Experience Lucent Dossier at supperclub on Halloween in Bed

Photo by Kevin Scanlon from the LA Weekly

Lucent Dossier headlines the unveiling of Los Angeles’ blazing new bedroom venue tonight, on All Hallow’s Eve.

After a wild season of cross-seas adventures, fresh insights, odd landscapes and alien planets, theatrical performance troupe Lucent Dossier has returned home to LA to celebrate Halloween in the city’s hottest new party spot, supperclub.


Photo by Curious Josh in the LA Weekly

On Halloween the patrons of the supperclub will be drawn into a fantastical world where time and space do not exist, a living lullaby of bizarre and beautiful creatures that hang from the ceiling on silken strands, crawl up the walls and offer you a strange-looking cocktail. They may just bite your neck.

CLICK HERE for ticket information and official website.

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Click the links below to find out more about Lucent Dossier and this event:

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Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes with Lucent Dossier at Coachella

Article: Lucent Dossier Brings the Sacred Playground to Coachella

Please check out the amazing work of Curious Josh, photographer-premier of the LA underground.

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