) And now the official sales pitch…
    We are Bossasaurus, an electro/prog-hop music production team
    from Oakland, CA. Our music falls somewhere in between DJ Shadow,
    Daft Punk and Aphex Twin. We are currently the featured artists of the
    week on myspace music, our new Dino Riders Mega Mix was featured on
    the front page of vimby.com and we have been featured on the front
    page of Imeem. The mix is free for download and features 16 minutes
    of our original music and remixes.

    We are relatively unknown and would love for your blog to post a link
    to or write about our mix or other projects. Our debut album is
    currently being mixed by Mike Cresswell (Blackalicious, Lyrics Born,
    Third Eye Blind, etc.) and features collaborations from some of indie
    hip-hop’s most revered artists. Please feel free to e-mail us back if
    you would like any additional artwork, videos, photos or information.

    . Thanks you for your time. We hope you enjoy our music and come to
    realize that we are not as formal and square as this e-mail may
    indicate. Our promo video: Meet Bossasaurus

    will probably do the trick in that department.)

    Below are divshare and rapidshare links to the Megamix in 320k quality:



    Here is the tracklist for the mix:
    1) Wings of Love Remix
    by Zagar(Big in Hungary)
    2) Heavy Tron
    3) Guidance
    (Future Track with Illogic)
    4) Homage
    5) Special Deal 4 U
    6) Silent World of Dreams(Draft)
    7) Meshface
    8) Katy Perry
    – I Kissed a Girl
    (Boss Remix)
    9) The Wait is Over
    10) Isis Eyes
    11) Primary Sequence
    12) Moonlit Trees

  4. thanks so much for the dope site! maddddd props!!!!

  5. Dustin Hodges Says:

    Hey Shilo,

    Thanks for the wonderful amounts of resources you provide for aspiring artists. I have been sending out messages to other DJs and music enthusisasts who could benefit from the articles you have on here. Thanks again.

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