Lucent Dossier Experience @ Palace Theatre October 21 & 22

Lucent Dossier Experience returns to LA’s historic Palace Theatre after July’s sold-out show for two nights of performances, followed by an all-out after party – and proceeds from both events will go to benefit Shrine, a brilliant artist who designed the temple at Burning Man in 2008.

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Photo by Stargazer

On Wednesday, October 5th at 4:30am, Brent ‘Shrine’ Spears, Burning Man icon and Creator of the 2008 Temple, The Basura Sagrada, was admitted to the emergency room after a near fatal car accident. He spent nearly a week in ICU battling for his life.

Shrine, the artist, hobo clown, father of Los Angeles based performance troupe Lucent Dossier Experience, and man of wisdom, has touched the hearts and lives of so many people across the world.  From his distinctly original American folk art that is the interior of the House Of Blues, his mad capped performing madness and contribution to Lucent Dossier to his BEAUTIFUL and majestic temples that have risen at festivals all over the world, all constructed from found, recycled and trash materials, this man is a treasure to the planet. His addition to the landscape of the 2008 Burn with his beautiful Temple, The Basura Sagrada, remains a favorite to so many burners.

Anyone who knows Shrine knows he loves shenanigans, loves to get wild and lives to explore all human heart opening experiences. So in his honor that’s exactly what Lucent Dossier Experience and their friends are gonna do!  As they prepare for a 90-minute stage spectacular at the majestic Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, October 21st and 22nd, their hearts are heavy and filled with wanting to be near Shrine and devoted to his recovery. Like most artists, he has no insurance and so they have decided to dedicate both their shows to him and give all profits to his medical bill fund.

LUCENT DOSSIER EXPERIENCE will return to the Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for a two-night run on Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22. Following a sold-out show July 28 to officially unveil the newly restored Palace Theatre on its 100th birthday, Lucent Dossier has reached new bounds. The extraordinary event was the first of its kind, stretching the limits of a typical LUCENT DOSSIER EXPERIENCE to a magnificent all-night spectacle, transporting the patron to an alternate reality. From the time the theatre doors open to the last vibration from the DJ speakers, Lucent Dossier and their friends and contributors promises something you’ve never experienced before.  Tickets are available in many price tiers for all budgets

They will open the doors at 7:30pm and have raffles, foot massages, games and original Shrine artwork for auction. And more then all that, we’ll come together and celebrate the man we all know and love.  Please join them for this fun filled special night to remember, bring the Burning Man spirit to life inside the walls of The Palace!  Again, they will open our doors at 7:30 pm, there will have two wonderful bars for you to visit, beautiful art and pre-show entertainment.  The show will begin at 9:00 pm followed by an AFTER PARTY into the night, right then and there, to celebrate life together on the dance floor!

Just added to the line up of is the music of Cello Joe “an anomaly in the world of cellists”.  By combining cello with beat boxing, he has created a unique genre: Classical Hip-Hop. Looped and layered beat boxing beats (vocal percussion) and funky cello form a rich soundscape for intelligent lyrics; CelloJoe spreads joy, laughter and consciousness raising vibrations.  Also coming back is the unique stylings of Super Tall Paul, clown, comedian, juggler, unicyclists and master musician; “SuperTall Paul Newman is the man you call when you are looking for fun, silly, impressive entertainment”  

In keeping with the spirit of the last run, The Place will remain open following Lucent’s 90-minute stage spectacular for a booty shaking after party!  Just secured to spin the beats on Friday we have Shakti Bliss, a Dakini, DJ and Performance Artists twisting luscious gypsy lounge with bassy beats often described as sexy vaudevillian whomp.  Saturday will be sonic alchemist, Imagika Om, blending potent ingredients such as exotic world-fusion rhythms, sacred sounds an erotic pulsating mid-tempo beats.  Again, Tickets are available in many price tiers for all budgets

Please come support local art and performance, radical self-expression, and a man so near and dear to people’s hearts, whether they have met him in person or simply know of his contribution to our world.

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  1. […] 22nd, Lucent created a special experience of their previously sold out Palace Theatre show as a fundraiser for their friend Shrine. So, we headed to LA to interview and shoot footage of this revolutionary circus of clowns, ariel […]

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