Young Montana’s New Album

Photo by Adele Reed

Young Montana‘s new album, due for release next year on Alpha Pup Records, is astoundingly good and impossibly difficult to describe. 

Usually when I hear new Young Montana music, my first thought is “what the fuuuuuuuuuuuu……” and my mind ruffles up like a throttled chicken on psychedelics before floating up to the ceiling of my skull. And then before I can realize what the hell is happening, I am up dancing in the middle my living room, hand still in claw from clicking play, body freaking out like my cells are on fire with moves that I have never made before. My body is possessed: dancing on the floor while I crawl, arms flinging about loosely like gummy worms, hands punching the sky, legs spinning wildly and screams rabidly pushing themselves out of my mouth. Sometimes I just hop up and down, laughing, thankful that music this risky, this profound and this precocious actually exists.

I don’t know the title or any track names, but Young Montana’s new album has been in my top rotation since I received it a few months ago. It has taken me that long to come up with even a few words that can possibly describe its avant-garde mastery, its mind-melting beauty and its body-moving glory. I am smiling right now thinking about it; and now I’m pushing play.

Slippets of soul, funked up samples from a childhood dream, warm rays of sunshine and bass so round that it rolls… the sounds jump from the speaker and morph into a brilliant auditory hallucination of wild shapes and sizes and colors, all mutating and swirling into each other and back out again; they grow into faces and turn into fruits and laugh and bounce uncontrollably to the beat, take the car out for a spin and hump the sky and then scramble in through your ears to find your brain, where somehow – all these pieces fit together perfectly in a hypnotizing hypercolor wash of sonic ecstasy.

So yeah…it’s kind of like that. Put Young Montana on your list of “MUST BUY ALBUMS FOR 2011.”

Waiting is SO hard….here’s a link to Young Montana’s mix for Mary Anne Hobb’s Experimental show on the BBC Radio 1:

Find more music on Young Montana’s SoundCloud and read more about this fresh new artist in Pitchfork.

One Response to “Young Montana’s New Album”

  1. I can’t wait to get my ears on this baby

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