Mary Anne Hobbs Road Warrior Tour

[Press Release]

It’s been almost a year since Mary Anne Hobbs slayed the dancefloors of North America with her relentless DJ sets by turning an unwieldy situation into her impromptu “Volcano Refugee Party” tour, during which she graciously announced the end of her legendary BBC Radio1 Experimental program last year. She’s been busy working at Sheffield University Union of Students as the Media Development Coordinator, as well as watching Black Swan reach critical success, which she helped source the music for. In April 2011, she returns to North America with a mixed series of solo performances and curated showcases featuring special guests Gonjasufi, Lorn, Take, Strangeloop, and others on select dates.

Mary Anne Hobbs has just recently announced her return to radio on Xfm, the station where she launched her career in radio, presenting a weekly show beginning in a primetime Saturday evening slot. The new Xfm show premiers July 9th but Mary Anne will be presenting a series of audio and visual postcards from her American tour throughout April, which will feature online at as well as on air. She’ll also be publishing her tour blog & video updates, covered exclusively by URB Magazine.

“The Road Warrior Tour” is sponsored by Dubspot, a cutting-edge electronic music production and DJ school based in New York, where Mary Anne will be stopping by to conduct a workshop for students during her stay in the city. 

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