New Music: Subaqueous “IMMERGE” – Free Download of Gypsy Splash

Check out new music from Seattle artist Subaqueous off the new album Immerge on music blog You’ll Soon Know. Lead single “Gypsy Splash” cloaks a thick, soothing jam with multiple layers and quickly turns bizarre, emerging through fun sonic chunks with a mysterious melody that leaves you wandering – music for modern day nomads.

Listen to and download the track here (Via You’ll Soon Know).

About the album Immerge, out May 22, 2012:

Making music is an act of devotion for Seattle’s Subaqueous, who brings the mysteries of the subconscious to light in his debut full-length album Immerge. Working with a variety of guest artists from vocalists to udu players, Subaqueous creates a fluid, well balanced album of downtempo electronica inhabited by tribal drums, deep grooves and vagrant melodies.

Using gypsy scales to create an enigmatic vibe, Immerge evokes an inner journey through trance-inducing basslines that roll beneath a heavy beauty. The unsettlingly beauty of “Cryptic” lurks beneath a broad bassline, brushed across by astral winds until it gradually flows over. “Flux” builds its energy to a gritty intensity with a drop that slides in sideways, while “In Spire” uses loose drums and low lights to breath fresh air into a shimmering groove.

From soothing tracks with gritty edges to hip-shaking world sounds and spaced-out desert jams, the distinct emotional atmosphere of Immerge creates a contented glow of devotion that never has to come up for air.

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