New Album from Seekae +DOME

Australian group Seekae will release their new album +DOME in the U.S. on November 1, and will be heading over the water to play several shows at CMJ as well as a performance on the West Coast at world-renowned club night Low End Theory. Like long-lost beat brethren, Seekae’s sound is a lush and beautiful fusion of experimental electronica, hip hop and “other” (read a review in Resident Advisor here), and +DOME is one of those releases you hit “repeat” on again and again.

In anticipation of their U.S. album release date, Seekae has given us a new bonus track “SIR” which can be found right here on the Los Angeles Times.

About the album +DOME:

Fusing the 808 and contemporary bass-heavy club sounds with their unique style of electronica, Sydney trio Seekae once again demonstrates their mastery for creating intricate, beat-driven tunes with their sophomore release +Dome.

Paying homage to the sounds and textures of Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago and London, +Dome blends live instrumentation and electronic experimentation with samples collected over two years of performing, touring and writing. Composing every song with meticulous detail, from sub bass heavy rollers to intricate guitar riddled interludes, Seekae transmit their developed pallet through a long player that is both rhythm oriented and at the same time self-reflecting.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Seekae are made up of members George Nicholas, John Hassell and Alex Cameron. Since forming in 2006 the trio has gained notoriety on the city’s live circuit for their own brand of 8-bit electronica, also called “skirt-lifting, ball-crushing ghetto ambience.” Seekae’s debut album The Sound of Trees Falling on People (2008) found 5 star reviews and critical acclaim, with Rolling Stone describing the record as “an album that’s as ambient and mesmerizing as an iced-over forest.”

The songwriting speaks for itself, but it is their attention to detail that makes Seekae such an exciting live act to behold, like an ambient feast of sonic wizardry. George, John and Alex take +Dome to the stage with an impressive live show that boasts live drums, guitars, samplers and synthesizers.

+Dome is percussive, loud and exciting at times – reserved and laid back at others, but every track oozes a warm feeling that could only be described as Seekae.

Track List:

1. Go
2. 3
3. Blood Bank
4. Reset Head
5. Mingus
6. Underling
7. Gnor
8. Two
9. Yodal
10. Rock’s Performance
11. +DOME

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