VIRTUAL BOY “Mass” – Free Download!

Grab this killer new download from Virtual Boy off the high-impact EP Symphony No. None, due for release February 1 on Alpha Pup Records.

[From the Alpha Pup Press Desk]

Underground buzz phenomenon Virtual Boy blasts off into the far reaches of outer space with Symphony No. None, a majestic musical saga set in a vivid cosmos of crystallized synths, soaring orchestration and rib-popping basslines that never hold back.

Virtual Boy (comprised of young duo Preston Walker and Henry Allen) unleashes a cinematic sonic odyssey that conjures enchanting visions of a colorful world. Flights of fantasy and bold emotions course through the four tracks of the EP, which captivates the listener with its colossal elegance and heart-gripping fervor.

Deeply melodic and extremely well executed, Symphony No. None is a potent endeavor from a highly talented pair of artists who are only just beginning their upward trajectory to infinity and beyond.

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