Licking Crystals with Mr. Rogers

The primal sounds and playful style of Mr. Rogers have long captivated the West Coast underground arts community, but now the secret is out and this pioneering producer is poised to conquer the far reaches of the dance floor with his twisted, psychedelic take on bass-heavy midtempo and glitch-ridden breaks.

Capturing laughter and light in his strange sonic vibrations, Mr. Rogers has been DJing for over twelve years and producing for five. With innovative textures and vibrant melodies, his sound is a frothy mix of broken beats, hip hop-based IDM, experimental whomp and outer space crispiness with a tinge of trip hop.

Mr. Rogers’ refreshing sense of levity is craftily expressed through his music, which always delivers a powerful punch to the dance floor. Funky and fun, Mr. Rogers’ beats have bounced faces off crowds at almost every major music festival on the West Coast, including Shambhala, EMRG+N+SEE, Alchemeyez, The Big Bounce, Priceless, Stilldream, Raindance Campout, Symbiosis Gathering and Burning Man.

Mr. Rogers’ latest album, Licking Crystals, was released on his own label Ooze System Recordings and blazed into the top 25 on Addictech charts in less than a month with its juicy sound synthesis and signature funky groove. West Coast heads are already very familiar with Mr. Rogers from his well-received 2008 debut album Ooze System and from his 2010 EP released on Innerflight Music, The Parallel Neighborhood.

This inventive producer will soon be delivering his slurpy sound to a dance floor near you; catch Mr. Rogers in early 2011 when he sets off on a massive three-month tour to forty cities in the United States and Canada. In his wake will only be left a trail of pulverized brain bits, drooling dancers and good vibes that hum all the way to the horizon.

CLICK HERE for tour information.

Find Mr. Rogers here:

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